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I'm off for the weekend tomorrow, camping with a group from C House.  It's probably going to rain, but I don't care!  I haven't been camping for years and years and I'm really looking forward to it.  I've been wanting to go for ages, but didn't know who to go with or how to get there.  This trip solves both those problems right out of the box - I think there are about 15 of us going, in fact, which in its turn means no problem getting a lift from someone.  Also, I've volunteered to be one of the 'first wave' who'll go ahead to start pitching the tents (half the fun, hello!!) and get the site ready for those who physically can't do that stuff.

We're not going far, either, which means maximum actual camping time since we have to strike camp by midday Sunday.  We're just far enough away to be away: near the beach at Norman's Bay.  No internets, and I dunno what mobile reception will be like (although I suspect it'll be fine).  Regardless, I am taking my phone (for Twitter and text and oh yeah, phone calls if need be!), fully charged.  And my Palm with travel charging leads just in case there's somewhere I can plug it in should it run down.  What, it has a ton of ebooks on!  And my mp3 player and a CD player as well.  Yes, alright.  I fail at tech-free camping, but it's not like I'm going 'proper' hiking-camping this time.  I don't have to cart the stuff around with me that far, and I'm not going to be miles from nowhere.  In fact, I'm going to be only a couple of miles away from one of my cousins' houses, but that's not the point. *g*  Taking music and books (if in e-format) and knitting is still getting away from it all in my world.  And those are only really for evenings and after 'lights-out' if I can't sleep, or if the weather is too crappy to do the other stuff we've planned.  Which is nothing strenuous: daft games, walking on the beach, art and photography and so on.  Oh my God, did I mention that I'm really looking forward to this?

It's probably partly that I haven't had a holiday for so long.  The last one I had was for the LoM con last year, but that was pretty busy.  It's was brilliant and I had the best time, but it was a full few days! :-)  And before that?  Well, I've had visitors here, which has been lovely, but I think the last time I went actually away would be when I went to Germany to visit my lovely [ profile] missnoxie and go to Ring*Con in '03.  (And then I was ill while I was there for some of the time.  Oh dear.)  So, yes.  HOLIDAY!  Camping holiday!  In my awesome purple and green dome tent!!  Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :-D
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So, I successfully did the Blogathon.  Go me!  And huuuuuuuuge thanks and hugs and all to my sponsors, among whom are [ profile] darlas_mom, [ profile] liek_omg_, [ profile] dioxin and [ profile] seeksadventure.  I raised a fabulous $199.66, or approximately £100.  Yay!

And as well as that, I even managed to write my first complete ficlet in just about forever in the course of the day.  It's a Doctor Who one, set at the end of (new) Season 3, and it's called Black, Gold and Red.  It was for [ profile] fandom_helps, so other than a read-through by [ profile] darlas_mom, it's pretty much unbeta-ed.  So if you notice anything glaringly awful.... :-)

In other exciting news, I'm going to the LoM Con organised by some of the The Railway Arms people, at the start of next month.  Wheee!  I can't wait :-D  I'm going to stay in the Manchester YHA, and then go and visit my friends in Hull for a couple of days afterwards as well.  But would you believe this - when I tried to get train tickets up to Hull last month so that I could meet [ profile] elen_ancalima and [ profile] clarey_h in York as well, the cheapest fare I could get was £90.  Ninety quid!  So funnily enough, I didn't go.  My train fare to Manchester and back?  £22.80.  Seriously, I can't even begin to comprehend how they work these things out.  Insane!
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  1. My lovely liek_omg_Noxie came to stay for a week and we did stuff like:
    • meander around the Old Town and shop and stuff;
    • have Sunday lunch with Ally, [ profile] ladymoonray and [ profile] tamaranth, then repair to the beach where Ally made me into beach art (which I am now suffering for, as I seem to have had a nasty allergic reaction to the feathers she stuck in my sandals, oops) and then go see PotC3 of which I will probably burble more in another post (in short: awesome! but also with the bitter-sweet.);
    • go to Brighton and shop in the Lanes;
    • go to the fabulous Tokio Hotel gig at the Islington Carling Academy which rocked like a very rocking rock gig with added hot boys, hoorah!;
    • watch Doctor Who (see below) and Holby Blue (police boyfriends!) and Life on Mars (the police boyfriends OTP!), but miss Dalziel and Pascoe (original police boyfriends!), oops;
    and all in all it was a very fast paced week!

  2. Doctor Who OMG *FLAIL* ahdfjshgasigfjhsklfjsdakljf!!!!!!!!!!!!ELEVENTY!!!!!!!!! etc etc etc and so on.  Seriously, hgfusjhfioasjfiodsj.  Can be no more coherent.  Except, oh yeah: *LOVELOVELOVE*.  Also, GUH.  (Possibly more on this to come if I can string something together without my brain shorting out.)

  3. I really want to write fic now.  A lot.  I have thoughts / bunnies tumbling around my head for LoM, PotC and now DW.  But no time to sit and write, waaah!  Unless I try in the back of the car tomorrow and Tuesday.  But I've also been having that problem where I have the ideas, but getting them out of my head and down into story form is just hard.  Bad brain, behave better. 

  4. There is no number 4 (those from the beach on Sunday should know what that means) *g*

  5. My insurance thingy from the car accident back in December has been settled (the person who hit me and the other car is, amazingly, officially fully responsible) so I should be getting the payment through soon.  This is a big relief, cos it means I'll be able to pay the rent I owe, and so on.  Debt cancellation = yay.

  6. My aunt Mary died.  She was one of my Dad's older sisters, one of the mad Irish twins, the one he was closest to.  She had cancer, we knew it was coming fairly soon, but then it happened even more quickly than expected.  Her heart gave way, having been weakened by a slight stroke from a while ago.  To be honest, that was probably the best thing, because the cancer was pretty horrible and painful for her.  She went peacefully, and even though I'll miss her and I wish I could have seen or at least spoken to her again, I love her and I'm glad of that.  So I'm going to try to remember her as she was: a wonderfully eccentric and energetic lady.  And here's a photo of me and her at Christmas a few years ago, with her dogs Holly (curled up on the sofa) and Flame (the noble-looking but-really-naughty one *g*) cut because it's huuuuuge )
    She doesn't look 80-ish, does she?  Not that any of Dad's family have ever looked or acted their ages.  Hee :-)  So yes.  It's that spirit of... mischievousness that I want to remember.  And preferably keep alive.  It seems to run in the family anyway, and I think that's mostly a good thing.

  7. However, funerals, particularly since Dad's, make me cry my eyes out.  So I'm probably going to be in a bit of a state for the actual event.  :-/  I hate that.  I don't want to upset my poor cousin Ray even more with my own over-emotionalism.  Bottling it up's no good either, though.  Ah well, I expect I'll be OK.

  8. On the other hand, part of me is looking forward to seeing my cousins and my aunt Gladys again.  I wish we all lived a bit nearer each other and could get together more often.  The last few years, it's only been for 'family event' type things.  Still, at least Ray is moving back down here soon.  That'll be good.

  9. So tomorrow me, Mum and Martin are off up to Blackpool for the funeral on Tuesday morning.  Since I can't drive (I've been de-licensed due to my meds) I'm relegated to the back seat of the car, in charge of foodstuffs, knitting, reading pr0n the map if the non-driver wants a break, and (possibly) writing fic, while M and Mum do the driving.  Mostly M, or we won't be there for a week, as Mum hasn't driven any further than Eastbourne (about 20 miles max) since she started driving again, and is a bit intimidated by the thought of motorways and lorries.  This means she'll likely be going at 40mph in the slow lane... at which point I'll be laying down in the back seat and pretending not to be there at all ;-)  No, I'm sure she won't be that bad... she has no probs with going at 60 along the relevant bits of road to Battle and Eastbourne.  Anyway, the point is, going now, back Tuesday evening.

  10. TTFN.  *waves*

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So, being me, I got my broadband back, then the next day decided to make a visit to Ms Charlotte.... where I caught a rotten cold.  Which of course turned out to the the cold that Just Wouldn't Leave.  And since I can stub my *toe* and have it go to my throat, I've only just got my voice (mostly) back in the last day or two.  Well, I spose I was about due - and it's not like I don't have the time to relax and recuperate, after all.  Anyway, that's where I've been.  How're you all?

Obviously it hasn't all been laying around feeling crap.  I had the next (3rd) disc of Alias S1 from Lovefilm, so I've watched that.  I've also been enjoying Torchwood and The State Within, and sparkly sparkly Strictly Come Dancing.  And while I've been sitting square-eyed, I've also been knitting away. Currently otn is a little jumper that I'm making as a Christmas pressie.  So yay me, I haven't been completely unproductive.

Um.  You know, I'm sure there was something else I meant to say.  Er.  My brain is so disorganised recently.  Positively unravelled.  Must reel it back in again!  Actually, maybe that was it - must get myself all sorted.  And to start that off, I'm thinking of seeing if I can afford to give myself a bit of a treat.  Have my hair done, maybe get a manicure or something.  But mainly I want to get my hair tarted up.  Right now, it's pretty long (about 2/3 of the way down my back) and all one length, and I've been dying it myself.  So I'm thinking of something less all-the-same.  Quite possibly in interesting colours. :-)  I'm leaning towards pink / purple / possibly blue.  Deep reddish-pink, anyway.  Maybe.  Or maybe that's too similar to how I've already had it.  Hey, I'll take suggestions!

Anyway, I guess I'll stop waffling on about myself now and go and skim my flist.  No chance I'm going to catch up with it, though.  So if you've had anything momentus / vaguely interesting / that you think I might like to know happen, point me in the relevant direction, yes?
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Well, actually, I've been to Brough (which is about 10 miles from Hull, so near enough that I can justify that subject line) to visit Hannah and Craig, meet Scott, and see how well Craig, Scott and I can work together.  And the answer seems to be: pretty well.  So we did a day's work on Tuesday, and they have more for me to do next week as well.  With more in the future if all goes according to plan.  Hoorah!  Most of what I did on Tuesday was a design for their site, which at the moment is more of a holding page.  So we made it shiny, and validated, and DDA compliant.  Mmmmmmm.  It should be going up sometime soon.

I travelled up by train, and just to make the journey that bit more fun, I had problems with the St Leonards - London leg, both ways.  Bloody trains )  The Hull Trains service was lovely, though - they have even newer trains than before, with little stylised Humber Bridges on the seat covers, and plug sockets by all the seats for your laptop or phone.  Sweet.

But anyway, work = good.  And if I can keep my head from imploding on me, I should be able to build up to doing enough work to support myself.  Which would be nice.


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