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So, what with not having posted properly for ages again, I haven’t mentioned that there are two new additions to the family!  One actual brand new person, and one fuzzy feline dictator.

First of all (not chronologically, but never mind that), my Favourite Niece, who is also my first and only niece or nephew, arrived in the big wide world last summer.  Here she is aged 2 months:

photo of Ms RA and her Daddy

Favourite Niece aka Ms RA, with her Daddy

It's srs bznz, this growing up thing

It’s srs bznz, this growing up thing

And this is a more recent photo, aged nearly 6 months:

photo of Ms RA wth Mummy

Ms RA invites you to try some of her parsnips

Isn’t she adorable? *proud auntie face*

And secondly we have Mr Merlin McPurrlin, my new feline overlord.  He is about 2 years old, loves his play tunnel and yellow-mouse, prefers to drink from the bath tap… and yeah, has me very well trained!  He came to live with me back in the late spring, after having been left in a box outside the vet’s because he’d been spraying in his previous owner’s home.  The vet gave him the snip, and surprise – no more spraying since then.  He’s a lovely boy, and I’m very glad that I happened to pop into the vet at just the right time!

photo of Mr Merlin McPurrlin

Merlin McPurrlin, Lord of The Remote Control All The Things

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I know, I know.  It’s been ages.  Again.  I won’t try to update on everything that I’ve been up to, so here are five things: three good, one sad, and one dusty.

The Good.

1.  I have a new blog!  What on earth for, when I hardly ever post in this one*, you may ask?  Well, this one has kind of got too unwieldy for me, so I’m taking out the ‘Review’ categories that I never use, and narrowing the focus of this blog to be… well, what I actually do post about, which is knitting and bipolar, for the most part.  So no real changes, except to how I think about it.  Never mind, it helps in my weird brain.  So the new blog,, is my review blog.  So far it’s all book reviews, but it’s for whatever I feel like reviewing.  TV, movies, music, podcasts, gigs, events, stuuuuuff.  I’ll probably go back to posting general life stuff and fandom rambling at Dreamwidth / Livejournal, as well.  There may be some crossover there, though.

2.  I’m going to be an auntie!  My brother and sister-in-law are expecting a little girl this summer.  Yes, I am knitting.  Mwahahaha!

3.  The doctor (psychiatrist) reckons I’m well enough to start back to work gradually!  So I’m going to be looking into the Permitted Work scheme, and speaking to the Bridge-builders worker at Together, as she has info about all of that.  So far, the vague plan is to get back to freelance web design part time, and see how that goes.  Fingers crossed!

The Sad.

My lovely fuzzy Xandermog has moved on to hog the big sofa in the sky.  He was really ill last year, and he never completely got back to full health, although he was happy and active and pesty up until he got ill again last month.  It was all very quick, and he went peacefully – lovely Adam the Vet did the necessary while I was stroking Xander.  It’s very strange and quiet to be mogless, even though he wasn’t a noisy cat most of the time.  But I’d had him for over 11 years, so I spose I was used to his presence.  I shall probably find a new furry dictator to arrange my life fairly soon.


The Dusty.

I’ve been spring-cleaning.  Or really, I spose it’s getting on towards summer cleaning by now!  It’s an ongoing project.  My allergies aren’t impressed, but I’m sure they’ll be happier with the final result.  I’ve sorted out a whole load of things that I was hanging on to for no good reason – hairbands and scrunchies when I’ve had my hair short for over a year with no intention of growing it again, and so on.  Old make-up, random bits of paper and fabric… so much clutter!  I seem to have all manner of things that I’ve stashed away “just in case” they might come in handy some mythical day.  But no!  I need to get rid so that I can do the re-organisation of my living room that I’ve been planning for months.  I will get it done!

*ETA - "this one" meaning Enchilada Sunrise, not DW.  Oh the confusion of crossposting!!

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My granddad would’ve been 100 years old today.  Happy Birthday Poppa!

Poppa and me 1978-ish

That’s the two of us together when I was small.  He died a few years ago now, and for another few years before that wasn’t really ‘himself’ due to Alzheimer’s, but other than that he was busy and active his whole life.  He was a fireman in London during the Blitz.

Dagenham firemen - Poppa on the far right

He then stayed on in the fire service for the rest of his working life.  He’s on the far right in the above cartoon – I think the date on it is 1949, but it could be ’48 or even ’40.  I won’t go into some of the stories he had to tell now, but there were some dramatic ones!  He travelled a lot, too, I think mostly after he’d retired.

So that’s it, really – happy birthday to you, Poppa, and Happy Centenary!

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I don’t normally do this, since it isn’t Thanksgiving in the UK, but I think I will this year.  So here goes: Reasons to be Cheerful, 1, 2, 3….

  1. My family and friends.  I’m lucky that I have people I’m close to, can have so much fun with, and can rely on.
  2. The Xandermog.  The biggest, daftest, and best moggy in the world.
  3. Technology.  Without it, I wouldn’t be able to keep in touch with many people so easily – wouldn’t have met many of them in the first place, in fact – and my world would be a very different place.

There are many more things I could list (music! yarn! spinning! knitting!), of course, but those are three just off the top of my head.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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My brother and sister-in-law brought pressies back from New Zealand!  So I thought I’d show one of mine off:

Creative Fibres Hand Dyed Mohair in Pukeko

Creative Fibres Hand Dyed Mohair in "Pukeko"

The name of the colour comes from a New Zealand bird which has plumage in the colour of the yarn.  Oh, and it’s a lovely 100g hank of bulky-weight mohair… I’ve been thinking about what to make with it, but I think I’ve settled on a shawl of some kind.

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My brother and sister-in-law got home from their honeymoon today, hooray!  They’ve been in New Zealand for two months, so it’s lovely to have them back and be able to see them and chat to them in person, rather than just reading about their adventures on their blog!

This afternoon we’ve been over to their place to say hi and see some of the photos they took.  They met up with some NZ cousins of ours while they were there, so it was lovely to see pics of them.  I think we still have some photos to see, though – there are lots and lots! :-)

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Today has been a day of variety, which has been nice!  I started out by going up to the Christmas fair for Mum’s church – I got there quite late on, so I helped clear up and carry the remaining stuff back up to the church.  I got a few nice cards and nick knacks for gifts, so that was a worthwhile trip.  Then I walked with Mum back to her house for a drink and then a lift home.

On the way up to Mum’s place, I stopped off and did a geocache that was en route.  It took me a bit longer than I’d planned due to me being disorganised with my stuff, but it was still a speedy one.  Not a micro one this time, but a still small one.  So not big enough to put the travelling monkey into, yet.  Poor monkey!  I’ll move him on soon, by hook or by crook!

After visiting at Mum’s for a while, we came back here and had dinner – stir fry followed by cupcakes!  Then Mum went home and I’ve been knitting and watching Strictly Come Dancing.  I’m still working on the Travelling Woman, but hopefully I’ll be done soon.  Maybe tonight?  Maybe tomorrow.

And then I’ve been playing with – I’ve put a widget linking to my account there in the sidebar, and I think it’s possible to play some tracks directly from here?  I’m not sure, I’m still figuring it out.  That’s not what I’m using it for, anyway.  Mostly I’m listening to the songs my friends have playlisted.  Is that even a word?  Probably not, but I know what I mean, and I’m sure you do too.  Anyway, I thought I’d put the widget up here because in the first place I can, and also because I’m trying to get all my web stuff better linked together.  Integrate my web presence.  Oh how pretentious. ;-)

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WIP Blitz

Nov. 7th, 2010 11:51 pm
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The last, oh, while, I’ve been feeling quite determined to finish off all the knitting projects I have sitting around partly done.  Which is good!  Right?  Right.  It feels like I’ve done more knitting this year than I actually have in terms of finished projects (though the Knitting Meter in the side bar tells me that I’ve knit 2023 yards in the last year… and I’m only putting entries into that when I either finish a ball of yarn, or a project).  But maybe that’s because I still have seven projects on the go.

I had planned not to start any new ones until I’d finished several of those I had lurking.  But well, best laid plans and all that.  Mum asked me to make a couple of things for her, and then I finished my basic “portable project” socks, so I just had to start another pair for that purpose, didn’t I?  And now Christmas is fast approaching… eek!  Still, I am feeling more organised and purposeful about the whole thing.  My knitting, I mean, not just Christmas.  And bizarrely, I think a lot of that is because I finally made the decision to (temporarily) frog my Ishbel and restart it – probably after Christmas – on larger needles.  I checked my gauge again, and I had 23½ sts / 4″ where I should have had 20sts.  No wonder it’d come up so small, and the knit fabric was probably a bit too dense.  I shall swatch again with 4.5mm and 5mm needles and see how it goes.  Whether I’ll end up running out of yarn again I don’t know, but I’ll give it a try, anyway.  I’ve weighed the re-wound ball, and it’s as it should be, so I assume the yardage is correct too.  But the best thing is, I feel much better – obviously that one had been hanging over me without me even realising it!

Now, I know I’ve said this a thousand times, but I’m going to knuckle down and sew up my two “UFOs” – the jumper and the cardigan.  I’ve decided that the pieces of the mohair jumper really do need blocking before I sew them, since mohair is so floaty, but at least now I have the table sorted out and ready to sew on.

So my plan is to finish my Gap Year Travels shawlette / scarf (which frees up the needles for whichever cardigan I go for, I believe), and also my Menace jumper (block, sew, crochet, block again).  Then to start my Christmas knitting and… just keep knitting until I have finished stuff!  I reckon that’ll work.

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The Friday 5 site is back, so here are my answers for this week:

  1. To whom do you normally turn when you need to complain about something?
    Hmm… it probably depends on what it is!  My Mum and my LJ friends-list are the most likely, I think.  Doing a friends-locked post on LJ is really good for getting something that’s bothering me off my chest… I can have a good rant and nobody has to read it / listen to me unless they feel like it!  I do find that just writing something out often makes me feel better about it.  I’ve also got a couple of good friends that I can ring up or chat to online and pretty much go “Arrrrrgh!!!”, and of course they can do the same with me.

  2. Which annual season-turning do you enjoy the most?
    I do like winter to spring because of the lengthening days and mostly nicer weather, but I think my favourite is probably summer into autumn because (a) I love the colours of autumn, and (b) the clocks go back!  Extra hour, yay!!

  3. Where can you get a really good turnover?
    I don’t know, I don’t eat them… although before looking at that Wiki article, I didn’t realise you could get savoury ones.   Or maybe they don’t ever call savoury ones ‘turnovers’ here?   Anyway, I spose if I was going to buy a turnover, I’d either go to the supermarket, or to Wilson’s, a local bakery - they probably have nicer ones.   I’d have to get someone else to judge!

  4. What’s employee turnover like where you work?
    Well, I’m not working at the mo, so… there is none!

  5. One of the Wonder Twins could turn into any form of water, while the other could turn into any animal. Which of these powers would be more useful to you?
    I think I’d turn into any kind of animal, because then I’d be able to turn into birds and fly.  Whee!  (This would completely help with my fear of falling off things, because then if I did I’d be safe!)

PS - Note to self: remember to click the “Publish” button.  Also, go to bed earlier.  The clocks changed, remember?  (D’oh!)

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Merry Christmas / Solstice / Festive Celebration of your choice!

In not so brief:

And woah, I'm tired.  I'm not going to be done in the sense of having finished every present that I planned to before tomorrow... but sod it, I'm done.  No more!  Well, not much more.  I have wrapping to do, so I'll be off to crawl on the floor and get that done in a mo.  I've actually been remarkably productive today, though.  I've done... stuff.  Like chased up my webhost and finally got my server back... only without the files being restored to it yet.  I think this is because I didn't specifically ask them to do that, though, and they were swamped so they didn't.  I have now asked!  Fingers crossed it all turns up safely.

Got lots of other stuff done too.  Mainly Christmas-related, but some general life-stuff.  None of it all that interesting or memorable, hence my vagueness right now!  I went to Christingle with Mum, and managed not to be trampled by small children or be set on fire.  Result!  I even got a jelly baby.  Chatted briefly to A,  the girl in the pew behind, who I've known since we were both.... the age her kids are now.  Gaaaaaaaah!  Actually, I knew her sister better, who is a year older than me (I really must email her!).  A is a year or two younger than I am.  And right across from us was another girl I knew from school and brownies / guides who was also a year below me, with her two kidlets.  At least those are a toddler and a baby - A's boys are 5 and 7!!  It's so weird.  But anyway, after the service I was going to catch the bus straight home, but then Mum tempted me with casserole.  I decided that beat throwing together pasta and sauce myself, so whoo, I've been fed.

Now, I spose I'd really better get on with the pressie wrapping.  I'm off to Mum's in the morning.  Family, food, presents and Christmas telly.  Yay!  Everybody have a good one :-)
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Thank you to everyone who's sent me birthday wishes :-D It's been a good one - I went for lunch and shopping with my Mum, who bought me a watch for my present. I had originally asked for a set of Boye Needlemaster interchangeable circular (knitting) needles, but d'oh, they were out of stock at the only shop I know of that does them. Then a couple of weeks ago, my watch died. Serendipitous timing! So it's a shiny new one of those for me, and hopefully the needle set will be back in stock for Christmas! I should email them to find out.

I also got an awesome book from my brother: The Rules of Modern Policing (1973 Edition) by DCI Gene Hunt. Bweeeeeeeeeeeee!! I already have a booklet / extract of this that I got at the LoM con, and now I have the real thing. Hee! It's done just like an old, battered book that looks like it's been knocking around from the 70's - all aged looking paper, and many many brilliant scribbles and doodles from the various characters. The book 'belonged' to Chris, but of course Ray managed to scrawl a few things in there too. I love it! (And hey, I just noticed that there's a LoM 2008 calendar! It shall be miiiiiiine!)

The only other thing that I've had so far (I'm told there are other things coming, but the postal strike has delayed some, and something my bro is getting isn't available til the end of the month, apparently - a new release dvd, maybe? I'm not going to wonder more than that, because I like surprises) is a mystery gift! I actually suspect it's from my SP11 pal, unless I sleep-ordered it because it was something that I did particularly want. Heh :-) Anyway, in the post today was the latest issue of Yarn Forward. Which was so bizarre, because literally last night I'd decided I was going to subscribe. Good thing I didn't! Or at least, I think I didn't.... *g* No, obviously this was sent a few days ago, and I think it must have come via my swap pal, Janey - I'm going to email her to ask, because there were no clues with the magazine, which came straight from the publisher :-) It's a mystery!
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  1. My lovely liek_omg_Noxie came to stay for a week and we did stuff like:
    • meander around the Old Town and shop and stuff;
    • have Sunday lunch with Ally, [ profile] ladymoonray and [ profile] tamaranth, then repair to the beach where Ally made me into beach art (which I am now suffering for, as I seem to have had a nasty allergic reaction to the feathers she stuck in my sandals, oops) and then go see PotC3 of which I will probably burble more in another post (in short: awesome! but also with the bitter-sweet.);
    • go to Brighton and shop in the Lanes;
    • go to the fabulous Tokio Hotel gig at the Islington Carling Academy which rocked like a very rocking rock gig with added hot boys, hoorah!;
    • watch Doctor Who (see below) and Holby Blue (police boyfriends!) and Life on Mars (the police boyfriends OTP!), but miss Dalziel and Pascoe (original police boyfriends!), oops;
    and all in all it was a very fast paced week!

  2. Doctor Who OMG *FLAIL* ahdfjshgasigfjhsklfjsdakljf!!!!!!!!!!!!ELEVENTY!!!!!!!!! etc etc etc and so on.  Seriously, hgfusjhfioasjfiodsj.  Can be no more coherent.  Except, oh yeah: *LOVELOVELOVE*.  Also, GUH.  (Possibly more on this to come if I can string something together without my brain shorting out.)

  3. I really want to write fic now.  A lot.  I have thoughts / bunnies tumbling around my head for LoM, PotC and now DW.  But no time to sit and write, waaah!  Unless I try in the back of the car tomorrow and Tuesday.  But I've also been having that problem where I have the ideas, but getting them out of my head and down into story form is just hard.  Bad brain, behave better. 

  4. There is no number 4 (those from the beach on Sunday should know what that means) *g*

  5. My insurance thingy from the car accident back in December has been settled (the person who hit me and the other car is, amazingly, officially fully responsible) so I should be getting the payment through soon.  This is a big relief, cos it means I'll be able to pay the rent I owe, and so on.  Debt cancellation = yay.

  6. My aunt Mary died.  She was one of my Dad's older sisters, one of the mad Irish twins, the one he was closest to.  She had cancer, we knew it was coming fairly soon, but then it happened even more quickly than expected.  Her heart gave way, having been weakened by a slight stroke from a while ago.  To be honest, that was probably the best thing, because the cancer was pretty horrible and painful for her.  She went peacefully, and even though I'll miss her and I wish I could have seen or at least spoken to her again, I love her and I'm glad of that.  So I'm going to try to remember her as she was: a wonderfully eccentric and energetic lady.  And here's a photo of me and her at Christmas a few years ago, with her dogs Holly (curled up on the sofa) and Flame (the noble-looking but-really-naughty one *g*) cut because it's huuuuuge )
    She doesn't look 80-ish, does she?  Not that any of Dad's family have ever looked or acted their ages.  Hee :-)  So yes.  It's that spirit of... mischievousness that I want to remember.  And preferably keep alive.  It seems to run in the family anyway, and I think that's mostly a good thing.

  7. However, funerals, particularly since Dad's, make me cry my eyes out.  So I'm probably going to be in a bit of a state for the actual event.  :-/  I hate that.  I don't want to upset my poor cousin Ray even more with my own over-emotionalism.  Bottling it up's no good either, though.  Ah well, I expect I'll be OK.

  8. On the other hand, part of me is looking forward to seeing my cousins and my aunt Gladys again.  I wish we all lived a bit nearer each other and could get together more often.  The last few years, it's only been for 'family event' type things.  Still, at least Ray is moving back down here soon.  That'll be good.

  9. So tomorrow me, Mum and Martin are off up to Blackpool for the funeral on Tuesday morning.  Since I can't drive (I've been de-licensed due to my meds) I'm relegated to the back seat of the car, in charge of foodstuffs, knitting, reading pr0n the map if the non-driver wants a break, and (possibly) writing fic, while M and Mum do the driving.  Mostly M, or we won't be there for a week, as Mum hasn't driven any further than Eastbourne (about 20 miles max) since she started driving again, and is a bit intimidated by the thought of motorways and lorries.  This means she'll likely be going at 40mph in the slow lane... at which point I'll be laying down in the back seat and pretending not to be there at all ;-)  No, I'm sure she won't be that bad... she has no probs with going at 60 along the relevant bits of road to Battle and Eastbourne.  Anyway, the point is, going now, back Tuesday evening.

  10. TTFN.  *waves*


Jun. 6th, 2007 03:17 pm
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So damn hard to buy for.  Mine has his birthday on Sunday, and I haven't got a clue what to get him.  The only thing that he could come up with that he wants is apparently not published til October.  Helpful!  So it'll have to be something random, and with my non-existent budget (not to mention what's actually available round here), probably crap.  Sorry, M, you should have been more specific.  Oh well.  Off to town I pop.
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Well, it turned out that my telly was extremely dead - I changed the plug fuse, and it made no difference.  And anyhow, I realised that there had been buzzing from the speakers even if nothing else was happening, so power was getting through.  Yup, it's had it.

Luckily, my brother still had his old 14" portable telly, and he said I can borrow it til I can afford to buy myself a new larger one.  Since he's now feeling somewhat better (he looks pretty scabby and pox-ridden, but he's not contagious any more) and wanted to get out of the house, he and his gf brought it round today.  So wheeee, I got to watch Doctor Who without having to trek round anywhere. *g*  And I can watch the re-run of John Barrowman on the Jonathan Ross Show.  Awesome.  Actually, I might tape that, since I now even have my video player hooked up and tuned in.  Wow, the marvels of modern technology, hey?

DW 3x07 - 42 )

Oh noes!

May. 15th, 2007 05:02 pm
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My poor bro has, at the tender age of 26, gone down with Chicken Pox.  There's nothing I can do about it, of course - Mum is away on holiday, but his g/f is staying the week, so she's soothing his fevered brow and dabbing on the camomile lotion!  Actually, he sounded better on the phone today that he has for the last few: he went down with a fever on Friday, then broke out in the rash last night.  So it was off to the doctor's this morning for him.  With a bit of luck, taking a few days off uni will sort him out and let it run its course.  I hope so, and so does he, cos he has a couple of final projects due, and an exam next week!  Still, he was going to call his tutor and see what could be sorted out.

Poor M!
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  1. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh, hayfever.

  2. On Saturday evening, my Mum tripped over the ironing board (which was in exactly the same place it's been at any time during at least the last 30 years, whenever there's been ironing to be done), and landed on her face on the kitchen floor.  .......Ouch.  My brother and his girlfriend were actually in the kitchen at the time, but didn't have time to catch her, obviously.  They all spent the evening in A&E.  Luckily, her nose isn't broken, just badly bruised and stuff.  Because she was wearing her glasses when she fell, they got jammed back onto her face, so now she has two black eyes and nasty bruises across the bridge of her nose.  M says the swelling has gone down when I saw it yesterday to what it had been on Saturday, but of course now the bruise colouring is showing more.  Trouble is, of course, she can't wear her glasses without it hurting, but if she doesn't wear them, she can't see.  D'oh!  I took her a gel eye-mask thingie I have that you put in the fridge (it helped, which is good), so now she has a choice of looking like a panda or a highwayman.  Yay!

  3. So, earthquake, huh?  We're too far away to have felt owt, but M's girlfriend's family did (E was on the bus on the way over here, so missed it herself.)  Apparently their experience of it went something like this:
    Earth: *quakes*
    E's House: *is shaken*
    E's Mum: *is freaked out*  What was that? *runs downstairs*
    E's sister: *runs out of her room*  OMG, Mum, did you feel that?  What was it?
    E's Mum: I don't know!  E's Dad, what do you think it was?
    E's Dad: What? *oblivious*  Hey, the power's gone down.  Did something happen?

    Not sure if my aunt in Dymchurch was bothered by it.  I spose she'd have told us if she was.  Er.  Or if her dog was, more likely.

  4. Last weekend was my Mum's birthday.  And a good time was had by all!  Not that we did much - mainly just familial hanging out and watching telleh.  On Monday, which was her actual birthday, my brother was busy in the evening - he had a lecture - so I went over and had dinner with Mum, and then when M got back we all watched Miss Potter.  Which reminded me a lot of Neverland, and was generally a very Mum kind of film.

  5. Not that Mum's is the only birthday around this time of year.  Did I mention that I embarrassed myself (well, sort of) by wishing one of my best friends Happy Birthday a month early?  That has to be a first for me!  And now it's given me time to work on her present, hoorah!  However, I'm more usually kind of crap and late at the birthday wishes thing, especially when it's like now and I'm behind on LJ and all that.  So, a big, if belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the lovely and gorgeous [ profile] dioxin, [ profile] arithil and [ profile] lunamorgan.  *mwah!*

  6. And then there's anniversaries.  Maybe only two people on my flist know what I'm talking about with this ([ profile] megolas is t'other one) but last Friday the 27th was mine and liek_omg_Noxie's "hobbandish" anniversary.  Wheeee!  I can't believe that was five whole years ago. :-)  Mind you, it's amazing to think that there are a good number of people on my flist that I've considered friends for a good nine years (Noxie and Megs included, of course).  Yay fandom.  Yay internets!

  7. I've been generally somewhat LJ-absent for the last little while, as you may or may not have noticed.  I've been sporadically on and off, but only reading a small filter mostly.  So I'm not going to get to catch up on my flist, much as I'd like to.  Please do tell me if there's something I should go check out on your journal, though - anything important, or fun, or that I might want to see.  I will be making a start on catching up with the old LJ comments, though, so don't be surprised when you suddenly get a reply to something from weeks ago.

  8. I came across this post called Six tips for tackling a dreaded task, which in my overwhelming procrastinate-iness seemed like a good thing to check out.  And yup, it's a good one.  Particularly, the doing a regular task every day.  It's made me think that maybe I should change the exercise thing to daily, so I either go to a class or the gym every day of the week (except Sunday when I physically can't for lack of transport - which is annoying cos there's a class I'd really like to do on Sunday mornings!).  And also, I want to post here more often... so I'm going to make this the start of my own personal Post Every Day Week!  (Which will then hopefully translate into post every day for pretty much ever)  I didn't get a chance to join in when [ profile] lazlet did this a little while back, but I had fun with it when [ profile] badgermonkey first came up with the idea.

    So, I think I'll go for it again.  Anybody want to join me?  Feel free!  (Tell me if you are, and we can egg each other on *g*)  The 'ethos' of the thing is in that post I've linked just above, but if you can't be bothered to click, then really, it's just what it says on the tin.  Post something, anything, every day for a week.  Grab the icon for it (credit to [ profile] badgermonkey) if you like.  Or don't.  Just post!

    Also, I'm going to try and spend more time (any time at all will be an improvement!) on the blog.  It needs a bit of prodding as well as some actual posting.  And I want to update LibraryThing so I can put the widget in the sidebar.  Plus, I've signed up for Bookmooch and LastFM, so there's time to be spent on those.  Huh, did I say I was going to go to the gym every day as well?  I've got to get organised.  But then again, that is the overall plan!
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My little brother is in the local paper this week.  No, not for anything Bad and Wrong.  But for the mini-documentary he did for his degree course, Jedi By The Sea - he was producer and co-editor.  His is the only name given (it actually says him "and four other students"), maybe because he was mostly in charge of sorting it all out - the uni rang him about the paper thing, anyway, and I'm not sure if they did any of the others.  They want to use the film / him / them for the uni prospectus / publicity stuff, too. :-D  Anyway, you should totally all go and watch and have a giggle, and if you can find the time, sign up to the FourDocs site to rate it.

Next year, when they have a proper studio at the uni (it's being built over the summer, apparently), he's intending to do something set in the 70's.  And while quizzing my Mum for set dressing ideas, she realised that as well as having various pairs of curtains and so on still knocking about (and hey, I hope she's still got the light fittings that she only just changed), our lovely lime-green - alright Mum, chartreuse - classic 70's kitchen cabinets are still in use in one of my Dad's sheds at the bottom of the orchard.  Hee!

In other news, I've mainly missed the last few weeks, but I think it's getting better now.  Oh, the joy of getting used to new meds!  And, you know, the old pit of dooooom thing.  Well, bah to that.  Pfft, depression: it's so 1930's.  Or something.  Anyway I'm feeling lots better, just conking out a lot, and as I say, that is improving.  Would be nice if it would hurry up a bit more, but you know.  Such is life!

And in the meantime, I'm binging on podcasts.  So, rec me some?  Good music ones, perhaps, or something you think I might be otherwise interested in?  Are there fandom related ones?  Um?  Help me, flist!  Feeeeeeeeed meeeeeeeeeee (and my mp3 player)!

Finally..... Doctor Who: bweeeeeee!  Life on Mars: BWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!  And there shall be (hopefully) more coherency and detail on at least one of those sometime later.  Yesyes.  But right now, I'm off to knit some more sock.  It's nearly heel time.  I should come back and post some pics of that, too.  Maybe. :-)
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My brother has just told me that he's got the parts for upgrading my computer and will therefore be coming over to get it tomorrow.  OMG, upgrade, you have no idea how much I'm looking forward to you!  Three... no, almost four times the processing power I have now.  Twice the RAM.  Generally newer, shinier, speedier components.  The harddrives and so on remain the same, of course, since all that is relatively new.  There's one other brand new thing in my upgrade: the monitor.  Ohhhh, that's going to be good: my current one squishes the picture into about 80% of the screen width (sometimes it pings back to full width, but mostly not), and anyway the new one is a TFT flatscreen.  Mmmmmmm.  17" again - I'd actually almost decided I wanted a 19" after all, but it's probably better for my bank balance (alright, the remains of my inheritance from Dad) that M went for this one - which after all is the one I chose the last he'd heard of it.

However, since he hadn't told me he'd ordered them already (we had said that he'd do the order last weekend, but he didn't mention it so I thought he'd forgotten), I'm completely unprepared!  So now I have to go and back up... well, not everything because most of my documents and stuff are on D, and we're only going to reformat C.  Program settings, mainly.  But I have to make a list of vital stuff, and .... so on.  Also, I think I will back up a good chunk of my My Docs folder, just in case.  Huh, I'd better find my Windows CD, hadn't I?  Hope it's in the box I think it's in....

Anyhow, I'll be computerless and offline for at least a day, possibly more if there are complications.  I hope there won't be, but you never know!  But I'm tired, so I'm going to bed now, and I'll sort out all this tomorrow: M isn't coming over til after uni, and he's there til 4pm.  Just in case though, TTFN and see you on the other side!
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Just dropping by to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I'm having a quiet one - I vegged in front of the telly, knitting and watching the Hootenanny.  Yes, I know, aren't I boring?  I think I did this last year too, actually.  Clara and Chaz don't seem to be doing their New Year get-together now they have little Michael - maybe next year I'll do one.  But this is nice and relaxing too :-)

Since I haven't posted since then, Christmas was good.  I didn't get any decorations up here, but I have displayed my cards - thank you [ profile] tamaranth (and for the awesome CD! Hee!!), [ profile] train_in_vain, [ profile] urbanfae (and for the PRESSIES! *love*), [ profile] sanda56 and [ profile] elen_ancalimaPresents, blah blah )

So, here's hoping that 2007 is a good one! (Must think up some resolutions!  But for now, I'm off to bed.)

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My brother started uni in September (he's a "mature" student, heh), doing a course in Broadcast Media.  He's asked me to pass something on about his main project this year, because they want to get as many people involved as they can find. (Come on all you Jedi Chefs)  Also, it'd be great if anyone would re-post this - again with the reaching as many people as possible thing.  So, here's the info:

"Do you remember 2001? The year we lost Douglas Adams but gained the Master Chief, the year of the Fellowship and the fall of the twin towers. The year of the Jedi. The year 390,000 Brits declared that was what they were on their census forms. Were you one of them? We're Media students making a short documentary for Channel 4's FourDocs website and if you are Jedi we'd like to hear from you. Tell us why you did it, was it for fun, was it because you do want Jedi to be recognised, do you have a story behind your reason? Email us at We especially want to hear from you if you're from East Sussex and in particular Brighton. May the force be with you."

From what he's said to me, I think they're also interested in hearing from people who thought about it, but didn't go through with it - as in, why didn't you.  And from people who feel strongly that it's a bad / stupid idea.

Go on, you know you want to - and you might end up on TV! (If I remember rightly, it'll definitely be available online, and the best one will also be shown on Channel 4)  And please do pass it on.  Thanks!


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