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So, what with not having posted properly for ages again, I haven’t mentioned that there are two new additions to the family!  One actual brand new person, and one fuzzy feline dictator.

First of all (not chronologically, but never mind that), my Favourite Niece, who is also my first and only niece or nephew, arrived in the big wide world last summer.  Here she is aged 2 months:

photo of Ms RA and her Daddy

Favourite Niece aka Ms RA, with her Daddy

It's srs bznz, this growing up thing

It’s srs bznz, this growing up thing

And this is a more recent photo, aged nearly 6 months:

photo of Ms RA wth Mummy

Ms RA invites you to try some of her parsnips

Isn’t she adorable? *proud auntie face*

And secondly we have Mr Merlin McPurrlin, my new feline overlord.  He is about 2 years old, loves his play tunnel and yellow-mouse, prefers to drink from the bath tap… and yeah, has me very well trained!  He came to live with me back in the late spring, after having been left in a box outside the vet’s because he’d been spraying in his previous owner’s home.  The vet gave him the snip, and surprise – no more spraying since then.  He’s a lovely boy, and I’m very glad that I happened to pop into the vet at just the right time!

photo of Mr Merlin McPurrlin

Merlin McPurrlin, Lord of The Remote Control All The Things

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My granddad would’ve been 100 years old today.  Happy Birthday Poppa!

Poppa and me 1978-ish

That’s the two of us together when I was small.  He died a few years ago now, and for another few years before that wasn’t really ‘himself’ due to Alzheimer’s, but other than that he was busy and active his whole life.  He was a fireman in London during the Blitz.

Dagenham firemen - Poppa on the far right

He then stayed on in the fire service for the rest of his working life.  He’s on the far right in the above cartoon – I think the date on it is 1949, but it could be ’48 or even ’40.  I won’t go into some of the stories he had to tell now, but there were some dramatic ones!  He travelled a lot, too, I think mostly after he’d retired.

So that’s it, really – happy birthday to you, Poppa, and Happy Centenary!

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I’ve been running around doing all-sorts this week.  I’ve been at C House a few times, at the library (hi Henry!), at the gym (!!!), to KnitJam, and I’ve had a visitor this weekend – my friend Charlotte.  Whew!  And now I’m starting all over again.

I’m going to the gym with the bro and also sometimes with my upstairs neighbour.  It’s definitely a good plan to have gym buddies.  We’re planning to go to pilates, too.  Should be fun!

In knitting news, I’ve finished my first project for 2011: the Snapdragon Tam for my sister-in-law:

Snapdragon TamSnapdragon Tam

Pattern: Snapdragon Tam by Ysolda Teague [Ravlink]
Yarn: Elle Family Favourites DK in Gold.
Needles: 4mm metal circulars.

I am pleased with it, and it was fun to knit, too :-)

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Happy New Year everyone.  I’m having a quiet but good one – I was going to be visiting Mum, but she’s feeling under the weather so I’ve stayed at home instead.  So I thought I’d just jot a quick post down to wish everyone a fabulous 2011.

FireworksSee you next year ;-)

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I’m in the middle of getting everything ready for Christmas.  Actually, I feel that I’m doing quite well.  I’ve done all my shopping except for a couple of small things (and I know what those are and where I’ll get them).  Now I’m just waiting on a couple of deliveries, and of course finishing the things that I’m making myself.  I think I’m doing alright on those too, luckily, so there shouldn’t be any last minute panics.  Hooray!

Because all I’ve been working on recently are the Christmas things, I don’t have any pictures to post in case someone comes across this.  Well, maybe this one:

Shhh - secret projects on the go!And now I’m going back to the Christmas crafting.  TTFN!

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I took a day off of blogging yesterday, but I’m going to see if I can now do the rest of December as well.  If not, no big worry.  I actually ventured out yesterday, and I’m glad I did, even though the pavements down the hill were icy:

Snow - 01-12-2010

Today, it’s a tad snowier than it was yesterday, and it’s snowing again now.  No buses are running, and there’s very little traffic in general.  My brother’s friend was mostly OK in his Jeep, but I wouldn’t want to drive in this weather.  It’s a bit deep on my road, and we’re not likely to get gritted:

Snow - 02-12-2010 Snow - 02-12-2010


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Finally, belatedly, here are the pictures and info for my “Gap Year TravelsTravelling Woman shawl.

Travelling Woman shawl

Pattern: Traveling Woman by Liz Abinante [Ravlink]
Yarn: The Yarn Yard Bonny in Byron Bay & Art Deco solid, and Wendy Sunbeam St. Ives 4ply Sock Wool in Dark Grey.
Needles: 4mm metal circulars.

Travelling Woman close-up Travelling Woman close-up

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Since I’m extremely tired today (I have new medication which is making me drowsy, hopefully just for the adjustment period, and every time I sit down somewhere relaxing I drop off!), I’m not going to say much again.  I haven’t managed to finish the shawl yet, but just have the cast off edge to go.  I’ve been setting the twist of some of my handspun:

Setting the twist

Setting the twist

(excuse the rubbish photo), and also marvelling over how the Xandermog can go from FULL ON PESTER mode to fast asleep, you-can’t-wake-me in under five minutes flat.  Still when the result is this little face:

Xandermog on the sofa today


how can you complain?

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Just two rows to go on the Gap Year Travels shawl now:

Gap Year Travels / Travelling Woman shawl in progress

Travelling Woman "Gap Year Travels" shawl in progress

I’m planning to finish it and leave it blocking before I go to bed. Yay!

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So, back in March I made some bloggy resolutions about what I intended to do for weekly posting goals.  Obviously, I haven’t kept those up… and then I started feeling like I was in catch-up mode all the time with myself, and oh noes, panic!!  Which is bad, since this blog isn’t supposed to be a duty!  Therefore, I have Made A Decision: I’m giving myself permission to “give up”.  In actual fact what that means is that I’m going to forget about Project 365 this year, since taking the photos already wasn’t working out – maybe I can go again another year, but I’ll see how it goes.  I’m still going to do the Friday 5 whenever I feel like it, but not necessarily every week.  I am going to try to post more about knitting and spinning and things in general.  This way, it’s more of an adjustment of my goals to something more realistic, rather than really giving up.

Another thing that I’ve decided to let go of is taking strict part of the Sock Knitter’s Pentathlon ‘09.  I haven’t been knitting very fast this year, and I’d ended up knitting nothing but those socks and still not finishing them.  It all got a bit too much like hard work!  So even though I love the patterns for the first two socks, and I really like the look of the third one which has recently been released, I’m not going to start #3.  I do intend to finish the first two socks, but not as my most immediate projects.  Instead I’m going to go back to my other knitting works in progress and try to get those finished off.  They’d been pushed back while I was knitting just socks.  That’s meant that I’ve now almost finished the shawl I’ve been making for Emily (I’m casting off at the moment, but that’s deadly boring so I’m just doing a few stitches at a time then putting it down again *g*).  And I’m really looking forward to picking up the projects I’ve been neglecting and making some real progress on them.  Hooray!  I don’t even feel like starting something new, because my old projects are almost like new ones by now.

I’m also thinking about giving in using Coppermine for my photo album software.  Yes, I’ve been using it for years on this site, so it seemed like a more sensible decision to keep using it and integrate it with WP rather than migrate to something else.  But there’s a good photo album plugin for WP, and the integration plugin for Coppermine doesn’t do precisely what I want it to do – it’s a great plugin, and it’s probably perfect for everyone else… but I’m picky!  Also, I do have to do some tweaking of the source code every time it updates because of the way I have my Coppermine set up, and… well, in the long run it might just be easier to change to using something more integrated with WP.  It’ll mean not having to theme Coppermine to match WP, too.  I’m going to ponder it a while more, but I expect I will change over.

Why am I mentioning this, when no-one but me cares?  Because it kind of fits the theme of the rest of this post: I’ve been hanging on to some things that I should have gracefully given in on a while back.  Letting go and making a few small changes will make things easier.  Note to self: change is good, and giving up on something doesn’t necessarily equate to failure.  There we go, that’s my deep personal insight for the day.  Now I shall stop rambling, let go of this post and send it into the big wide world (= hit the publish button)!  TTFN.

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Today is 4th July, which means it’s the start of the Tour de France for this year, and therefore also the Tour de Fleece(I understand the date also has some link with Americans blowing up aliens with fireworks, but I’m not really sure about that.) And what that means is spinning along every day that the Tour de France is on.  I’ve joined up to the Ravelry Group for it – this is my first time, which puts me on the Rookie team and I’m also in Team Jelly Legs, which Jo set up.  That’s appropriate in more ways than one, as spinning every day will no doubt give me jelly legs, and I’m going to be using fibre from her etsy shop, Limegreenjelly.

This is the fibre I’ve started with:
Limegreenjelly Bluefaced Leicester in Turquoise-Navy-Red

It’s Blue Faced Leicester, and it feels absolutely lovely to spin with.  I shall post progress photos when I have them.  And do what I said I would yesterday and give some updates on what I’ve been up to in general!

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Hi LJ! I've been absent because I am rubbish like that, so I thought I'd mark this attempt at a return to posting with... a meme! Just a quick one: I have some more to keep me going, don't worry.  I'll even try to post non-meme things, really I will. Ahem.

Take a picture of yourself right now. Don’t change your clothes. Don’t fix your hair. Just take a picture. Post that picture with no editing. (Except maybe to get the image size down to something reasonable. Don’t go posting an eight megapixel image.) Include these instructions.
Meeeeeeeeeee )

So that was me, only a little while ago (about 4:30pm).  Taken on my webcam, cos that was quickest and easiest, did nothing but rename the file.  Sunglasses on my head because I'd just come in and hadn't changed back to my 'normal' glasses yet.  Hair really does need dyeing.  Maybe tomorrow!  And I really do need to tidy up my living room.  Ooops.

ps - The photo of me in my icon is not quite so recent.  In case you wondered.
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I've been so rubbish at posting recently.  As in, for the past several months - I've been managing about a post a month on average.  Oops!  Perhaps I should have a Post Every Day Week.  I'm sure it's about the right time of year again.  Let me check.... (*checks*).  Aha, yup!  Near enough.  You know, I think I'm going to try it!

Meme blurb:
Are you a sporadic poster? Do you let the gaps between posts get so long that you suddenly feel the pressure to write something unbelievably witty and/or entertaining when you do post? Do you enjoy getting comments when you post, and feel secretly kind of jealous of the people who get comments left for them every! day!? Do you feel liekyes, the internet really could do with more information on the minutiae of my life?

Then Post Every Day Week is for you! Post meaningful, insightful, philosophical comments. If you want. Post random pieces of fic you thought up in your sleep ("What if I wrote a Hetty Wainthropp/Doctor Who crossover where Geoffrey and Rose swapped places?"). Post about what you had for breakfast (Toast. Toast. Toast again.). But just post, you non-posting losers! (Myself included).

Yay!  (Who wants to join me?)

I have been posting on and off on my blog, and I think I forgot to mention over here, I've been doing Project 365.  You know, that thing where you take a photo a day, every day for a year.  Or you post a photo a day.  My Mum keeps arguing that I've taken more than one photo per day when I show them to her on the camera. *headdesk*  Yes, well, sometimes I put up more than the one per day as well, so nyah.  I've never claimed to be able to make decisions!  Anyhoo, if you're interested in seeing my pics, they're on the blog, under the Project 365 category funnily enough.  However, I'm incredibly behind in posting those since I put great long explanations on them and also I was internetless for a  while and I just haven't caught up.  Soooo, I've also been posting on a Flickr account.  Not that that's completely up to date either.  See?  I fail!  So, let's see if I can kick myself back into gear, shall we?
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  1. My lovely liek_omg_Noxie came to stay for a week and we did stuff like:
    • meander around the Old Town and shop and stuff;
    • have Sunday lunch with Ally, [ profile] ladymoonray and [ profile] tamaranth, then repair to the beach where Ally made me into beach art (which I am now suffering for, as I seem to have had a nasty allergic reaction to the feathers she stuck in my sandals, oops) and then go see PotC3 of which I will probably burble more in another post (in short: awesome! but also with the bitter-sweet.);
    • go to Brighton and shop in the Lanes;
    • go to the fabulous Tokio Hotel gig at the Islington Carling Academy which rocked like a very rocking rock gig with added hot boys, hoorah!;
    • watch Doctor Who (see below) and Holby Blue (police boyfriends!) and Life on Mars (the police boyfriends OTP!), but miss Dalziel and Pascoe (original police boyfriends!), oops;
    and all in all it was a very fast paced week!

  2. Doctor Who OMG *FLAIL* ahdfjshgasigfjhsklfjsdakljf!!!!!!!!!!!!ELEVENTY!!!!!!!!! etc etc etc and so on.  Seriously, hgfusjhfioasjfiodsj.  Can be no more coherent.  Except, oh yeah: *LOVELOVELOVE*.  Also, GUH.  (Possibly more on this to come if I can string something together without my brain shorting out.)

  3. I really want to write fic now.  A lot.  I have thoughts / bunnies tumbling around my head for LoM, PotC and now DW.  But no time to sit and write, waaah!  Unless I try in the back of the car tomorrow and Tuesday.  But I've also been having that problem where I have the ideas, but getting them out of my head and down into story form is just hard.  Bad brain, behave better. 

  4. There is no number 4 (those from the beach on Sunday should know what that means) *g*

  5. My insurance thingy from the car accident back in December has been settled (the person who hit me and the other car is, amazingly, officially fully responsible) so I should be getting the payment through soon.  This is a big relief, cos it means I'll be able to pay the rent I owe, and so on.  Debt cancellation = yay.

  6. My aunt Mary died.  She was one of my Dad's older sisters, one of the mad Irish twins, the one he was closest to.  She had cancer, we knew it was coming fairly soon, but then it happened even more quickly than expected.  Her heart gave way, having been weakened by a slight stroke from a while ago.  To be honest, that was probably the best thing, because the cancer was pretty horrible and painful for her.  She went peacefully, and even though I'll miss her and I wish I could have seen or at least spoken to her again, I love her and I'm glad of that.  So I'm going to try to remember her as she was: a wonderfully eccentric and energetic lady.  And here's a photo of me and her at Christmas a few years ago, with her dogs Holly (curled up on the sofa) and Flame (the noble-looking but-really-naughty one *g*) cut because it's huuuuuge )
    She doesn't look 80-ish, does she?  Not that any of Dad's family have ever looked or acted their ages.  Hee :-)  So yes.  It's that spirit of... mischievousness that I want to remember.  And preferably keep alive.  It seems to run in the family anyway, and I think that's mostly a good thing.

  7. However, funerals, particularly since Dad's, make me cry my eyes out.  So I'm probably going to be in a bit of a state for the actual event.  :-/  I hate that.  I don't want to upset my poor cousin Ray even more with my own over-emotionalism.  Bottling it up's no good either, though.  Ah well, I expect I'll be OK.

  8. On the other hand, part of me is looking forward to seeing my cousins and my aunt Gladys again.  I wish we all lived a bit nearer each other and could get together more often.  The last few years, it's only been for 'family event' type things.  Still, at least Ray is moving back down here soon.  That'll be good.

  9. So tomorrow me, Mum and Martin are off up to Blackpool for the funeral on Tuesday morning.  Since I can't drive (I've been de-licensed due to my meds) I'm relegated to the back seat of the car, in charge of foodstuffs, knitting, reading pr0n the map if the non-driver wants a break, and (possibly) writing fic, while M and Mum do the driving.  Mostly M, or we won't be there for a week, as Mum hasn't driven any further than Eastbourne (about 20 miles max) since she started driving again, and is a bit intimidated by the thought of motorways and lorries.  This means she'll likely be going at 40mph in the slow lane... at which point I'll be laying down in the back seat and pretending not to be there at all ;-)  No, I'm sure she won't be that bad... she has no probs with going at 60 along the relevant bits of road to Battle and Eastbourne.  Anyway, the point is, going now, back Tuesday evening.

  10. TTFN.  *waves*

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Hmm... so, the other day I finally got around to signing up for a Flickr account.  Not so I can have an online photo album, because I already have one of those at my personal site, but pretty much so that I can post pics directly from my camera phone to this LJ.  Therefore, once I'd done all the setting up and so on, I sent a test picture.  And, nope.  No sign of it yet either on Flickr (I assume it should also show in my album there?) or as a post here.

Question is, is it a Flickr thing, or is it something with my O2 emailing do-whatsit?  Because the last time I tried emailing a pic from my phone to my own usual email address, it took days to arrive.  Never had done before, but maybe.... they hate me because I have an old-ish phone?  Or something?  Or don't pay them much?

I spose I could try mailing a pic directly to Flickr.  I'm sure I had the right email address, though maybe I should double check it again just in case.  Anybody got any other ideas about what it could be, or what I might need to do?
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So, I was sitting at my computer desk, waiting for some podcasts to transfer over onto my mp3 player, and sort of gazing vacantly into space while I did so.  Except, also sort of at the random stuff on my desk as well.  And, "Hey," my brain went, "I wonder if that would.... I could just... aha!  Ahahaha!  Now I must take photos and inflict them on the WORLD!"

And so, with many apologies from the part of me that knows this is very, very silly, Really Bad Pun Pictures presents:
The Darthlek! )

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(forgot to actually post this yesterday, d'oh!)

  • Sorted out the rubbish for putting outside and cleaned the kitchen bin (wow, exciting)

  • Edited fic some more... nearly there now, I think!

  • Received box of inexplicable size with computer bits in it (see below)

  • Generally faffed about, apparently.  Ooops

So, I got the bits for my computer that I'd ordered.  Namely, a new harddrive (80Gb), a 4 port USB hub (about the size of the palm of my hand), a pen drive (v ickle), a spare USB cable so I can hook my printer up without having to go via the dinosaur of a scanner, and a spindle of 100 blank CDs.  photographic evidence )
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My hair is once again fairly one-colour-all-over, instead of being a graded work in progress. Hoorah! Hasn't actually turned out quite the colour I was intending, but that's OK. I still like it. And this way, it'll give Dad a chance to get used to it before I dye it more outrageously next time. Mwahah! So now, I inflict pictures on you. Aren't you lucky?

Before )

During )

After )

And because I just had to - I was forced, I say! - do more memes.... I'm a genius! Well, we all knew that. Er. )

And absolutely definitely last now, [ profile] ptyx, I thought this might amuse you just a little:
Your Sexy Brazilian Name Is
Rafaela Araújo
(What's with the arse pic, though? Eh?)

Alrighty, sleep time. Tiiiiiiiiiiiiired! Witness the icon, in fact. He's not sleeping quite like that at the mo - he has his head resting on his paws instead. So cute! And bonus: not on my bed, so I'll be able to get comfy without getting the Indignant Look. Heh.


May. 7th, 2004 03:58 pm
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Well.  Mum rang me a little while ago to let me know that Poppa (her dad, our grandad) died this morning.  He was 93, and he'd been in hospital for the last week or two (and in and out before that) because he hadn't really been eating or drinking.  He was on a drip, and had actually seemed to be improving: he'd had some of a cup of tea of his own violition, and stuff.  I think it was better that he went when he was doing fairly well, and not in pain or distressed, or anything.  It was pretty much a matter of his body suddenly catching up with his mind: he had Alzheimer's and in the last few months had regressed to the point where he'd tried to go to school (in the freezing rain and sleet, wearing his pyjamas and slippers), before he went into the care home. 

Cutting some rambling )

This is so strange.  I think in a way I've already partly grieved, since it's not exactly unexpected.  This feels more like the final full stop at the end of a book that you knew only had a couple of pages to go.  And wow, wasn't that a sucktastic analogy?  Please pretend it was a better and more profound one.

I wanted to put up a pic here of us all at Christmas a few years ago, but I couldn't find it.  So here's one just of Poppa:
Poppa at Christmas 1999 (bit of a dodgy shot, think we took him by surprise *g*)

Some more pics from when I was little, and a cartoon )


May. 5th, 2004 01:09 am
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Con was really good fun.  Am now sad, for various reasons, but I shall try to forget that for long enough to type this up, anyhoo.  The guests (Nick Brendon, Emma Caulfield, Juliet Landau, Tom Lenk, Claire Kramer, Sarah Hagen, Elizabeth Anne Allen and James Leary from Buffy; Nathan Fillion, Jewel Staite, and Summer Glau from Firefly; Robert Patrick of Terminator 2, X Files, Faculty etc. fame; and Nickalos Brown, a costume designer) were all fantabulous.  The Firefly guests seemed to be pretty blown away with the enthusiasm everyone has for their show.  I was pretty blown away by them, and Firefly has moved from 'must get around to watching that sometime' in my head to 'must! watch! now!!'.  So I've nicked the DVD boxset from the bro.  Hoorah!

Enjoyed the costume contest, as [ profile] merlan and [ profile] thewatch were entering as Nightcrawler and Mystique, so [ profile] brallaqueen and I were doing the backup thing ([ profile] brallaqueen way more so, painting the designs on [ profile] thewatch).  They both looked very cool, and won first place in the 'Best Demon' category.  I was a v v v proud sister and friend.  Hopefully one or both of them will post pics soon.

My camera batteries died, and in the end I didn't bother getting any more, so I won't have any of my own photos to post.  But I did get pics with some of the guests, which are under here: )


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