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Finally saw the new Bond film today with teh brother, and enjoyed it very muchly!  Daniel Craig still hot, Judy Dench still awesome - no surprises there.  However, as I was settling in to enjoy said film, I had a popcorn related incident.... and broke my freaking back tooth.  Gah!!  There was a sneaky kernel hiding inside a popped bit, and it got me.  It doesn't hurt or anything, but there's quite a large chunk gone and what is left is now stabbing my tongue :-/  And of course it's Friday evening so I can't even call a dentist now until Monday.  Even though nothing like this has ever happened before, I know it's not exactly worth going to an emergency clinic.  Nevertheless, I'm like the person who's never been sick a day in their lives suddenly getting a cold.  OMG DRAMA!!!  What if I have to have a filling or whatever it is they do?  My trips to the dentist only ever consist of a check-up and being told all is well.  On the bright side, at least I'm covered for any treatment, so it's not going to cost me an arm and a leg.

As far as other stuff goes, I've just realised I haven't watched last week's ep of Merlin yet.  Must do that this evening!  I've been enjoying Strictly, as I do every year.  Oh, and I've recently started watching Dexter - I just finished the first season.  Very cool.  Other than that, I've been website-ing, mostly playing with php code and Wordpress for a couple of sites.  One of them is the site for C. House, the drop-in ("well-being") centre that I go to.  As well as that, I'm about to be roped in to help my bro produce a website for a project he's doing - I think they just need someone to do the coding.  And then, I might be interviewed for / taking part in the final-project film of one of the girls in his year, which is about strategies for living with mental illness.  It's all go!
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... because I'm still up, therefore it still is yesterday even though it's technically today now.  Or something.  I'm tired and confused, and I want some cheese.  I really am going to turn my poor computer off and go to bed shortly.

Haven't posted about Torchwood or Who yet (except to Twitter) - shall do so tomorrow I expect.  I needed some time to ponder, and make sure that I'd actually be coherent.

Um.  Oh yes - it snowed!  Earlier this week, I though I heard on the forecast that they were expecting snow, but then yesterday they just said there might be snow in Scotland, and possibly some "wintery showers".  Hah!  Three inches of snow later...  Which isn't a huge amount as such, but it's quite a bit more than none at all.  Still, I got lots of pretty photos for Project 365 when I was over at Mum's.  Hoorah!

I still want cheese.  Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese.
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So, I successfully did the Blogathon.  Go me!  And huuuuuuuuge thanks and hugs and all to my sponsors, among whom are [ profile] darlas_mom, [ profile] liek_omg_, [ profile] dioxin and [ profile] seeksadventure.  I raised a fabulous $199.66, or approximately £100.  Yay!

And as well as that, I even managed to write my first complete ficlet in just about forever in the course of the day.  It's a Doctor Who one, set at the end of (new) Season 3, and it's called Black, Gold and Red.  It was for [ profile] fandom_helps, so other than a read-through by [ profile] darlas_mom, it's pretty much unbeta-ed.  So if you notice anything glaringly awful.... :-)

In other exciting news, I'm going to the LoM Con organised by some of the The Railway Arms people, at the start of next month.  Wheee!  I can't wait :-D  I'm going to stay in the Manchester YHA, and then go and visit my friends in Hull for a couple of days afterwards as well.  But would you believe this - when I tried to get train tickets up to Hull last month so that I could meet [ profile] elen_ancalima and [ profile] clarey_h in York as well, the cheapest fare I could get was £90.  Ninety quid!  So funnily enough, I didn't go.  My train fare to Manchester and back?  £22.80.  Seriously, I can't even begin to comprehend how they work these things out.  Insane!


Jun. 6th, 2007 03:17 pm
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So damn hard to buy for.  Mine has his birthday on Sunday, and I haven't got a clue what to get him.  The only thing that he could come up with that he wants is apparently not published til October.  Helpful!  So it'll have to be something random, and with my non-existent budget (not to mention what's actually available round here), probably crap.  Sorry, M, you should have been more specific.  Oh well.  Off to town I pop.
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Hmm... so, the other day I finally got around to signing up for a Flickr account.  Not so I can have an online photo album, because I already have one of those at my personal site, but pretty much so that I can post pics directly from my camera phone to this LJ.  Therefore, once I'd done all the setting up and so on, I sent a test picture.  And, nope.  No sign of it yet either on Flickr (I assume it should also show in my album there?) or as a post here.

Question is, is it a Flickr thing, or is it something with my O2 emailing do-whatsit?  Because the last time I tried emailing a pic from my phone to my own usual email address, it took days to arrive.  Never had done before, but maybe.... they hate me because I have an old-ish phone?  Or something?  Or don't pay them much?

I spose I could try mailing a pic directly to Flickr.  I'm sure I had the right email address, though maybe I should double check it again just in case.  Anybody got any other ideas about what it could be, or what I might need to do?
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I know, I know.  All I ever do in this journal is whine and moan, and make a load of drama out of not a whole lot really.  And I've been thinking about that recently: even though I tend to think of myself as being on LJ for fannish purposes, and even though I (initially at least) got to know almost everyone on my flist via one fandom or another... I hardly ever post fannish stuff myself.  Just omg-my-life-is-soooo-hard (sitting around at home on my computer all day not working, woe is me, hah!) stuff.  So!  I'm going to try and balance it out a bit more.  Inflict my fannish thoughts on here as well as everything else.  Oh yeah, and talk about the more positive day-to-day stuff as well ;-)

Thing is, though, this journal acts as a bit of a safety valve for me.  I get all the melodrama off my chest by writing it in here, and then I can go on and deal with life much more easily.  It's all very therapeutic! *g*  Also, I sometimes have my tongue in my cheek about the level of WOE... I hope that comes across.  Because I know I can be too deadpan in 'real life' - it's a bad habit. Mwahah.  But my Mum certainly thought the other day that I was serious about the temporary loss of my broadband that's coming up being the end of the world as far as I was concerned.  Uh, no, I think I'll live.  I'm not pleased, but I'm not going to be cast into the depths of deepest despair.  Anyway, I have a cunning plan (cunning like a fox!).

But for now, I shall have a vent (with a bit of redeeming mockery), if nobody minds.  And if you do, well, I'm going to do it behind a cut tag, so you can just skip on by! )

And to balance things out I shall make a Post of Yay tomorrow (too late now - *yawn*).  I promise. :-)


Apr. 26th, 2006 03:47 pm
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Right now, my mail will not check (cannot connect to server), and I'm getting connection time-outs for any website I try.

....Except LJ.  LJ, I can get to fine (except for anything that involves loading from a remote server that-is-not-LJ - custom mood icons, for eg.).


*trundles off to reboot modem*
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It was Mum's birthday yesterday.  My Aunt Alex (Mum's sister) and Bob('s)-my-uncle (her husband) came down and we all had dinner, which was nice.  We don't usually see them on birthdays, cos they're Jehovah's Witnesses.  In fact, several of my family - my cousins on Dad's side who live locally - came round to see Mum, and brought flowers and cards and stuff.  I'm very pleased with them! :-)

Anyway, when I got round to Mum's, she had a visitor - her friend Jenny.  Martin was best friends with Jenny's son all through primary school, so as such she's known us for about 20 years now.  I let myself in, walked into the living room to say hi, and...
Jenny:  Goodness!  You and Martin are so alike!
Mum:  I still don't see it...
Jenny:  He was down here just before you came in, and it's the way you stand and speak as well.  But really - you could be twins!

Bzuh?  I mean, maybe I should be used to this by now - it's been happening since I was 18 and he was 13, when the obvious age-gap between us must have .... stopped being obvious?  But if it's that we appear to be about the same age, surely it would make more sense for people to assume that we're brother and sister who are a year apart in age, or something?  Why always the twin thing?  We get it more now than ever, together and separately.  When M started his new job, he was "recognised" by a girl who I went to school with.  I can't see where we look so apparantly alike, and neither can he, or Mum.  Funny thing is, there are photos of Dad when he was about Martin's age now that could be M with a dark wig on, and photos of Mum when she was little that look exactly like me as a child.  Come to think of it, when I was home from uni one time (so, when I was about 20), I opened the door to Jenny, and she did a double take, thinking Mum had gone blonde.  But then again, I've had people tell me I looked just like Dad, too.  It's all very strange!

Do I look that much like Martin, though?  Perhaps I should stick up some photos and post a poll.  Any excuse for some tickyboxes!

Plus, I'm just memetastic, recently )
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Once again, there are people standing and staring at the front of the house.  This time, however, I think they must be from the council or something.  There are four of them, one has a clipboard, and another had some other paperwork of some sort, and they're gazing up and pointing things out, having just done the same for the two houses up the road.  So presumably it's something to do with the regeneration project thing.

Think I'll go out and be nosy, though.

[a short while later]
Aha!  One of the four was in fact my landlord (who I never recognise, since I mostly deal with the letting agent).  So now I actually know what's going to be going on with the building works.  Blimey.  Looks like they're going to do the upstairs two flats first, then in about three months they'll start on mine and Ian's.  At which point, they'd quite like us to move upstairs (er, to a flat each, not together!) for the duration of having the work done here.  Which isn't a bad idea, I guess - I can take all my valuable stuff with me, and the builders will move the furniture I need.  The main sticking point will be that my broadband kinda sorta comes in here, and is a bit necessary if I'm going to be working - which hopefully, in three months time, might even be full time!  However, Theo (the landlord) reckons that they can run an extension cable for me.  So fingers crossed.  It would be less disruptive, I think, than having to live here for the three weeks while the work is going on.  One other problem, though: I don't think Ian downstairs wants me to agree to do it.  I'm not sure why: even if I do, it doesn't mean he has to!  *sigh*

Anyway, they're all going to be invading in a minute to check out the stuff that needs sorting in here.  Apparently they might even be fixing the floor (which slopes in the same direction as the hill the house stands upon).  I'll have to get used to sleeping on the flat again!
Kind of wish I'd got a bit further on with my spring cleaning effort now.  Oh well!
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(forgot to actually post this yesterday, d'oh!)

  • Sorted out the rubbish for putting outside and cleaned the kitchen bin (wow, exciting)

  • Edited fic some more... nearly there now, I think!

  • Received box of inexplicable size with computer bits in it (see below)

  • Generally faffed about, apparently.  Ooops

So, I got the bits for my computer that I'd ordered.  Namely, a new harddrive (80Gb), a 4 port USB hub (about the size of the palm of my hand), a pen drive (v ickle), a spare USB cable so I can hook my printer up without having to go via the dinosaur of a scanner, and a spindle of 100 blank CDs.  photographic evidence )


Mar. 27th, 2006 12:15 pm
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People walking up the road keep stopping and staring at the house.  What?  What are they looking at?  Doesn't seem to be me.  Is another chunk of masonry about to drop off?  Whaaaaaaaaaaat??

Maybe I should go out and check for myself.  Wish me luck...


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