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Looking at all this in one go, I may have gone a tiny bit loopy... but recently I've been signing up to stuff.  And making commitments, and all that kind of thing.  Which I am going to follow through on, yes I am!  Because, hoorah, I'm feeling sufficiently better.
  1. Blogathon '07, which is taking place on 28th-29th July.  I'm going to be taking part in it over on my other blog, mainly because I'm going to be doing a knitting-y theme for the most part.  More details are over here, including what you'll get if you're kind enough to sponsor me.  The charity I'm blogging for is MDF (Manic Depression Fellowship) The Bipolar Organisation - it's something that's obviously near to my heart (or, um, brayne) and I'd like to support them with more than the piddly membership fee that I pay annually.  So, sponsor me kplzthx?  I'll love you lots, and stuff.

  2. In addition to my own blogging, I've signed up to be part of the [ profile] fandom_helps group blog.  So if you fancy doing some fandom-related blogathoning and/or you don't think you can manage the entire 24-hours yourself, come join us!  The more the merrier!!

  3. I've signed up for the [ profile] brit_knits Stash Swap, and SP11 - yay yarn (and other knitting related stuuuuuff) swapping!  Although, I haven't had my stash swap details from [ profile] miss_bell yet, and I think I should have... unless she's just running a bit behind.  Don't want to pester her, but I think I'll drop her a mail if I haven't heard anything in the next few days.  I really do want to clear a few things out of my stash that I'm never going to use - nice yarn, but stuff that I bought in a fit of "ooo, on sale!" with no real idea of what I was going to do with it.  D'oh!

  4. I've rejoined the gym, and paid for a year in advance.  This works out cheaper overall, and means that... I have a year's membership!  So now I can go to all the classes I want (with Ally, or on my own) and I also plan to start swimming again, and go back to working out in the gym proper.  Because I'm feeling a lot better in my head, so I want to feel better in my bod as well.

  5. In the same vein, I joined Slimming World last week.  I've sort of tried to do the healthy eating thing, but I've been utterly rubbish at it without any outside motivation and structure.  I asked the doctor for help, but they just gave me the sort of advice that I already knew, and just wasn't acting on.  So, I shall now be going to this weekly group, and I have a target and everything.  Plus, I really like their food optimising thingy.  I've been doing well on it so far, and I think I can stick to it: already, I don't fancy the sort of food I was scoffing randomly beforehand.  No more crisps and chocolate and Pepsi all the time.  Except, I can have that stuff if I really want, only I have to record and count it... and that's seeming to make the difference for me.  Well, we shall see tomorrow if I've lost any weight.  Fingers crossed!  I think I'm either going to have a weight / fitness stuff filter, or I'm going to use another LJ I have for all those things.  Not quite decided yet.  *ponders*  Is anyone actually interested in following along?

  6. And finally, since my head is doing better, my doctor has told me I can start doing wrrk again!  Part time, and taking it carefully so I don't over-do things and knock myself back again (*sigh*).  So I called Fiona, and it looks like she might have something for me.  Yay!  This means I have to arrange stuff with the Incapacity Benefits people (there's this thing called Permitted Work you sign up to) and with Housing Benefit and so on.  Which is a pain in the arse of a procedure, but necessary.  Still, work = good! :-)

Aaaaaaaaaaaand that's about it.  For now.
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Breakfast today: blackberry jelly on toast again!  I looooooooooooooove bramble jelly.

Today I've been largely faffing around the house, and waiting to find out about the course I'm going to be starting on tomorrow.  Well, that and restraining myself from going completely mad on Bookmooch.  Mmmmm, free books!  Not that I've got anything in my inventory still - of the two books I did put in, someone has mooched one already.  Whee!  But I'm going to dig out a whole load of braincandy guilty-pleasure reading that I don't really want to keep and put those up there too.

This evening was fun.  Ally came here straight from work to pick me up, and we then went to hers to she could get changed, and from there up to the gym for Yogalates.  My shoulders feel so much better now.  They always do after that class.  And I have a physio appointment in the morning as well, which should make me feel ever betterer! 

But anyway.  After the first class, Ally also does Boxercise, and Clara comes to that one as well.  Since there aren't any buses at that time of night, I generally sit downstairs in the café area and read or knit, and listen to music or whatever, while they're doing the class so I can get a lift home with one of them afterwards.  This time though, there was hardly anyone actually there to do the class, so I sat myself down on the floor and watched.  And giggled at A & C.  And then got my knitting out to keep myself fully occupied - I was finishing off the sock I posted about in my blog the other day.  The reaction was pretty funny - first of all the instructor noticed and couldn't believe I was sitting there peacefully knitting while they all leapt around and punched the air, and then Ally (who can't or at least doesn't knit) asked if we could swap.  Clara wanted to know if they could all knit next week (this was during a break for water and for them to catch their breath - it's a pretty intensive class), and then I had to display the sock to everyone.  Later on another member of the class who I don't know announced that she knows how to knit, so would I like to change places with her for a bit please?  And of course, you know, I would.  But I'm not sposed to do anything too "high impact" for another month or so, and I'm pretty certain that class counts!  However, it did look like a lot of fun, if utterly knackering, so I'm planning to start going to it when I'm officially all better.  After all, I'm there already, so I might as well!

In other news, I have only two tiny rounds to go, and the sock is done!  Well, two rounds and a bit of grafting.  Yay!
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  1. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh, hayfever.

  2. On Saturday evening, my Mum tripped over the ironing board (which was in exactly the same place it's been at any time during at least the last 30 years, whenever there's been ironing to be done), and landed on her face on the kitchen floor.  .......Ouch.  My brother and his girlfriend were actually in the kitchen at the time, but didn't have time to catch her, obviously.  They all spent the evening in A&E.  Luckily, her nose isn't broken, just badly bruised and stuff.  Because she was wearing her glasses when she fell, they got jammed back onto her face, so now she has two black eyes and nasty bruises across the bridge of her nose.  M says the swelling has gone down when I saw it yesterday to what it had been on Saturday, but of course now the bruise colouring is showing more.  Trouble is, of course, she can't wear her glasses without it hurting, but if she doesn't wear them, she can't see.  D'oh!  I took her a gel eye-mask thingie I have that you put in the fridge (it helped, which is good), so now she has a choice of looking like a panda or a highwayman.  Yay!

  3. So, earthquake, huh?  We're too far away to have felt owt, but M's girlfriend's family did (E was on the bus on the way over here, so missed it herself.)  Apparently their experience of it went something like this:
    Earth: *quakes*
    E's House: *is shaken*
    E's Mum: *is freaked out*  What was that? *runs downstairs*
    E's sister: *runs out of her room*  OMG, Mum, did you feel that?  What was it?
    E's Mum: I don't know!  E's Dad, what do you think it was?
    E's Dad: What? *oblivious*  Hey, the power's gone down.  Did something happen?

    Not sure if my aunt in Dymchurch was bothered by it.  I spose she'd have told us if she was.  Er.  Or if her dog was, more likely.

  4. Last weekend was my Mum's birthday.  And a good time was had by all!  Not that we did much - mainly just familial hanging out and watching telleh.  On Monday, which was her actual birthday, my brother was busy in the evening - he had a lecture - so I went over and had dinner with Mum, and then when M got back we all watched Miss Potter.  Which reminded me a lot of Neverland, and was generally a very Mum kind of film.

  5. Not that Mum's is the only birthday around this time of year.  Did I mention that I embarrassed myself (well, sort of) by wishing one of my best friends Happy Birthday a month early?  That has to be a first for me!  And now it's given me time to work on her present, hoorah!  However, I'm more usually kind of crap and late at the birthday wishes thing, especially when it's like now and I'm behind on LJ and all that.  So, a big, if belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the lovely and gorgeous [ profile] dioxin, [ profile] arithil and [ profile] lunamorgan.  *mwah!*

  6. And then there's anniversaries.  Maybe only two people on my flist know what I'm talking about with this ([ profile] megolas is t'other one) but last Friday the 27th was mine and liek_omg_Noxie's "hobbandish" anniversary.  Wheeee!  I can't believe that was five whole years ago. :-)  Mind you, it's amazing to think that there are a good number of people on my flist that I've considered friends for a good nine years (Noxie and Megs included, of course).  Yay fandom.  Yay internets!

  7. I've been generally somewhat LJ-absent for the last little while, as you may or may not have noticed.  I've been sporadically on and off, but only reading a small filter mostly.  So I'm not going to get to catch up on my flist, much as I'd like to.  Please do tell me if there's something I should go check out on your journal, though - anything important, or fun, or that I might want to see.  I will be making a start on catching up with the old LJ comments, though, so don't be surprised when you suddenly get a reply to something from weeks ago.

  8. I came across this post called Six tips for tackling a dreaded task, which in my overwhelming procrastinate-iness seemed like a good thing to check out.  And yup, it's a good one.  Particularly, the doing a regular task every day.  It's made me think that maybe I should change the exercise thing to daily, so I either go to a class or the gym every day of the week (except Sunday when I physically can't for lack of transport - which is annoying cos there's a class I'd really like to do on Sunday mornings!).  And also, I want to post here more often... so I'm going to make this the start of my own personal Post Every Day Week!  (Which will then hopefully translate into post every day for pretty much ever)  I didn't get a chance to join in when [ profile] lazlet did this a little while back, but I had fun with it when [ profile] badgermonkey first came up with the idea.

    So, I think I'll go for it again.  Anybody want to join me?  Feel free!  (Tell me if you are, and we can egg each other on *g*)  The 'ethos' of the thing is in that post I've linked just above, but if you can't be bothered to click, then really, it's just what it says on the tin.  Post something, anything, every day for a week.  Grab the icon for it (credit to [ profile] badgermonkey) if you like.  Or don't.  Just post!

    Also, I'm going to try and spend more time (any time at all will be an improvement!) on the blog.  It needs a bit of prodding as well as some actual posting.  And I want to update LibraryThing so I can put the widget in the sidebar.  Plus, I've signed up for Bookmooch and LastFM, so there's time to be spent on those.  Huh, did I say I was going to go to the gym every day as well?  I've got to get organised.  But then again, that is the overall plan!
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Hoorah, new and slightly updated copy of Windows successfully installed.  I think.  The main difficulty I had was that I couldn't get the c:\ drive to format, which was weird.  It just refused to do it, no matter which way I went about it.  (Any ideas, anyone?)  So I ended up installing over the top of my old version, which has caused some slight confusion.  On the plus side, it meant I didn't have to restore anything much.  There was lots of tedious reinstalling of programs, but I'm pretty much done now.  Phew!

Other than that, my day went something like this:

Weather: *nice, maybe even sunny*
Me: *leaves the house to walk to physio appt*
Weather: Ahahah, sucker! *rains*
Me: *arrives at physio*
Weather: *sunny again*
Me: *leaves physio to walk home*
Weather: *lets me walk for about a minute, then starts hailing. then raining.  a lot.*
Me: *indoors*
Weather: *not raining*
Me: *leaves house to walk down to the bus stop*
Weather: *waits about 10 seconds, then RAINS*
Me: *gets on bus*
Weather: *no more rain*

Clearly it's a conspiracy.  On the positive side, the physio appointment was good, and hopefully my back will be fixed fairly soon.  Which will be nice.  And it didn't rain on me when I was at my digital photography course and we were out and about taking pictures.  Which was lots of fun - all sorts of pretentious arty shots were taken... and some silly ones as well. *g*  Now all I have to do is track down which of my unpacked boxes the box for my camera is in, because inside that in turn (like Russian dolls, only way more confusing) is the USB cable.  Which I'm going to need for next week!

Creative writing was good last week, as well.  I'm getting into my new routine pretty well now, which is great.  And to my own surprise, I made it to both Yogalates with Ally on Wednesday evening, and to Pilates on Saturday.  I'd actually decided on Friday not to bother going on Sat morning, and to just have a lie in instead... and then I woke up at 8am.  Of course, the mog promptly realised I was awake, came up to my end of the bed and started pulling my hair and yowling in my ear.  *sigh*  So once I was up to give him breakfast, I figured I might as well get dressed, and before I knew it I was on the bus.  I'm glad I went - it was really good, and I also discovered that it was the last class.  They're going to be doing Yoga at that time instead in the future.  Must give Ally a ring to tell her!  And since it was a nice sunny day, I decided I couldn't be bothered to come straight home and sit on the computer all day reinstalling things, so I got off the bus early and surprised my Mum by popping in for a visit for a couple of hours.  I got fed, too, which was nice, and not at all part of my cunning plan ;-)  So yes, all in all it's going well, and I think factoring in 'days off' has been a definite good idea.  I spent all day yesterday lounging around reading actual paper books without feeling that I "ought" to be doing something else.  Hoorah!
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The Xandermog amuses me, with his little self-decided routine.  Actually, I should follow his example, and I do mean to.  Because he's very determined about the exact times he thinks certain things should take place - having his meds, having his food, when he goes outside and comes back in (and I get told off when I'm late), bed time, getting up time....  Right now, for example, is Xander-and-me-hanging-out time.  And since I have't obliged him by coming and sitting on the sofa to watch telly, he's come to the mountain )
Bless!  I feel kind of bad, though - maybe I should move his bed over here, or something.

But anyway, what I originally meant to start out by saying (before I got distracted by the furry cute thing) was a big THANK YOU and lots of love & stuff to my lovely flist who sent me greetings on Valentinr.  And for you big dorks who accidentally sent me two because you couldn't remember if you'd done it or not... don't worry, I did the exact same thing to a couple of people myself, I think.  What are we like? *g*

*several hours break during which I am mainly on the phone.  ow my ear.*

And back to the LJ entry!  This week has been partially productive.  I got the coding and graphics for Ally's online shop done, and yesterday she came over and we worked on some of the tedious backend bits, configuring the e-commerce app.  Obviously that's not all we did: we also went to Pilates first (about which there is more to tell), and when we got back we had lunch, which she'd brought with her.  We were going to have pancakes, too, but we forgot.  D'oh!  But anyway, pilates: the class itself was great, though I'm really feeling it in my back today.  I'm definitely going have to call that sports massage therapist, if not go back to the doctor if this keeps up.  The instructor is also going to check up some alternate things I can do instead of the parts that hurt.

However, the problem was, blah blah )

Other than that, I've.... been joyous about LoM? *g*  I'm sure I've been doing other things, but now it's late again and I'm sleeeeeepy.  Um?  How're you?
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It's always nice when the lovely (as in sweet and cheerful, not mmm rawr) gym instructor greets you with a friendly "Hello gorgeous!"  He then proceeded to go over my programme-thingy with me, since I hadn't been there since my car accident, recommended a girl who does sports massage (my muscles are still kind of ...tense), and checked on me several times while I was there and again when I left.  Bless!!

So yes, I've been to the gym - go me!  Now all I have to do is start actually going regularly again.  I'm going to go to Pilates tomorrow, (I will get up in time, and I will also remember how to bloody pronounce it: Pie-LAH-tees, damnit!) and perhaps I'll see if Ally or Clara want to go to the gym on Sunday (no buses, so I'd have to walk, and my willingness to do that depends hugely on the weather!).

In the meantime, I've actually accomplished quite a lot this week.  Of course, "quite a lot" for me isn't the same as it would be for a normal person, but I'm learning to adjust my perceptions about these things.  Anyway, among various other more useful and practical things, I got my hair done, and picked up my new glasses.  OK, the new glasses are practical because omg, now I can SEE!  My prescription had changed quite a lot, heh.  I took pics of the shiny new me, but since I haven't been able to track down the camera cable, I don't have them on the 'puter yet.  So, er, sometime soon.  But anyway, it's mainly burgundy with pale pink and purple extensions glued in.  Which are there for the colour, not for the making my hair longer since it's already loooong.  I also now have an actual hair style, sort of - it's in long layers with the shorter shoulder-length bits round my face and the waist-length bits at the centre of my back.

Oh hey, I can sort of show off my new glasses - they're the "Claret" ones.  Very different to my old frames!  This is apparently a good time of year to get your eyes tested, since they had a frame sale.  I couldn't even have thought about affording those otherwise.

So now that I have the new hair and glasses, and have made a move back to doing the exercise thing, I need some of that self-motivation.  I had all sorts of plans for this week, and I didn't actually accomplish as much each day as I'd planned - hence the learning to adjust my perceptions.  But I did do at least one useful thing each day, which trust me, is good!  Anyway, I need to set small goals for each day, and record what I've accomplished each day as well.  For now, I guess I'll use lj for that - maybe I'll find somewhere / something better if I decide I want to be really specific about details like what time I plan to get up and what I'm going to eat on a daily basis.  But let's start with the basics, shall we?

Therefore... )

ps - OMG, this is the best song evah, excepting the Eminem - Benny Hill mashup.  Bwahah!
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Wow, I've suddenly come over dead tired.  Like, one step from faceplanting into the keyboard tired.  Probably because I've actually been exercising my brain for a lot of the day - very unlike me!  In fact, exercise of any kind is pretty unlike me, and I've had an oddly busy week, so maybe that's it.

So let's see... I had my eye test on Monday, and got a few things done at the shops.  I've been doing various bits around the flat all week.  Tuesday... I'm sure I did something, but all I can remember right now is that I finished the front of the little jumper I'm knitting - now I have some dreaded sewing together to do before I can finish up the neckband and try to assemble it into something like a proper garment.  Hah!  Wednesday, I had an appointment with the Jobseekers "outreach" people at C. House (which is all of 30 seconds walk from my flat, so no excuses there!  Unlike the whole five minute walk to H. House, oh noes) because I've been on Incapacity benefit for bloody ages, and something about a policy change, and anyway it's voluntary for me to go and see them which it wouldn't be if I'd gone onto Incap Ben more recently.  Whatever.  The point is, they were basically checking up to see how I was doing, but not putting any pressure on.  And in fact the lady I saw has offered to make enquiries for me about local choirs, and also suggested I could do one of the free courses they offer.  Now, most of them I'm kind of more qualified to teach (future volunteer work, maybe?), but there are a couple - creative writing and digital photography - that look interesting.

Anyway, the rest of Wednesday I was stuck indoors (because I would have been so outdoorsy otherwise *snerk*) while the window fitters came and replaced some of the not-quite-right windows.  At last, I have obscured glass in the huge bathroom window.  Yay!  Then in the evening, I went to "yogalates" (bit of yoga, bit of pilates, apparently) with Ally and Clara.  Which was really good (and yes, alright, I do sometimes do exercise - don't tell anyone!), only it turned out that my gym membership, being a concessionary one, doesn't cover classes in the evenings.  D'oh!  So it cost me £4.60 - I think I shall go to the Saturday morning Pilates class instead, then, which is free on my card.

Thursday morning was taken up with the window fitters finishing the windows.  Then Mum was here Thursday afternoon and we were doing flat-sorting things.  And then today, Ally came over.  Which was lots of fun.  We made cream of mushroom soup (soooooooooooo yummy, and even healthy into the bargain since it's a low fat recipe), and worked out a load of stuff for her website.  The upshot of it is, she's going to have a separate site altogether for her online jewellery shop, because she can sell worldwide from that, and keep her existing site as more of a portfolio display site.  Gorgeous as her mirrors and glass panels are, they're not exactly easy to pop in the post, so that side of the business is necessarily more local and can be based around her physical shop with the website as a backup marketing tool.

... I think my 'work' head came back.  Huh.  I almost sounded like I know what I'm talking about just then, and that's just weird.

But I'm still dead tired.  Which isn't all that surprising, because what with being distracted by the cat and my Mum phoning (oh, did I mention?  My broadband is back!  Wooohooooo!), it's taken me about two hours to write this, and now it's definitely bed time.  Zzzzzzzzz!


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