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Originally, I made the title of this post “Cardicisions”, which looked like I was trying to choose a vehicle, and then “Cardecisions”, which looked like I don’t know what.  So in the end I decided to discard all unclever word mushing and be a little more clear.  There!  Aren’t you glad?

The point of all this is, I’m trying to decide on a cardigan to knit – I just lost my favourite one (shop bought, never fear, but still!), and even though it was a very plain v-neck raglan in fine yarn, I’ve decided to knit a replacement rather than buy one.  Needless, I hope, to say, I won’t be knitting a direct replica!  I have:

  1. A kilo of black 100% wool DK. I’m not sure what the yardage is, but I would hope it’ll work out to “plenty”.
  2. Rowan #40. There are also lots of free patterns on Rav, but I’d like to actually make something from a mag I’ve paid out money for!
  3. a size 18-20 upper bod (so don’t want anything that’ll make me look even chunkier!).

Unless anyone knows any free DK-weight patterns that are knit in one piece1 and have some kind of interest to the fabric2, I’ve narrowed my choices to either Lichen3, Sadie4, or Autumn Leaves without the applique leaves, because, wtf?!  Orrr, there’s Celtic, but my Mum thinks it needs the tweedy type yarn and the cables would be lost in plain black.  Opinions?  I also completely adore Juno, but I’m not sure if it’d suit my body shape, and hadn’t been planning on making a fitted cardi this time. Maybe one day!

Anyway, because I’m indecisive as ever, it’s poll time! (Or leave a comment, etc etc).  I’m actually going to crosspost this entry to LJ and DW (I know!  Crossposting twice in as many days!  What is the world coming to?) so if you’re reading this there, you’ll have to come over to my blog to vote in the poll.  Should you want to, of course.  Participation entirely voluntary, refunds cannot be guaranteed.

Which cardigan shall I knit?

[Vote in the poll on the blog, ta!]

All opinions much appreciated.  I’ve got other knitting to finish, so I won’t be casting on straight away (probably).  So I might even see if I can get this into the sidebar so it’s showing up for a few days.

ETA 7/11 – Eeeek! The lovely [personal profile] noxie has let me know that non Ravelry members can’t see those links.  Sorry about that – I thought the pattern info pages were open to all.  So I’ve added photos of the various cardigans.

1 Because if I’m going to knit something from elsewhere then I want it to be for a really good reason.  Like no seaming!  Mmm, seamless construction…
Like I said, not a plain replica. I don’t want to pass out from boredom while knitting. Some kind of cables or texture.
All over cables might end up rather bulky, of course. I suppose I could always knit a (dun-dun-duuuuuh) swatch?
Maybe a bit lacy for the winter though? On the other hand, bound to be a faster knit…

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I know, I know, I haven't posted here for a miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillion years. I've been mentally stuck trying to decide whether DW or LJ should be my primary journal (or whether I should just crosspost everything). I have been posting on the blog at though. I haven't been crossposting from the blog to DW & LJ, obviously, but there is now a feed account on DW ([syndicated profile] loopylou_feed ) as well as the one on LJ ([ profile] loopylou_co_uk ). So just in case you want to read my blogging adventures, which are about things like knitting, spinning, bipolar disorder, and general life ramblings, then... well, there are many ways to do so. Or, I don't know, should I just crosspost directly to this journal after all? I've always felt like I should keep the two separate, but maybe that's a hangover from when I worked in an office? Hmm. Opinions welcome! Heh, if there's even anyone still reading this thing.

What I've been thinking of using this journal* for is more fandom-y stuff. And I'm afraid that means the stuff that I'm watching, so if there are people reading, I give fair warning: I'll quite likely be whiffling on about Sparklytrictly Come Dancing and Holby / Casualty and Merlin and Sherlock (still) and Dr Who and whatever else may catch my fancy. Also, I want to actually write up the book reviews that are in my head. Shall I put them here or on the blog? I don't know. Maybe that's something that works for both. As for which is my main journal between DW and LJ, well, my subscription has run out on DW, and I still have the big flist on LJ, but DW is nicer... I'll decide another time.

At the moment I am doing NaBloPoMo over on my blog, so I don't know if / when I'll be posting here again. But I really really am going to try. I miss being in touch with my flist! Although talking of that, I think I may need to chop it down quite a lot so that I can actually keep up with the reading. Sometimes I wonder how I used to manage. Oh yes, that's right: I signed up for LJ a decade ago. I was young. That explains it all!

* These journals: I'd be crossposting, assuming posting to DW from SeMagic will do that, because posting in the web editor on DW is driving me MAD(der). This is my fourth attempt today, and it's not like it's a problem with the editor itself. I just keep accidentally losing the bleeping thing. Don't ask. Anyway, I need to post from a non-web interface.

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Testing the Live+Press WordPress to Livejournal crossposter

Once again, this post may be deleted. Or may not! Oh, the suspense of it.

Originally published at Enchilada Sunrise.

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I've been so rubbish at posting recently.  As in, for the past several months - I've been managing about a post a month on average.  Oops!  Perhaps I should have a Post Every Day Week.  I'm sure it's about the right time of year again.  Let me check.... (*checks*).  Aha, yup!  Near enough.  You know, I think I'm going to try it!

Meme blurb:
Are you a sporadic poster? Do you let the gaps between posts get so long that you suddenly feel the pressure to write something unbelievably witty and/or entertaining when you do post? Do you enjoy getting comments when you post, and feel secretly kind of jealous of the people who get comments left for them every! day!? Do you feel liekyes, the internet really could do with more information on the minutiae of my life?

Then Post Every Day Week is for you! Post meaningful, insightful, philosophical comments. If you want. Post random pieces of fic you thought up in your sleep ("What if I wrote a Hetty Wainthropp/Doctor Who crossover where Geoffrey and Rose swapped places?"). Post about what you had for breakfast (Toast. Toast. Toast again.). But just post, you non-posting losers! (Myself included).

Yay!  (Who wants to join me?)

I have been posting on and off on my blog, and I think I forgot to mention over here, I've been doing Project 365.  You know, that thing where you take a photo a day, every day for a year.  Or you post a photo a day.  My Mum keeps arguing that I've taken more than one photo per day when I show them to her on the camera. *headdesk*  Yes, well, sometimes I put up more than the one per day as well, so nyah.  I've never claimed to be able to make decisions!  Anyhoo, if you're interested in seeing my pics, they're on the blog, under the Project 365 category funnily enough.  However, I'm incredibly behind in posting those since I put great long explanations on them and also I was internetless for a  while and I just haven't caught up.  Soooo, I've also been posting on a Flickr account.  Not that that's completely up to date either.  See?  I fail!  So, let's see if I can kick myself back into gear, shall we?


Nov. 18th, 2007 05:40 pm
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I've been quiet, haven't I?  That's because I've pretty much decamped to my blog (also available on [ profile] loopylou_co_uk, *ka-ching!*), posting-wise.  I am still reading here a bit, though not as much as I mean to.  But I thought I'd just drop a quick post in to say where I am.  I'll probably still post here from time to time, if I have something especially fannish, or something that needs a friends-lock, to say.

I might actually be offline for a bit soon as well.  Don't know yet.  We'll see....


Jul. 29th, 2007 01:32 am
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I have new hair.  Or specifically, newly coloured hair.  In a gorgeous aubergine shade that makes my pale pink and electric purple extensions look fantastic.  Whee!

Also, I hear that teh internets broke the other day because someone pulled the plug out.  Or their rabbit ate through the wire, or something.  I must confess that I totally didn't notice, because I was on Ravelry, which wasn't affected by the outage.  Do I lose at LJ now?

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyhow, back to the Blogathoning.  I'm about to post a Doctor Who ficlet on [ profile] fandom_helps, and I've also just made a looooong post on my blog talking about bipolar disorder and why I'm blogging for MDF.  Just in case you're interested ;-)

Dear LJ...

Jun. 29th, 2007 11:11 am
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Where are my comment notification emails?  Where are they???  *grabs and shakes to see if they might topple out onto the floor*

..... nope.



In other news:  mmmmm, cashews.  Mmmmmm :-)
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Hmm... so, the other day I finally got around to signing up for a Flickr account.  Not so I can have an online photo album, because I already have one of those at my personal site, but pretty much so that I can post pics directly from my camera phone to this LJ.  Therefore, once I'd done all the setting up and so on, I sent a test picture.  And, nope.  No sign of it yet either on Flickr (I assume it should also show in my album there?) or as a post here.

Question is, is it a Flickr thing, or is it something with my O2 emailing do-whatsit?  Because the last time I tried emailing a pic from my phone to my own usual email address, it took days to arrive.  Never had done before, but maybe.... they hate me because I have an old-ish phone?  Or something?  Or don't pay them much?

I spose I could try mailing a pic directly to Flickr.  I'm sure I had the right email address, though maybe I should double check it again just in case.  Anybody got any other ideas about what it could be, or what I might need to do?
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Just in case anybody's interested, I've started using my old blog again.  Mainly it's going to serve as my knitting blog; there might also be some stuff about being bipolar and how knitting has been useful there - less immediate and personal bipolar-related entries than this journal gets, if you see what I mean.  More along the lines of poncey essays ;-)  But probably not much of that.  As well as all the knitty stuff, I'm hoping to get some book reviews (knitting related and fiction reading) and music reviews done.  Perhaps some podcast ones.  We shall see.

I'll probably continue to mention knitting - certainly anything fandom related - from time to time here, but if you want details and, ooo, pictures, the blog is the place to be.  And just in case you can't be arsed to make that extra click (why should you?), there's an LJ feed so you can keep an eye on it from your flist here: [ profile] loopylou_co_uk.  Isn't that handy?
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  1. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh, hayfever.

  2. On Saturday evening, my Mum tripped over the ironing board (which was in exactly the same place it's been at any time during at least the last 30 years, whenever there's been ironing to be done), and landed on her face on the kitchen floor.  .......Ouch.  My brother and his girlfriend were actually in the kitchen at the time, but didn't have time to catch her, obviously.  They all spent the evening in A&E.  Luckily, her nose isn't broken, just badly bruised and stuff.  Because she was wearing her glasses when she fell, they got jammed back onto her face, so now she has two black eyes and nasty bruises across the bridge of her nose.  M says the swelling has gone down when I saw it yesterday to what it had been on Saturday, but of course now the bruise colouring is showing more.  Trouble is, of course, she can't wear her glasses without it hurting, but if she doesn't wear them, she can't see.  D'oh!  I took her a gel eye-mask thingie I have that you put in the fridge (it helped, which is good), so now she has a choice of looking like a panda or a highwayman.  Yay!

  3. So, earthquake, huh?  We're too far away to have felt owt, but M's girlfriend's family did (E was on the bus on the way over here, so missed it herself.)  Apparently their experience of it went something like this:
    Earth: *quakes*
    E's House: *is shaken*
    E's Mum: *is freaked out*  What was that? *runs downstairs*
    E's sister: *runs out of her room*  OMG, Mum, did you feel that?  What was it?
    E's Mum: I don't know!  E's Dad, what do you think it was?
    E's Dad: What? *oblivious*  Hey, the power's gone down.  Did something happen?

    Not sure if my aunt in Dymchurch was bothered by it.  I spose she'd have told us if she was.  Er.  Or if her dog was, more likely.

  4. Last weekend was my Mum's birthday.  And a good time was had by all!  Not that we did much - mainly just familial hanging out and watching telleh.  On Monday, which was her actual birthday, my brother was busy in the evening - he had a lecture - so I went over and had dinner with Mum, and then when M got back we all watched Miss Potter.  Which reminded me a lot of Neverland, and was generally a very Mum kind of film.

  5. Not that Mum's is the only birthday around this time of year.  Did I mention that I embarrassed myself (well, sort of) by wishing one of my best friends Happy Birthday a month early?  That has to be a first for me!  And now it's given me time to work on her present, hoorah!  However, I'm more usually kind of crap and late at the birthday wishes thing, especially when it's like now and I'm behind on LJ and all that.  So, a big, if belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the lovely and gorgeous [ profile] dioxin, [ profile] arithil and [ profile] lunamorgan.  *mwah!*

  6. And then there's anniversaries.  Maybe only two people on my flist know what I'm talking about with this ([ profile] megolas is t'other one) but last Friday the 27th was mine and liek_omg_Noxie's "hobbandish" anniversary.  Wheeee!  I can't believe that was five whole years ago. :-)  Mind you, it's amazing to think that there are a good number of people on my flist that I've considered friends for a good nine years (Noxie and Megs included, of course).  Yay fandom.  Yay internets!

  7. I've been generally somewhat LJ-absent for the last little while, as you may or may not have noticed.  I've been sporadically on and off, but only reading a small filter mostly.  So I'm not going to get to catch up on my flist, much as I'd like to.  Please do tell me if there's something I should go check out on your journal, though - anything important, or fun, or that I might want to see.  I will be making a start on catching up with the old LJ comments, though, so don't be surprised when you suddenly get a reply to something from weeks ago.

  8. I came across this post called Six tips for tackling a dreaded task, which in my overwhelming procrastinate-iness seemed like a good thing to check out.  And yup, it's a good one.  Particularly, the doing a regular task every day.  It's made me think that maybe I should change the exercise thing to daily, so I either go to a class or the gym every day of the week (except Sunday when I physically can't for lack of transport - which is annoying cos there's a class I'd really like to do on Sunday mornings!).  And also, I want to post here more often... so I'm going to make this the start of my own personal Post Every Day Week!  (Which will then hopefully translate into post every day for pretty much ever)  I didn't get a chance to join in when [ profile] lazlet did this a little while back, but I had fun with it when [ profile] badgermonkey first came up with the idea.

    So, I think I'll go for it again.  Anybody want to join me?  Feel free!  (Tell me if you are, and we can egg each other on *g*)  The 'ethos' of the thing is in that post I've linked just above, but if you can't be bothered to click, then really, it's just what it says on the tin.  Post something, anything, every day for a week.  Grab the icon for it (credit to [ profile] badgermonkey) if you like.  Or don't.  Just post!

    Also, I'm going to try and spend more time (any time at all will be an improvement!) on the blog.  It needs a bit of prodding as well as some actual posting.  And I want to update LibraryThing so I can put the widget in the sidebar.  Plus, I've signed up for Bookmooch and LastFM, so there's time to be spent on those.  Huh, did I say I was going to go to the gym every day as well?  I've got to get organised.  But then again, that is the overall plan!
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Hee - found this via liek_omg_Sann (and god forbid I should let a meme pass me by!) - leave an imaginary virtual gift in my stocking )

In other news, don't forget to leave me your address for Christmas card sending.  And if you haven't done so yet, yes, I really do want yours.  Especially if you're thinking "oh, she's got my address already", because all that means is that I'm sitting here kicking myself and wishing I'd realised I was going to need my address book before I packed it in some inaccessible and anonymous box two months ago!  I can start naming names, you know... ;-)

I have this whole pile of Christmas cards and no-one [/exaggeration] to send them to!  You don't want me to waste them, do you? [Or put them away til next year *cough*]  I'm sitting here with my pen poised!  Willing to write them all day if it means I can put off having to actually go to the Post Office in this crappy weather today! ;-)  Give me something to dooooo! [Is the unsubtle and kind of stupid attempt at guilt tripping working?  Is it, is it, huh?]

Go on, just fill out the poll, and.... I'll shut up about it!  There's something worth aiming for. *nod*
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Nabbing this from Ms [ profile] megolas.  Because I can!  And also because I was sort of curious to see how many months this year I did actually post.  Anyway, it's the first line of the first post in each month this year, with the actual day of the month and occasional notes in italics.  Oh, and some of these are actually flocked, but I've not discounted them for that.

Here goes )

So that was my year, of sorts.  I actually thought before I started that I had only posted in about 6 months - probably cos I've had a few periods of 6 weeks or so of no posting, but those have fallen so that I've posted towards the start of one month and then the end of the next, so there was only actually June when I posted nothing at all.  But because it got me curious, I've just counted, and I've made 86 (or 87, including this one) posts in total so far this year.  And if I keep going for the rest of the month like I have the last couple of days, I'll probably average out at two a week over the year.

And now I shall bore you with some stats, because like I said, I got curious:
Date created:        2001-12-14 13:35:03
Journal entries:        825
Comments:        Posted: 6,925 - Received: 4,802

I always forget it was that long ago that I set this up.  I tend to have a vague notion in my head that it was a couple of years ago, even though obviously time is doing that thing it does.  And moving, while the 'setting up LJ' event stays in the same place.  I need to go back and tag my old entries, you know.  In fact, I need to sort out my tags in general.  Er, where need = geeky obsessive wish.  Or something.


Apr. 26th, 2006 03:47 pm
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Right now, my mail will not check (cannot connect to server), and I'm getting connection time-outs for any website I try.

....Except LJ.  LJ, I can get to fine (except for anything that involves loading from a remote server that-is-not-LJ - custom mood icons, for eg.).


*trundles off to reboot modem*
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If you write, or have written fanfic, go and help the lovely [ profile] megolas out with her dissertation by answering a questionnaire for her.  Doesn't take long, and you can find out a bit more about it in her post.

Go on, you know you want to!

New Fic LJ

Mar. 24th, 2006 06:41 am
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You're probably going to wonder what the point of this is, since I haven't written anything (that anyone much has seen) for so long.  Buuuut, I have a new LJ for my fanfic: [ profile] soulstarsinger.  This is to replace the old one because I wanted to change the journal name, but wasn't going to pay to transfer it over since it's a free account in the first place.

I've also revamped my fic site, so it now uses eFiction.  Um, because I wanted to.  I'm sure it's not remotely more practical in the long run or anything.  But it's fun to play with. :-)  Anyway, it has a new design as well.  Shiny.  Well, sort of.

So there you have it: new lj, new site design, and new fic to come.  In fact, I should probably post the one fic that I have finished in the last year or so.  Yeah, I'll do that.


Feb. 18th, 2006 02:38 pm
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Today I'm going back through the hundreds of comments that I'd been meaning to reply to but, er, hadn't.  So if you get an answer to something from months ago, that's why.

I know, I'm teh suck and can't time-manage to save my life.  But that's why you love me, right?

El Flist

Dec. 10th, 2005 12:51 am
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So, I'm back online after aaaaaaaaaages. And my friends-list is just horribly daunting, volume-wise. I mean, I'm not even going to try to catch up, but after a couple of days of trying, I find I can't *keep* up with it as it is. Bah. Which means I've decided to cut it down to a more managable size. So, sorry if I offend or upset anyone, but it's either that or reading only a small filter of LJs. Wouldn't you rather know if I've buggered off and stopped reading yours? But just in case, here is a poll:

[Poll #630684]

Meh, I don't really want to do this. But I do need to - it's either chop the flist, or hide under the desk and never come out again. Erm. Yes.


Jun. 27th, 2004 10:25 pm
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Well, the great flist cull is done for now.  *sigh*  I took any writing journals and that sort of thing off, as well, but I'm going to add them as friends on my writing LJ ([ profile] souldo) if they aren't there already.  Felt like the best way to 'manage' things.

If I've upset anyone, tell me!

And actually, since I'm here and have been doing this, let's declare this an unfriending amnesty day: if you're fed up with me and have just been keeping me on your flist because of not wanting to offend / sheer laziness / whatever.... go ahead and defriend me, no questions asked, no recriminations.  Of course, if you routinely skip my posts, you won't be reading this anyway.  Heh. ;-)
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I've decided: it's time.  I need to spend more time on non-LJ things... I have my coursework to do for my music diploma & degree, I'm now beta-ing (wheee!) the fabulous [ profile] ptyx's new fic (mwahahah, [ profile] ptyx is my slave, she said so! *eg*), I have stuff to sort out for my house move in August-ish, and I also have scarves and things to knit.  The reason I haven't opened my HP scarf site yet, btw, is because I've been working on commissions from my local costume hire shop.  But I'm nearly done with those, so it should be live soon, if anyone's still interested!

So anyway, the point is, I'm spending far too many hours a day gazing at LJ.  Not that that's a bad thing, but I'm not the world's best person at motivating myself away from the computer.  So I'm having to learn to be ruthless with myself.  Which means, I'm going to cut my friends list. :-(  I've been putting off doing it for some time, cos I don't want to lose anyone, but... it's just got to the point where it has to be done!  So, I shall stop waffling about it now, and go and get on with the deed itself.

If I de-friend you, please don't be offended - it's nothing personal.  I think I'm probably going to have to go with the people who I don't know so well, or don't really communicate with much.  If you want to de-friend me in return, fair enough.  If you don't want to, well, most of my posts are public now anyhow, so there won't be much difference there.  Hopefully, I'll be able to build my list back up again later in the year.  TTFN!


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