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... because I'm still up, therefore it still is yesterday even though it's technically today now.  Or something.  I'm tired and confused, and I want some cheese.  I really am going to turn my poor computer off and go to bed shortly.

Haven't posted about Torchwood or Who yet (except to Twitter) - shall do so tomorrow I expect.  I needed some time to ponder, and make sure that I'd actually be coherent.

Um.  Oh yes - it snowed!  Earlier this week, I though I heard on the forecast that they were expecting snow, but then yesterday they just said there might be snow in Scotland, and possibly some "wintery showers".  Hah!  Three inches of snow later...  Which isn't a huge amount as such, but it's quite a bit more than none at all.  Still, I got lots of pretty photos for Project 365 when I was over at Mum's.  Hoorah!

I still want cheese.  Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese.


Apr. 5th, 2008 03:12 am
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I spent most of yesterday making icons.  I meant to do other stuff, but time sort of slipped away from me, and now I have some Holby Blue ones and some Torchwood / Owen ones.  Kept me busy til the Torchwood finale... which I was quite unspoiled for, and which I shall talk about in another post :-)  Since I'm still awake, I thought I might as well post these now.  Anyway!

Mine all mine )

And some spare versions if anybody would like them.  Snip! )

If you want one of the ones I'd done for myself, feel free to ask and I can let you have a copy without my username on.  I'm too lazy to fiddle around now on the off-chance that someone besides me actually likes them ;-)
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Swiped from [ profile] waltzingalong.  BeCOZ.

Meme! )
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OMG!!!  Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

However, best exchange of the ep... BOYFRIENDS!!!1! )


Apr. 2nd, 2008 11:46 pm
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Hah, what a good start to post every day week I'm making!  I forgot to post yesterday and nearly did today as well.  To excuse myself slightly, I did start writing a post yesterday... but then the cat distracted me, and then my Mum phoned, and... yeah.  Ooops.  Other than that, I had a fairly productive day.  Did lots of housework-y things, and so on.  Went shopping, to the post office, charged up my gas and electricity meters...  Took quite a few photos, too.

Today, I haven't been out because I'm laaaaaaaaaazy.  I've just been doing stuff around the house instead - mainly in the kitchen, which makes the Xandermog think he's going to get fed every 30 seconds.  He should be so lucky: he's on a diet.  Mwahahah.

Anyway, I think I'm going to get myself to bed now.  I've got a course tomorrow morning at the resource centre down the road ("Toolkit for Living": techniques to deal with the crazyheadedness and keep the old mental health good), so I have to get up on time.  Also, I'm sleepy.  Zzz.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot: I had toast for breakfast, both days.  I should try to be more inventive.  Toast with jam, perhaps?

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I've been so rubbish at posting recently.  As in, for the past several months - I've been managing about a post a month on average.  Oops!  Perhaps I should have a Post Every Day Week.  I'm sure it's about the right time of year again.  Let me check.... (*checks*).  Aha, yup!  Near enough.  You know, I think I'm going to try it!

Meme blurb:
Are you a sporadic poster? Do you let the gaps between posts get so long that you suddenly feel the pressure to write something unbelievably witty and/or entertaining when you do post? Do you enjoy getting comments when you post, and feel secretly kind of jealous of the people who get comments left for them every! day!? Do you feel liekyes, the internet really could do with more information on the minutiae of my life?

Then Post Every Day Week is for you! Post meaningful, insightful, philosophical comments. If you want. Post random pieces of fic you thought up in your sleep ("What if I wrote a Hetty Wainthropp/Doctor Who crossover where Geoffrey and Rose swapped places?"). Post about what you had for breakfast (Toast. Toast. Toast again.). But just post, you non-posting losers! (Myself included).

Yay!  (Who wants to join me?)

I have been posting on and off on my blog, and I think I forgot to mention over here, I've been doing Project 365.  You know, that thing where you take a photo a day, every day for a year.  Or you post a photo a day.  My Mum keeps arguing that I've taken more than one photo per day when I show them to her on the camera. *headdesk*  Yes, well, sometimes I put up more than the one per day as well, so nyah.  I've never claimed to be able to make decisions!  Anyhoo, if you're interested in seeing my pics, they're on the blog, under the Project 365 category funnily enough.  However, I'm incredibly behind in posting those since I put great long explanations on them and also I was internetless for a  while and I just haven't caught up.  Soooo, I've also been posting on a Flickr account.  Not that that's completely up to date either.  See?  I fail!  So, let's see if I can kick myself back into gear, shall we?
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D'oh - I forgot to post yesterday.  Well, to post anything other than something that's directed to one person, so was filtered liek woah to avoid cluttering everyone else's flists.  I have failed Post Every Day Week!  Woe is me!!  Or, you know, I can remind myself that technically I did post something, and carry on regardless.

I've actually been really boring for the last couple of days, so it's no wonder I haven't had much to post about.  I've knitted a lot, and watched some telly.  Dalziel and Pascoe is back, whee!  My other favourite northern police detective boyfriends. :-)  And it had Richard E Grant: yum!  But it's a two parter that's not concluded until next Sunday, damnit.

Today, I should have been visited by [ profile] ladymoonray (and [ profile] tamaranth, but she's not well - *sends out get well soon vibes*), but I didn't hear my phone beep, and stupidly it didn't occur to me to check my email, so I completely failed to finalise the arrangements with her.  D'oh!!  We're going to try again for next weekend.  Socialising, yay!  Anyway, perhaps it was for the best today, since the weather was 'orrid, and we had been going to do outside-y things.  I went to Mum's for dinner instead, and ended up doing more knitting and half-watching New Tricks.  See, yet another plus and minus situation: get fed, but then have to watch Mum!Telly ;-)  Oh, I don't know.  It amuses me somewhat, but I can't quite be bothered to watch it of my own volition.

I'm really quite enjoying knitting this project that I'm working on at the moment.  I think I mentioned it before - it's a birthday present for a friend so I don't want to go into too much detail, but I'm using Jaeger Cadiz which is a Viscose/Silk blend and really nice to knit with.  It does have difficulties, especially if the yarn untwists a little bit (which it tends to do), because then you can miss strands of fibre when you knit a stitch and so on.  I've found bamboo needles are definitely the better option for the yarn, too: I tried metal ones, but the stitches were too slippy and kept falling off if I tilted the needle too far.  But once you're aware of all that it's not so much of a problem, and it does feel lovely.  I think it's going to come out quite well - I hope so, anyway!
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I still have issues calling this "season 3".  I'm such a nerdy fangirl, I know, but I really feel it should be either using the accurate season number, or be 10th Doctor S2.  Nerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd.

But anyway )
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Today I've mainly been knitting busily, working on a birthday pressie for someone WINOLJ... but since I don't know for sure that they won't stumble across this, I'm not going to put any details in a public post.  Just in case, and all.

I've also been doing some of the last of my unpacking (videos, dvds, cds, books) and sorting.  Hopefully my brother will be able to come over at the weekend to help me do the final furniture arranging in the living room now that (did I mention?) my downstairs neighbour has taken my old single bed that I had been using as a sort of sofa-divan thingy.  I wonder if I'll be able to fit one more bookshelf in once that's all done?  We shall see.  I could probably do with one: toooo muuuuuch stuuuuuuuuuff!


May. 3rd, 2007 11:54 pm
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Power cuts = argh.

The end.

(I had more to say, but now I've forgotten it.  D'oh.)
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Breakfast today: blackberry jelly on toast again!  I looooooooooooooove bramble jelly.

Today I've been largely faffing around the house, and waiting to find out about the course I'm going to be starting on tomorrow.  Well, that and restraining myself from going completely mad on Bookmooch.  Mmmmm, free books!  Not that I've got anything in my inventory still - of the two books I did put in, someone has mooched one already.  Whee!  But I'm going to dig out a whole load of braincandy guilty-pleasure reading that I don't really want to keep and put those up there too.

This evening was fun.  Ally came here straight from work to pick me up, and we then went to hers to she could get changed, and from there up to the gym for Yogalates.  My shoulders feel so much better now.  They always do after that class.  And I have a physio appointment in the morning as well, which should make me feel ever betterer! 

But anyway.  After the first class, Ally also does Boxercise, and Clara comes to that one as well.  Since there aren't any buses at that time of night, I generally sit downstairs in the café area and read or knit, and listen to music or whatever, while they're doing the class so I can get a lift home with one of them afterwards.  This time though, there was hardly anyone actually there to do the class, so I sat myself down on the floor and watched.  And giggled at A & C.  And then got my knitting out to keep myself fully occupied - I was finishing off the sock I posted about in my blog the other day.  The reaction was pretty funny - first of all the instructor noticed and couldn't believe I was sitting there peacefully knitting while they all leapt around and punched the air, and then Ally (who can't or at least doesn't knit) asked if we could swap.  Clara wanted to know if they could all knit next week (this was during a break for water and for them to catch their breath - it's a pretty intensive class), and then I had to display the sock to everyone.  Later on another member of the class who I don't know announced that she knows how to knit, so would I like to change places with her for a bit please?  And of course, you know, I would.  But I'm not sposed to do anything too "high impact" for another month or so, and I'm pretty certain that class counts!  However, it did look like a lot of fun, if utterly knackering, so I'm planning to start going to it when I'm officially all better.  After all, I'm there already, so I might as well!

In other news, I have only two tiny rounds to go, and the sock is done!  Well, two rounds and a bit of grafting.  Yay!


May. 1st, 2007 10:07 pm
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Heh - having resolved to do PEDW only yesterday, I very nearly forgot all about it today.  Duuuuuh!  But look, I'm getting in two hours under the line, so all is well.  It's also occurred to me that my personal definition somehow requires me to make at least one public post a day.  I don't feel like it'd count if I posted only flocked ones.  Perhaps because I made the first one public - doesn't seem like I'd be playing fair to then not do a week of public ones.  I know, it makes no sense.  Not that I think I have anything worth flocking at the moment anyway.  We shall see.

So, today I've mainly been knitting, and on the phone to various people.  I had to reschedule my physiotherapy appointment because I'd made it for Wednesday morning, and I'd forgotten that I'm already busy then.  Dear self: if you're going to use your Palm for a diary, keep it up to date, will you?  I've also been doing some houseworky things (how interesting) and also having a go at setting up my Bookmooch account.  I've only got two books on my inventory so far... I must have some still packed, because the ones I was thinking of putting up there don't seem to be on my shelves.  I wonder if they're in my Mum's loft or something?

Anything else?  Um.  Oh yes!  I had blackberry jelly on toast for breakfast, and very yummy it was too.  And I'm thinking of making a casserole tomorrow, but not for breakfast.  That would be weird.
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  1. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh, hayfever.

  2. On Saturday evening, my Mum tripped over the ironing board (which was in exactly the same place it's been at any time during at least the last 30 years, whenever there's been ironing to be done), and landed on her face on the kitchen floor.  .......Ouch.  My brother and his girlfriend were actually in the kitchen at the time, but didn't have time to catch her, obviously.  They all spent the evening in A&E.  Luckily, her nose isn't broken, just badly bruised and stuff.  Because she was wearing her glasses when she fell, they got jammed back onto her face, so now she has two black eyes and nasty bruises across the bridge of her nose.  M says the swelling has gone down when I saw it yesterday to what it had been on Saturday, but of course now the bruise colouring is showing more.  Trouble is, of course, she can't wear her glasses without it hurting, but if she doesn't wear them, she can't see.  D'oh!  I took her a gel eye-mask thingie I have that you put in the fridge (it helped, which is good), so now she has a choice of looking like a panda or a highwayman.  Yay!

  3. So, earthquake, huh?  We're too far away to have felt owt, but M's girlfriend's family did (E was on the bus on the way over here, so missed it herself.)  Apparently their experience of it went something like this:
    Earth: *quakes*
    E's House: *is shaken*
    E's Mum: *is freaked out*  What was that? *runs downstairs*
    E's sister: *runs out of her room*  OMG, Mum, did you feel that?  What was it?
    E's Mum: I don't know!  E's Dad, what do you think it was?
    E's Dad: What? *oblivious*  Hey, the power's gone down.  Did something happen?

    Not sure if my aunt in Dymchurch was bothered by it.  I spose she'd have told us if she was.  Er.  Or if her dog was, more likely.

  4. Last weekend was my Mum's birthday.  And a good time was had by all!  Not that we did much - mainly just familial hanging out and watching telleh.  On Monday, which was her actual birthday, my brother was busy in the evening - he had a lecture - so I went over and had dinner with Mum, and then when M got back we all watched Miss Potter.  Which reminded me a lot of Neverland, and was generally a very Mum kind of film.

  5. Not that Mum's is the only birthday around this time of year.  Did I mention that I embarrassed myself (well, sort of) by wishing one of my best friends Happy Birthday a month early?  That has to be a first for me!  And now it's given me time to work on her present, hoorah!  However, I'm more usually kind of crap and late at the birthday wishes thing, especially when it's like now and I'm behind on LJ and all that.  So, a big, if belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the lovely and gorgeous [ profile] dioxin, [ profile] arithil and [ profile] lunamorgan.  *mwah!*

  6. And then there's anniversaries.  Maybe only two people on my flist know what I'm talking about with this ([ profile] megolas is t'other one) but last Friday the 27th was mine and liek_omg_Noxie's "hobbandish" anniversary.  Wheeee!  I can't believe that was five whole years ago. :-)  Mind you, it's amazing to think that there are a good number of people on my flist that I've considered friends for a good nine years (Noxie and Megs included, of course).  Yay fandom.  Yay internets!

  7. I've been generally somewhat LJ-absent for the last little while, as you may or may not have noticed.  I've been sporadically on and off, but only reading a small filter mostly.  So I'm not going to get to catch up on my flist, much as I'd like to.  Please do tell me if there's something I should go check out on your journal, though - anything important, or fun, or that I might want to see.  I will be making a start on catching up with the old LJ comments, though, so don't be surprised when you suddenly get a reply to something from weeks ago.

  8. I came across this post called Six tips for tackling a dreaded task, which in my overwhelming procrastinate-iness seemed like a good thing to check out.  And yup, it's a good one.  Particularly, the doing a regular task every day.  It's made me think that maybe I should change the exercise thing to daily, so I either go to a class or the gym every day of the week (except Sunday when I physically can't for lack of transport - which is annoying cos there's a class I'd really like to do on Sunday mornings!).  And also, I want to post here more often... so I'm going to make this the start of my own personal Post Every Day Week!  (Which will then hopefully translate into post every day for pretty much ever)  I didn't get a chance to join in when [ profile] lazlet did this a little while back, but I had fun with it when [ profile] badgermonkey first came up with the idea.

    So, I think I'll go for it again.  Anybody want to join me?  Feel free!  (Tell me if you are, and we can egg each other on *g*)  The 'ethos' of the thing is in that post I've linked just above, but if you can't be bothered to click, then really, it's just what it says on the tin.  Post something, anything, every day for a week.  Grab the icon for it (credit to [ profile] badgermonkey) if you like.  Or don't.  Just post!

    Also, I'm going to try and spend more time (any time at all will be an improvement!) on the blog.  It needs a bit of prodding as well as some actual posting.  And I want to update LibraryThing so I can put the widget in the sidebar.  Plus, I've signed up for Bookmooch and LastFM, so there's time to be spent on those.  Huh, did I say I was going to go to the gym every day as well?  I've got to get organised.  But then again, that is the overall plan!
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My broadband connection is down (some problem at my ISP's end that they're "working very hard on"), so I'm online via dial-up.  Wah!  Which means that I'm only zooming through, and now that I've grabbed my email, I'll be dropping back offline again.  Am hoping my proper connection will be back soon!  Grr.

I should probably use this offline time to finish editing my Life on Mars fic so that's it's finally post-able.  But then other people will see it!  Oh noes!  Lalalala, avoidance!  (Yes, I'll pull myself together and get it done in a minute.  I'm just having a idiotic five years minutes.  Don't mind me.)

And because I've really done sod all today, have a meme:

Swiped from [ profile] kabukivice

Which of my icons:

1. is your favorite and why?
2. is your least favorite and why?
3. would you like some context for?
4. have you never noticed I even had before?
5. do you most associate with me?

... and I guess that's all from Post Every Day Week.  It was worryingly easy to post random crap every day!  I might even keep it up without having the meme as an excuse.  Well, maybe.  But I think I probably will start posting more frequently again.  It's been fun! :-)  Especially seeing regular posts from the others on my flist who were doing it too.
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That birth date meme )

Meanwhile, today I have done a lot of crawling about on the floor, untangling cables, rearranging extension plugs, dusting and hoovering a la Heiniken (reaching parts that other... yeah, bad pun), and then finally getting it all sorted out and installing my USB hub.  So hoorah, now I can have both Sam and Gene the Palms hooked up at once, and my printer is now connected via USB instead of parallel via the scanner.  Which leaves me a port spare - and easily accessible, woohoo - for the pen drive or tinycrapdigicam, or whatever I need it for.  Much better :-)

So I reckon that excuses me from doing anything else for the rest of the day.  I'm off to Mum's in an hour for dinner, anyway.
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  • Been to the sorting office to pick up a packet that needed signing for... and discovered it was the photos from [ profile] thewatch - ta! :-D

  • Took said photos over to Mum's and left them there for el bro.  Duly admired (and dodged) newly done paintwork, and ooo-ed over baby lettuce and tomato plants (small stalks with leaves on top. very nice I'm sure).

  • Had a highly amusing time in Sainsbury's.  Shopping while slightly manic?  Much more fun.  Because you can add trolley sound-effects out loud without caring.  Brrrrrrrrm brrrrrrrm brrrrrrrrrrrrrrm!  Bought too much interesting salad (still manic).

  • Burned Lost 2.17 & 18 to disc.

  • Tried to fix the hall lightswitch more securely to the wall.  Failed, because the wall is kinda crumbly and not inclined to provide much grip for the rawlplugs.  Oh well.

  • Called the Yorkshire Building Society and discovered that I've either got to go to Eastbourne, or write to them, to do a transfer from one account to the other.  Ho hum.

  • Called Scottish Power and got the sudden and bizarre electricity bill they'd sent me (I have a pre-payment meter!) sorted out.

  • Called the dentist, and was told to call back in three weeks.  Again.  *headdesk*

  • Printed off the rest of the course material for my OU course.

  • Had toast for breakfast!  (I keep forgetting to record my breakfasts, and it is an integral part of PEDW, after all!)

  • Realised that my cat disciplining skills are completely rubbish:
    Xander: *plays up*
    Me: Argh!  I'm going to BEAT YOU!!!! *takes single step towards him*
    Xander: *flees in abject terror and hides under the bed... for 30 seconds*
    Me: *goes back to what I was doing*
    Xander: *emerges, plays up*
    Me: Argh!!!  (....rinse and repeat)

And now I'm going to.... to.... have a go at editing that damn fic, I expect.  Oh, no!  I know: I'm going to answer emails.  That's a good idea.  I'll do that, then.
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Today I have....

  • Sorted out a load of recycling and put the bins out.

  • Remembered to send back the fic that I'd betaed (duh, that part generally helps).

  • Spoken to the DEA person and arranged to get a form to register for permitted work.

  • Spoken to Craig and sorted out about future work stuff.

  • Knitted another section of one scarf that I'm doing, decided to scrap the scarf I've been making for my aunt Mary (in the yarn that the 80's threw up on) and chosen which yarn to use instead.

  • Burnt Lost 2.15 & 2.16 to disc for my brother.

  • Plotted out my fic for the LoM Ficathon.  Well, I say "plotted".... 

  • Refrained from taking a sledgehammer to the bloody boiler.  Because I don't have a sledgehammer.  *sigh*

And finally, have a meme:

If my life were a high-concept movie, it would be Every Which Way But Loose (1978) meets The Sound of Music (1965).

Take the What Is Your High-Concept Movie? quiz.

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(forgot to actually post this yesterday, d'oh!)

  • Sorted out the rubbish for putting outside and cleaned the kitchen bin (wow, exciting)

  • Edited fic some more... nearly there now, I think!

  • Received box of inexplicable size with computer bits in it (see below)

  • Generally faffed about, apparently.  Ooops

So, I got the bits for my computer that I'd ordered.  Namely, a new harddrive (80Gb), a 4 port USB hub (about the size of the palm of my hand), a pen drive (v ickle), a spare USB cable so I can hook my printer up without having to go via the dinosaur of a scanner, and a spindle of 100 blank CDs.  photographic evidence )
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Well, look at that: apparently those memes can be quite accurate at times.  Who'd'a thunk?

DisorderYour Score
Major Depression:Moderate
Bipolar Disorder:Extremely High
Cyclothymia:Very High
Seasonal Affective Disorder:Extremely High
Postpartum Depression:N/A
Take the Depression Test

Although, was surprised the SAD thing came out quite so high.  I had been wondering about it, though (as had Mum), considering the way my mood has gone extra-wonky from around October for the last four years at least.  I think it's been better this year, being in this flat with the enormous windows and great light - especially in the bedroom.  I know I was here last year too, but it can't really be counted because I sort of didn't open the curtains all winter.
It is sort of funny, mind you, that I've apparently got a need for sunlight, when I've been just about the most sun-avoiding person I know for my whole life.  It burrrrrrrrrrrns!
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So, today I have:

  • Done all the washing up

  • Edited my LoM fic and sent it back for beta (again!)

  • Started beta-ing for [ profile] elen_ancalima

  • Got up to date with my flist (what?  it's an accomplishment!)

  • Phoned the DEA bloke for an appointment (am now waiting for him to call me back... must remember to ring again if he doesn't get back to me tomorrow)

  • Cooked myself a proper dinner for a change

  • Started to sort out the tall wobbly pile of books beside my bed

  • Cleaned the big kitchen bin so I can use it for the recycling

That'll do for now.


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