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It's always nice when the lovely (as in sweet and cheerful, not mmm rawr) gym instructor greets you with a friendly "Hello gorgeous!"  He then proceeded to go over my programme-thingy with me, since I hadn't been there since my car accident, recommended a girl who does sports massage (my muscles are still kind of ...tense), and checked on me several times while I was there and again when I left.  Bless!!

So yes, I've been to the gym - go me!  Now all I have to do is start actually going regularly again.  I'm going to go to Pilates tomorrow, (I will get up in time, and I will also remember how to bloody pronounce it: Pie-LAH-tees, damnit!) and perhaps I'll see if Ally or Clara want to go to the gym on Sunday (no buses, so I'd have to walk, and my willingness to do that depends hugely on the weather!).

In the meantime, I've actually accomplished quite a lot this week.  Of course, "quite a lot" for me isn't the same as it would be for a normal person, but I'm learning to adjust my perceptions about these things.  Anyway, among various other more useful and practical things, I got my hair done, and picked up my new glasses.  OK, the new glasses are practical because omg, now I can SEE!  My prescription had changed quite a lot, heh.  I took pics of the shiny new me, but since I haven't been able to track down the camera cable, I don't have them on the 'puter yet.  So, er, sometime soon.  But anyway, it's mainly burgundy with pale pink and purple extensions glued in.  Which are there for the colour, not for the making my hair longer since it's already loooong.  I also now have an actual hair style, sort of - it's in long layers with the shorter shoulder-length bits round my face and the waist-length bits at the centre of my back.

Oh hey, I can sort of show off my new glasses - they're the "Claret" ones.  Very different to my old frames!  This is apparently a good time of year to get your eyes tested, since they had a frame sale.  I couldn't even have thought about affording those otherwise.

So now that I have the new hair and glasses, and have made a move back to doing the exercise thing, I need some of that self-motivation.  I had all sorts of plans for this week, and I didn't actually accomplish as much each day as I'd planned - hence the learning to adjust my perceptions.  But I did do at least one useful thing each day, which trust me, is good!  Anyway, I need to set small goals for each day, and record what I've accomplished each day as well.  For now, I guess I'll use lj for that - maybe I'll find somewhere / something better if I decide I want to be really specific about details like what time I plan to get up and what I'm going to eat on a daily basis.  But let's start with the basics, shall we?

Therefore... )

ps - OMG, this is the best song evah, excepting the Eminem - Benny Hill mashup.  Bwahah!
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That birth date meme )

Meanwhile, today I have done a lot of crawling about on the floor, untangling cables, rearranging extension plugs, dusting and hoovering a la Heiniken (reaching parts that other... yeah, bad pun), and then finally getting it all sorted out and installing my USB hub.  So hoorah, now I can have both Sam and Gene the Palms hooked up at once, and my printer is now connected via USB instead of parallel via the scanner.  Which leaves me a port spare - and easily accessible, woohoo - for the pen drive or tinycrapdigicam, or whatever I need it for.  Much better :-)

So I reckon that excuses me from doing anything else for the rest of the day.  I'm off to Mum's in an hour for dinner, anyway.
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  • Been to the sorting office to pick up a packet that needed signing for... and discovered it was the photos from [ profile] thewatch - ta! :-D

  • Took said photos over to Mum's and left them there for el bro.  Duly admired (and dodged) newly done paintwork, and ooo-ed over baby lettuce and tomato plants (small stalks with leaves on top. very nice I'm sure).

  • Had a highly amusing time in Sainsbury's.  Shopping while slightly manic?  Much more fun.  Because you can add trolley sound-effects out loud without caring.  Brrrrrrrrm brrrrrrrm brrrrrrrrrrrrrrm!  Bought too much interesting salad (still manic).

  • Burned Lost 2.17 & 18 to disc.

  • Tried to fix the hall lightswitch more securely to the wall.  Failed, because the wall is kinda crumbly and not inclined to provide much grip for the rawlplugs.  Oh well.

  • Called the Yorkshire Building Society and discovered that I've either got to go to Eastbourne, or write to them, to do a transfer from one account to the other.  Ho hum.

  • Called Scottish Power and got the sudden and bizarre electricity bill they'd sent me (I have a pre-payment meter!) sorted out.

  • Called the dentist, and was told to call back in three weeks.  Again.  *headdesk*

  • Printed off the rest of the course material for my OU course.

  • Had toast for breakfast!  (I keep forgetting to record my breakfasts, and it is an integral part of PEDW, after all!)

  • Realised that my cat disciplining skills are completely rubbish:
    Xander: *plays up*
    Me: Argh!  I'm going to BEAT YOU!!!! *takes single step towards him*
    Xander: *flees in abject terror and hides under the bed... for 30 seconds*
    Me: *goes back to what I was doing*
    Xander: *emerges, plays up*
    Me: Argh!!!  (....rinse and repeat)

And now I'm going to.... to.... have a go at editing that damn fic, I expect.  Oh, no!  I know: I'm going to answer emails.  That's a good idea.  I'll do that, then.
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Today I have....

  • Sorted out a load of recycling and put the bins out.

  • Remembered to send back the fic that I'd betaed (duh, that part generally helps).

  • Spoken to the DEA person and arranged to get a form to register for permitted work.

  • Spoken to Craig and sorted out about future work stuff.

  • Knitted another section of one scarf that I'm doing, decided to scrap the scarf I've been making for my aunt Mary (in the yarn that the 80's threw up on) and chosen which yarn to use instead.

  • Burnt Lost 2.15 & 2.16 to disc for my brother.

  • Plotted out my fic for the LoM Ficathon.  Well, I say "plotted".... 

  • Refrained from taking a sledgehammer to the bloody boiler.  Because I don't have a sledgehammer.  *sigh*

And finally, have a meme:

If my life were a high-concept movie, it would be Every Which Way But Loose (1978) meets The Sound of Music (1965).

Take the What Is Your High-Concept Movie? quiz.

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(forgot to actually post this yesterday, d'oh!)

  • Sorted out the rubbish for putting outside and cleaned the kitchen bin (wow, exciting)

  • Edited fic some more... nearly there now, I think!

  • Received box of inexplicable size with computer bits in it (see below)

  • Generally faffed about, apparently.  Ooops

So, I got the bits for my computer that I'd ordered.  Namely, a new harddrive (80Gb), a 4 port USB hub (about the size of the palm of my hand), a pen drive (v ickle), a spare USB cable so I can hook my printer up without having to go via the dinosaur of a scanner, and a spindle of 100 blank CDs.  photographic evidence )
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So, today I have:

  • Done all the washing up

  • Edited my LoM fic and sent it back for beta (again!)

  • Started beta-ing for [ profile] elen_ancalima

  • Got up to date with my flist (what?  it's an accomplishment!)

  • Phoned the DEA bloke for an appointment (am now waiting for him to call me back... must remember to ring again if he doesn't get back to me tomorrow)

  • Cooked myself a proper dinner for a change

  • Started to sort out the tall wobbly pile of books beside my bed

  • Cleaned the big kitchen bin so I can use it for the recycling

That'll do for now.


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