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Finally saw the new Bond film today with teh brother, and enjoyed it very muchly!  Daniel Craig still hot, Judy Dench still awesome - no surprises there.  However, as I was settling in to enjoy said film, I had a popcorn related incident.... and broke my freaking back tooth.  Gah!!  There was a sneaky kernel hiding inside a popped bit, and it got me.  It doesn't hurt or anything, but there's quite a large chunk gone and what is left is now stabbing my tongue :-/  And of course it's Friday evening so I can't even call a dentist now until Monday.  Even though nothing like this has ever happened before, I know it's not exactly worth going to an emergency clinic.  Nevertheless, I'm like the person who's never been sick a day in their lives suddenly getting a cold.  OMG DRAMA!!!  What if I have to have a filling or whatever it is they do?  My trips to the dentist only ever consist of a check-up and being told all is well.  On the bright side, at least I'm covered for any treatment, so it's not going to cost me an arm and a leg.

As far as other stuff goes, I've just realised I haven't watched last week's ep of Merlin yet.  Must do that this evening!  I've been enjoying Strictly, as I do every year.  Oh, and I've recently started watching Dexter - I just finished the first season.  Very cool.  Other than that, I've been website-ing, mostly playing with php code and Wordpress for a couple of sites.  One of them is the site for C. House, the drop-in ("well-being") centre that I go to.  As well as that, I'm about to be roped in to help my bro produce a website for a project he's doing - I think they just need someone to do the coding.  And then, I might be interviewed for / taking part in the final-project film of one of the girls in his year, which is about strategies for living with mental illness.  It's all go!


Feb. 27th, 2008 02:43 pm
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[insert dullest stream of consciousness post evah about why I'm not eating lunch, deleted for your sanity and mine]

Um.  Torchwood tonight.  Yay!  Ashes to Ashes tomorrow.  Which... I like, I really do.  But I don't love like I did Life on Mars.  Come back Sammy!  But I'm ♥-ing Ray more than ever before.  And, urgh, I still can't think of anything not-boring to write, so I'll shut up and go away now.  I think my brain is just having a bit of a coasting day today, because I swear I had all sorts of interesting and insightful stuff that I've been meaning to post.  It's just hiding somewhere at the back of my cerebellum.  Yep, that'll be it.

Or perhaps I'm just hungry?...
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  1. My lovely liek_omg_Noxie came to stay for a week and we did stuff like:
    • meander around the Old Town and shop and stuff;
    • have Sunday lunch with Ally, [ profile] ladymoonray and [ profile] tamaranth, then repair to the beach where Ally made me into beach art (which I am now suffering for, as I seem to have had a nasty allergic reaction to the feathers she stuck in my sandals, oops) and then go see PotC3 of which I will probably burble more in another post (in short: awesome! but also with the bitter-sweet.);
    • go to Brighton and shop in the Lanes;
    • go to the fabulous Tokio Hotel gig at the Islington Carling Academy which rocked like a very rocking rock gig with added hot boys, hoorah!;
    • watch Doctor Who (see below) and Holby Blue (police boyfriends!) and Life on Mars (the police boyfriends OTP!), but miss Dalziel and Pascoe (original police boyfriends!), oops;
    and all in all it was a very fast paced week!

  2. Doctor Who OMG *FLAIL* ahdfjshgasigfjhsklfjsdakljf!!!!!!!!!!!!ELEVENTY!!!!!!!!! etc etc etc and so on.  Seriously, hgfusjhfioasjfiodsj.  Can be no more coherent.  Except, oh yeah: *LOVELOVELOVE*.  Also, GUH.  (Possibly more on this to come if I can string something together without my brain shorting out.)

  3. I really want to write fic now.  A lot.  I have thoughts / bunnies tumbling around my head for LoM, PotC and now DW.  But no time to sit and write, waaah!  Unless I try in the back of the car tomorrow and Tuesday.  But I've also been having that problem where I have the ideas, but getting them out of my head and down into story form is just hard.  Bad brain, behave better. 

  4. There is no number 4 (those from the beach on Sunday should know what that means) *g*

  5. My insurance thingy from the car accident back in December has been settled (the person who hit me and the other car is, amazingly, officially fully responsible) so I should be getting the payment through soon.  This is a big relief, cos it means I'll be able to pay the rent I owe, and so on.  Debt cancellation = yay.

  6. My aunt Mary died.  She was one of my Dad's older sisters, one of the mad Irish twins, the one he was closest to.  She had cancer, we knew it was coming fairly soon, but then it happened even more quickly than expected.  Her heart gave way, having been weakened by a slight stroke from a while ago.  To be honest, that was probably the best thing, because the cancer was pretty horrible and painful for her.  She went peacefully, and even though I'll miss her and I wish I could have seen or at least spoken to her again, I love her and I'm glad of that.  So I'm going to try to remember her as she was: a wonderfully eccentric and energetic lady.  And here's a photo of me and her at Christmas a few years ago, with her dogs Holly (curled up on the sofa) and Flame (the noble-looking but-really-naughty one *g*) cut because it's huuuuuge )
    She doesn't look 80-ish, does she?  Not that any of Dad's family have ever looked or acted their ages.  Hee :-)  So yes.  It's that spirit of... mischievousness that I want to remember.  And preferably keep alive.  It seems to run in the family anyway, and I think that's mostly a good thing.

  7. However, funerals, particularly since Dad's, make me cry my eyes out.  So I'm probably going to be in a bit of a state for the actual event.  :-/  I hate that.  I don't want to upset my poor cousin Ray even more with my own over-emotionalism.  Bottling it up's no good either, though.  Ah well, I expect I'll be OK.

  8. On the other hand, part of me is looking forward to seeing my cousins and my aunt Gladys again.  I wish we all lived a bit nearer each other and could get together more often.  The last few years, it's only been for 'family event' type things.  Still, at least Ray is moving back down here soon.  That'll be good.

  9. So tomorrow me, Mum and Martin are off up to Blackpool for the funeral on Tuesday morning.  Since I can't drive (I've been de-licensed due to my meds) I'm relegated to the back seat of the car, in charge of foodstuffs, knitting, reading pr0n the map if the non-driver wants a break, and (possibly) writing fic, while M and Mum do the driving.  Mostly M, or we won't be there for a week, as Mum hasn't driven any further than Eastbourne (about 20 miles max) since she started driving again, and is a bit intimidated by the thought of motorways and lorries.  This means she'll likely be going at 40mph in the slow lane... at which point I'll be laying down in the back seat and pretending not to be there at all ;-)  No, I'm sure she won't be that bad... she has no probs with going at 60 along the relevant bits of road to Battle and Eastbourne.  Anyway, the point is, going now, back Tuesday evening.

  10. TTFN.  *waves*

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D'oh - I forgot to post yesterday.  Well, to post anything other than something that's directed to one person, so was filtered liek woah to avoid cluttering everyone else's flists.  I have failed Post Every Day Week!  Woe is me!!  Or, you know, I can remind myself that technically I did post something, and carry on regardless.

I've actually been really boring for the last couple of days, so it's no wonder I haven't had much to post about.  I've knitted a lot, and watched some telly.  Dalziel and Pascoe is back, whee!  My other favourite northern police detective boyfriends. :-)  And it had Richard E Grant: yum!  But it's a two parter that's not concluded until next Sunday, damnit.

Today, I should have been visited by [ profile] ladymoonray (and [ profile] tamaranth, but she's not well - *sends out get well soon vibes*), but I didn't hear my phone beep, and stupidly it didn't occur to me to check my email, so I completely failed to finalise the arrangements with her.  D'oh!!  We're going to try again for next weekend.  Socialising, yay!  Anyway, perhaps it was for the best today, since the weather was 'orrid, and we had been going to do outside-y things.  I went to Mum's for dinner instead, and ended up doing more knitting and half-watching New Tricks.  See, yet another plus and minus situation: get fed, but then have to watch Mum!Telly ;-)  Oh, I don't know.  It amuses me somewhat, but I can't quite be bothered to watch it of my own volition.

I'm really quite enjoying knitting this project that I'm working on at the moment.  I think I mentioned it before - it's a birthday present for a friend so I don't want to go into too much detail, but I'm using Jaeger Cadiz which is a Viscose/Silk blend and really nice to knit with.  It does have difficulties, especially if the yarn untwists a little bit (which it tends to do), because then you can miss strands of fibre when you knit a stitch and so on.  I've found bamboo needles are definitely the better option for the yarn, too: I tried metal ones, but the stitches were too slippy and kept falling off if I tilted the needle too far.  But once you're aware of all that it's not so much of a problem, and it does feel lovely.  I think it's going to come out quite well - I hope so, anyway!
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(Because I am nothing if not creative and non-literal in my subject lines.  And matching post icons. Yup.)

So, if yesterday was getting it all off my chest, I've decided that today shall be about the nice shiny things.

  • OK!  There might still be some work to be done, but I'm getting to move into a newly refurbished flat that has new kitchen and bathroom suites, new double glazing, new boiler and central heating, new door entry system, new fire / smoke alarms, is newly carpeted and painted, and is generally all pretty damn new.  Other than being in a converted Victorian house, of course! *g*

  • Plus, the communal areas (that's the hall & front door, to you and me) are also being refurbished.  Hoorah!

  • I spoke to my lovelynice phone company, and yes, no problem, they're going to keep my phone line running to my old flat until 9th Jan so that I can run the extension lead to the new one (as I am doing now, in fact, in this temp flat), thus giving me an uninterrupted phone service.  Well, maybe there will be an hour or two, but you get the point.  I shan't be phone-less!  Broadband isn't quite that simple - I'm not going to go into that because it doesn't fall under the category of 'yay' - but I will have it for a few more days before the changeover period kicks in.  But I'll still have dial-up (this reminds me of my brother staring at the back of my 'puter the other day, looking like nothing so much as an archaeologist who's just unearthed something old, slightly unexpected, but interesting, and saying "you still have a dial-up modem in there??"  Yes, M, and it's for emergencies just like this!) so yay to that!

  • Char got us tickets for Wicked! next Thursday for my Christmas pressie.  Wheeeee!!

  • And speaking of Christmas pressies:  From the gorgeous desktop wallpaper [ profile] legoline made me, to the Real Actual Stuff [ profile] urbanfae sent (my Mum has it to wrap - wheee, surprises!), I'm chuffed beyond words about everything I've received. *beams*  And now the even more fun part (no, I'm not being sarcastic) - the getting of pressies for everyone else.  I have a couple of things for you guys, and I've got most of the rest of my things for the local friends and family.  What I don't have yet, I have planned.  *bounce*

  • My hair colour.  I still have plans for it, but a nurse at the hospital on Wednesday actually came in to the room to tell me she loved it, and ask where / how it was done (DIY "LIVE colour", love!) and then on Friday, while I was down town browsing in a Shop of Awesome Tat, a little old lady accidentally stroked my hair because she was going along stroking all the things on the clothing rails that she thought looked pretty.  And, um, mistook me for something that was for sale? O.o  To be fair, I had my back to her, and my hair was loose and therefore covering most of my back.  However, she then went "Oh! Oh, sorry, I didn't realise you were... but isn't it pretty?" And stroked my hair some more.  LOL!

  • SGA.  I just have so much love right now, and I'm very very happy in my fannish bubble.  (Can't touch this (breakitdown)).  And other assorted fandoms, of course - Torchwood, Who and LoM, I'm looking at you.  You're cracked in the head (like me), and I love you.

  • The Thing wot I'm doing with liek_omg_Sann.  Oh, we're having fun.  (We are having fun, right? *g*)

  • Knitting!  I'm making a little jumper at the moment, and I'm on course to get it all done in time for Christmas, along with a couple of other things.  I really do love physically creating things - I mean, I love designing websites, and writing, and singing and playing instruments and all that other "creative" stuff.  But I'm ending up with a physical object here that I can give to someone and have them know that I put time and effort and thought into it.  Or, you know, I can make something for myself and have that kind of satisfaction.  Also, I can do it while I'm watching TV (or other media).  Double bonus!!

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It's funny how these unexpected LJ hiatuses sometimes end up soooo very long.  Summer of '06, where did you go to?  Oh, that's right: you disappeared under a mountain of Stargate Atlantis fanfic.  Mwahah.  Not that it's all been fun and fic - I haven't been well, so pretty much all I could do was read.  But things are looking up again now.  I'm mostly alright, the mog's alright (his kaputted leg seems fine again), and I might even start reading my Flist again at some point in the nearish future instead of occasionally skimming a page and then running away in fear ;-)

On the 'bah' side of things, I'm living in a building site (not fun, fecking noisy, dust not agreeing with allergies or asthma) as the house is being renovated, I'm going to have to move to the flat upstairs at a date as yet unspecified so that this one can be done (omg, packing), and it takes me a really long time to do anything because my grasp on the whole 'time' thing has gone kind of weird.  But I'm getting better with that.  I think.  Not nearly well enough to even think about trying to work again just yet, but I'm sure I'll get there.  Finally, I'm not going to be able to afford to keep my car for much longer, which sucks.  But I do have a plan to make the most of it while I can.

On the 'yay' side, SGA is especially shiny and fun (enjoying the new season, will probably babble more about this soon), and in other fannishness I've started re-poking the LoM fic that I abandoned when my head fell apart.  Oh, and I'm doing a big giant catchy-uppy thing for SG-1: I used to watch religiously back in the day, but then I didn't have Sky any more, so I'd seen seasons 1-4 when they were on Sky, then scattered eps from seasons 5 (inc. 48 Hours), 6, and possibly 7.  So anyway, I decided I wanted to watch it allllllllll again from the start, so I am.  Wheee.  I'm about half way through S3 right now, but I'm also thinking about jumping in and watching S9 so that I can watch S10 at the same time as I'm watching SGA S3.... but then I think, hmm, do I want to watch S8 first (after all, I already cheated and watched the season ender for that because hello, Rodney), and ooo, what about the end of S7 because that has relevance for SGA anyway, and, and.... ack!  What was I saying again?

Anyway, yes, 'yay' things.  I went to see Pirates of the Carribean 2 with Ally the other week... only it had sold out, so we ended up making much better use of a lovely summer evening, crunching along the beach and then meandering through the old town, topping off the night by playing the tuppeny arcades and (in my case) winning prizes of Tacky Badness.  Hee!  And then we actually made it to see PotC2 the next day, and it was fabulous.  Mmmmm, drunken, scruffy Norrington.  It made me very happy.  I've also been out and about to a few other places, and last week Char came down for a visit and dyed my hair for me - I now once again (near enough) match my icon.  Hoorah!  I had about 6" roots, and the rest had faded to coppery auberny red.  We also went to Battle Wool Shop, where we bought steel wool to knit chain mail and the like.  Well, no.  But Char got lots, and I got a couple of things, and we spent a long time along with another customer and under the amused and indulgent eye of the shop lady, stroking and drooling over some of the more expensive and tasty yarn they have there.  This has now reminded me of all the half-done projects that are lying around the flat, so I'm clicking sticks with a vengence once more.

Er, and I think that's about it, and since this is now reeeeeally long... I'll stop now.  STOP
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Just been to see Guys & Dolls. Orlando Bloom was only there too. Within 10ft of us. Wtfbbq!1 etc. Huh.
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I just watched the last two episodes of Angel.


I am now broken.


May. 5th, 2004 01:09 am
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Con was really good fun.  Am now sad, for various reasons, but I shall try to forget that for long enough to type this up, anyhoo.  The guests (Nick Brendon, Emma Caulfield, Juliet Landau, Tom Lenk, Claire Kramer, Sarah Hagen, Elizabeth Anne Allen and James Leary from Buffy; Nathan Fillion, Jewel Staite, and Summer Glau from Firefly; Robert Patrick of Terminator 2, X Files, Faculty etc. fame; and Nickalos Brown, a costume designer) were all fantabulous.  The Firefly guests seemed to be pretty blown away with the enthusiasm everyone has for their show.  I was pretty blown away by them, and Firefly has moved from 'must get around to watching that sometime' in my head to 'must! watch! now!!'.  So I've nicked the DVD boxset from the bro.  Hoorah!

Enjoyed the costume contest, as [ profile] merlan and [ profile] thewatch were entering as Nightcrawler and Mystique, so [ profile] brallaqueen and I were doing the backup thing ([ profile] brallaqueen way more so, painting the designs on [ profile] thewatch).  They both looked very cool, and won first place in the 'Best Demon' category.  I was a v v v proud sister and friend.  Hopefully one or both of them will post pics soon.

My camera batteries died, and in the end I didn't bother getting any more, so I won't have any of my own photos to post.  But I did get pics with some of the guests, which are under here: )


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