Jul. 11th, 2014

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So, I've been absent for a while. All sorts have been going on really - I started self-employed work, and have recently had to stop again for a while at least because my brain is just speshul like that. Not even a mental health issue this time, either. Regardless, I've been busy in one way or another, and social media is a thing that I let slide.

Anyway, a result of being off work is that I've actually had a crack at doing some writing again. First time in years other than noting down some ideas a few times. Kind of ironic, because I can't actually see terribly well at the moment. I can still touch-type, however, and zoom and spell-check are my friends! I'm hopeful I might actually finish something for a change this time. That would be fun.

I have a question for you though, fanfic readers: I've also decided to finally bung my old fic on AO3*. Shall I bother backdating the publish date to the original ones (many pre-date the AO3 site), or shall I just put that info in the notes and leave the publish date as the date I publish to AO3? What's of most use / sense to a reader or browser? I'm leaning towards backdating tbh. It feels tidier.

In conclusion / summary: Hi! (I wonder if anyone's even still there/reading? O.o) Give me your fannish opinion! And I really am going to see if I can incorporate DW/LJ back into my day. Would love to catch up with the flist!

* Some of it at any rate. Some will no doubt be mercifully culled.


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