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  1. I seem to have a thing for lists recently.  I think it's all the web coding I've been doing.

  2. I have a few people to wish a very Happy Birthday to - some are a little late, sorry!  So, [ profile] elen_ancalima and [ profile] megolas, I hope you had lovely ones, and [ profile] sbisson, I hope yours is similarly fab.

  3. Web server still down.  Or rather, new server not up and running yet.  Gaaargh.  Naturally, I now really want to do all sorts of things that I need that server to be up for.  Like post to my knitting blog, and read my blogroll.  Why didn't I back that up into a feedreader?  D'oh!

  4. I made my friend C some fingerless mitts for early-xmas.  Apparently he liked them lots, because today I received a really nice webcam in return!!!  Bweeeeeee! :-D  I'm now all set up for video chatting on Skype - don't know yet if I can v-chat through Trillian, which is what I use for AIM/ICQ/MSN/Yahoo chattage.  But if anyone wants to see my ugly mug and have a voice-natter (the camera has a built in mic), now you can.

  5. Must get on with the xmas knitting.  I'm getting there, but I'm not done yet!  Wish me luck...

  6. And talking of xmas, thanks to those of you who've sent me cards.  *hugs*  I... haven't sent any out this year.  Thing is, I'm now on a really tight budget, and I can't actually afford the cards and stamps.  Sad but true!  Therefore, it's e-cards this year.  Just as soon as I've made the graphics. *slacker*

  7. The knuckle joint of my left index finger hurrrrrts.  Probably from the incessant knitting, unless I squashed it when I nearly dropped the printer.  But I think it hurt before that.  I reckon I need a splint.  Or the wah-mbulance. *nod*

And now, have a meme:
I know very little about some of the people on my friends list. Some people I know very well. I read your journals, or we have something else in common and we chat occasionally. Some of you I hardly know at all. Some of you I don't know at all because I didn't friend you back (yet?). Perhaps you haven't been around for long, perhaps you lurk, for whatever reason. But you friended me and I thank you for your interest in my words.

But here's a thought: why not take this opportunity to tell me a little something about yourself. Any old thing at all. Just so the next time I see your name I can say: 'Ah, there's so and so...'

I'd love it if every single person who friended me would do this. Yes, even you people who I know really well. Then post this in your own journal and see what gems of knowledge appear.

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So, I was sitting at my computer desk, waiting for some podcasts to transfer over onto my mp3 player, and sort of gazing vacantly into space while I did so.  Except, also sort of at the random stuff on my desk as well.  And, "Hey," my brain went, "I wonder if that would.... I could just... aha!  Ahahaha!  Now I must take photos and inflict them on the WORLD!"

And so, with many apologies from the part of me that knows this is very, very silly, Really Bad Pun Pictures presents:
The Darthlek! )

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# Hoorah!  I'm back.  And my brother, with no prompting from me has named my newly upgraded computer "Rodney".  This is beyond perfect, as the extra-fast 'brains' of the machine are currently clad in my old rather bulky and unflattering beige case (which will be replaced with something more sleek and appropriately coloured soonish).  Meanwhile, my new monitor is slim, attractive, and black-and-grey.  Naturally, I instantly christened it John.  Fandom rulz etc.  No change there then.  Anyway, I now have a system that's 4 times faster than my old one.  So much quieter, too - don't know if it was the old fan or hdd or both, but there's a huge difference.  I like it muchly.

# However, the reason the upgrading took so long was that there was a period of oh-crap-it's-all-gone-horribly-wrong because after M had put the new system together, he reformatted the C drive, reinstalled Windows.... and it all crashed hideously, had some kind of cascade failure and took my secondary drive (the one with all my stuff on it) with it.  And because I'd been a bit manic and my old system was so knackered, I hadn't bothered backing everything up properly.  Some stuff I had, but not all of it - not any media, basically.  The big stuff that would have taken ages to burn since it was taking about an hour to burn one CD.  Whoops.  So anyway, it was off to the computer shop after all for a recovery job, and the end result is that I have a new secondary drive, and that I'm using the smaller spare drive I had hanging about as my C drive.  The computer shop managed to get about half of my media back - naturally they were able to restore everything that I did have backed up to CD anyway.  But I should be get my other stuff back again, so it's all good.

# The Xandermog seems to have hurt his back leg again: it keeps giving way under him, causing him to randomly fall over even more than usual.  I think I know why / how he did it: he's been really daft and playful, and seems to have got the idea in his head that he's a monkey.  Some cats can carry off that kind of leaping and climbing.  Not him.  *sigh*

# I'm having a bit of a wonky time and my meds probably need adjusting or something.  So I might not be around much, or I might be around a lot, or I might be manic and annoying, etc etc.  Anyway, have been trying to have it sorted out before it gets worse, but if I disappear for a while then I'm in the process of doing that.  Or something. :-)

In other news:
I am worth $2,169,676 on
How much are you worth?
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My brother has just told me that he's got the parts for upgrading my computer and will therefore be coming over to get it tomorrow.  OMG, upgrade, you have no idea how much I'm looking forward to you!  Three... no, almost four times the processing power I have now.  Twice the RAM.  Generally newer, shinier, speedier components.  The harddrives and so on remain the same, of course, since all that is relatively new.  There's one other brand new thing in my upgrade: the monitor.  Ohhhh, that's going to be good: my current one squishes the picture into about 80% of the screen width (sometimes it pings back to full width, but mostly not), and anyway the new one is a TFT flatscreen.  Mmmmmmm.  17" again - I'd actually almost decided I wanted a 19" after all, but it's probably better for my bank balance (alright, the remains of my inheritance from Dad) that M went for this one - which after all is the one I chose the last he'd heard of it.

However, since he hadn't told me he'd ordered them already (we had said that he'd do the order last weekend, but he didn't mention it so I thought he'd forgotten), I'm completely unprepared!  So now I have to go and back up... well, not everything because most of my documents and stuff are on D, and we're only going to reformat C.  Program settings, mainly.  But I have to make a list of vital stuff, and .... so on.  Also, I think I will back up a good chunk of my My Docs folder, just in case.  Huh, I'd better find my Windows CD, hadn't I?  Hope it's in the box I think it's in....

Anyhow, I'll be computerless and offline for at least a day, possibly more if there are complications.  I hope there won't be, but you never know!  But I'm tired, so I'm going to bed now, and I'll sort out all this tomorrow: M isn't coming over til after uni, and he's there til 4pm.  Just in case though, TTFN and see you on the other side!
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(Because I am nothing if not creative and non-literal in my subject lines.  And matching post icons. Yup.)

So, if yesterday was getting it all off my chest, I've decided that today shall be about the nice shiny things.

  • OK!  There might still be some work to be done, but I'm getting to move into a newly refurbished flat that has new kitchen and bathroom suites, new double glazing, new boiler and central heating, new door entry system, new fire / smoke alarms, is newly carpeted and painted, and is generally all pretty damn new.  Other than being in a converted Victorian house, of course! *g*

  • Plus, the communal areas (that's the hall & front door, to you and me) are also being refurbished.  Hoorah!

  • I spoke to my lovelynice phone company, and yes, no problem, they're going to keep my phone line running to my old flat until 9th Jan so that I can run the extension lead to the new one (as I am doing now, in fact, in this temp flat), thus giving me an uninterrupted phone service.  Well, maybe there will be an hour or two, but you get the point.  I shan't be phone-less!  Broadband isn't quite that simple - I'm not going to go into that because it doesn't fall under the category of 'yay' - but I will have it for a few more days before the changeover period kicks in.  But I'll still have dial-up (this reminds me of my brother staring at the back of my 'puter the other day, looking like nothing so much as an archaeologist who's just unearthed something old, slightly unexpected, but interesting, and saying "you still have a dial-up modem in there??"  Yes, M, and it's for emergencies just like this!) so yay to that!

  • Char got us tickets for Wicked! next Thursday for my Christmas pressie.  Wheeeee!!

  • And speaking of Christmas pressies:  From the gorgeous desktop wallpaper [ profile] legoline made me, to the Real Actual Stuff [ profile] urbanfae sent (my Mum has it to wrap - wheee, surprises!), I'm chuffed beyond words about everything I've received. *beams*  And now the even more fun part (no, I'm not being sarcastic) - the getting of pressies for everyone else.  I have a couple of things for you guys, and I've got most of the rest of my things for the local friends and family.  What I don't have yet, I have planned.  *bounce*

  • My hair colour.  I still have plans for it, but a nurse at the hospital on Wednesday actually came in to the room to tell me she loved it, and ask where / how it was done (DIY "LIVE colour", love!) and then on Friday, while I was down town browsing in a Shop of Awesome Tat, a little old lady accidentally stroked my hair because she was going along stroking all the things on the clothing rails that she thought looked pretty.  And, um, mistook me for something that was for sale? O.o  To be fair, I had my back to her, and my hair was loose and therefore covering most of my back.  However, she then went "Oh! Oh, sorry, I didn't realise you were... but isn't it pretty?" And stroked my hair some more.  LOL!

  • SGA.  I just have so much love right now, and I'm very very happy in my fannish bubble.  (Can't touch this (breakitdown)).  And other assorted fandoms, of course - Torchwood, Who and LoM, I'm looking at you.  You're cracked in the head (like me), and I love you.

  • The Thing wot I'm doing with liek_omg_Sann.  Oh, we're having fun.  (We are having fun, right? *g*)

  • Knitting!  I'm making a little jumper at the moment, and I'm on course to get it all done in time for Christmas, along with a couple of other things.  I really do love physically creating things - I mean, I love designing websites, and writing, and singing and playing instruments and all that other "creative" stuff.  But I'm ending up with a physical object here that I can give to someone and have them know that I put time and effort and thought into it.  Or, you know, I can make something for myself and have that kind of satisfaction.  Also, I can do it while I'm watching TV (or other media).  Double bonus!!

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Nabbing this from Ms [ profile] megolas.  Because I can!  And also because I was sort of curious to see how many months this year I did actually post.  Anyway, it's the first line of the first post in each month this year, with the actual day of the month and occasional notes in italics.  Oh, and some of these are actually flocked, but I've not discounted them for that.

Here goes )

So that was my year, of sorts.  I actually thought before I started that I had only posted in about 6 months - probably cos I've had a few periods of 6 weeks or so of no posting, but those have fallen so that I've posted towards the start of one month and then the end of the next, so there was only actually June when I posted nothing at all.  But because it got me curious, I've just counted, and I've made 86 (or 87, including this one) posts in total so far this year.  And if I keep going for the rest of the month like I have the last couple of days, I'll probably average out at two a week over the year.

And now I shall bore you with some stats, because like I said, I got curious:
Date created:        2001-12-14 13:35:03
Journal entries:        825
Comments:        Posted: 6,925 - Received: 4,802

I always forget it was that long ago that I set this up.  I tend to have a vague notion in my head that it was a couple of years ago, even though obviously time is doing that thing it does.  And moving, while the 'setting up LJ' event stays in the same place.  I need to go back and tag my old entries, you know.  In fact, I need to sort out my tags in general.  Er, where need = geeky obsessive wish.  Or something.
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(forgot to actually post this yesterday, d'oh!)

  • Sorted out the rubbish for putting outside and cleaned the kitchen bin (wow, exciting)

  • Edited fic some more... nearly there now, I think!

  • Received box of inexplicable size with computer bits in it (see below)

  • Generally faffed about, apparently.  Ooops

So, I got the bits for my computer that I'd ordered.  Namely, a new harddrive (80Gb), a 4 port USB hub (about the size of the palm of my hand), a pen drive (v ickle), a spare USB cable so I can hook my printer up without having to go via the dinosaur of a scanner, and a spindle of 100 blank CDs.  photographic evidence )
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Well, actually, I've been to Brough (which is about 10 miles from Hull, so near enough that I can justify that subject line) to visit Hannah and Craig, meet Scott, and see how well Craig, Scott and I can work together.  And the answer seems to be: pretty well.  So we did a day's work on Tuesday, and they have more for me to do next week as well.  With more in the future if all goes according to plan.  Hoorah!  Most of what I did on Tuesday was a design for their site, which at the moment is more of a holding page.  So we made it shiny, and validated, and DDA compliant.  Mmmmmmm.  It should be going up sometime soon.

I travelled up by train, and just to make the journey that bit more fun, I had problems with the St Leonards - London leg, both ways.  Bloody trains )  The Hull Trains service was lovely, though - they have even newer trains than before, with little stylised Humber Bridges on the seat covers, and plug sockets by all the seats for your laptop or phone.  Sweet.

But anyway, work = good.  And if I can keep my head from imploding on me, I should be able to build up to doing enough work to support myself.  Which would be nice.
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Just been to see Guys & Dolls. Orlando Bloom was only there too. Within 10ft of us. Wtfbbq!1 etc. Huh.
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My Palm (Charlie, the M515) after having behaved perfectly for the more than 18 months since me buying him second-hand from eBay, might be going a bit kaput. The screen isn't responding a lot of the time. I've tried soft and hard rebooting, but that doesn't do the trick. And no, it's not that the screen protector or stylus needs replacing either. I'm pretty sure it is the screen itself, since he works perfectly well when plugged into the keyboard. Bah.

But, on the offchance, I thought I'd see if any of you happen to know anything about this sort of stuff. Is the poor thing on his last legs, or might there be anything I can do? Other than the horrendous expense of whatever want to do to fix it. Would I be better off getting a new one? Any suggestions at all? Heeeelp?
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Dude. Huh. Just walked past (notquite)Draco Malfoy doing strange and mysterious things with six-foot high giant rolls of bubblewrap. He was wearing a white lab coat. How very surreal....

Also, I'm on a strange high generated by having validated a great big complicated site to XHMTL 1.0 Strict. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!




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