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I never did talk about how Christmas was in the end, did I?  So I shall inflict in upon the world now.  I actually did get everything finished and ready that I needed to.  All my online shopping arrived (whew!) even though the post was all over the place, I finished the present I was making for Mum, and I even made chocolate chip cookies with moderate success!

Branching OutThe scarf for Mum was the Branching Out pattern [Ravlink], and I knitted it in a lovely Merino / Tencel blend that I spun on the wheel – the first time I’ve knit with my own handspun.  I just left it as a single, and it worked really well (imo, anyway!) and I like the way the colour repeats came out.  Mum says she really likes it too, which is the main thing!

I also joined two Christmas swaps, one through the Limegreenjelly group, and one through Plurk.  The post was / is still being less kind where those are concerned.  It seems to have eaten the parcel from the latter altogether, but I have now had my LGJ parcel from Cal, and a fabulous one it is too:

LGJ Xmas Swap 2010

Two braids of LGJ fibre (one Merino/Silk, one Merino, yum!), a beautiful skein of Posh Yarn Elinor, an Orange Blossom perfume stick which I think is from Lush, mini Green & Black’s choccy bars (om nom nom!), a set of Knit Pro interchangeable needle tips and a cable for them (which spookily I’ve been wanting for ages), and an adorable Lego keyring. :-D  I just hope she likes her gifts from me as much as I do mine.

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Since I’m extremely tired today (I have new medication which is making me drowsy, hopefully just for the adjustment period, and every time I sit down somewhere relaxing I drop off!), I’m not going to say much again.  I haven’t managed to finish the shawl yet, but just have the cast off edge to go.  I’ve been setting the twist of some of my handspun:

Setting the twist

Setting the twist

(excuse the rubbish photo), and also marvelling over how the Xandermog can go from FULL ON PESTER mode to fast asleep, you-can’t-wake-me in under five minutes flat.  Still when the result is this little face:

Xandermog on the sofa today


how can you complain?

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Today is my lovely friend [personal profile] Noxie‘s birthday, so much love and happy returns to her!  We originally met through both being fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and are still friends twelve years on!  Isn’t the internet grand?

As for me, I’ve spent the day plying and knitting again – some progress made, nothing finished as yet!  Hopefully I’ll have more to report tomorrow.

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I need an editor to stop me from making horrible puns, don’t I?  But it’s true, today I have been applying myself to plying two bobbins of handspun together.  I haven’t done the whole lot yet, and there won’t be pictures because this is for the Limegreenjelly Christmas swap.  Which means I don’t want my partner to see what I’ve been working on for her, mwahahah… eek, hope she likes it!

Other than that, I’ve also been (still) working on the “Gap Year Travels” Travelling Woman shawl… and I can’t remember if I mentioned this, but I’ve called my particular version of it Gap Year Travels because the colourway of the yarn I’m knitting it in is called Byron Bay.  Which is somewhere I visited while travelling in Australia on my gap year.  Anyway, I’ve nearly finished the shawl – ten rows or so to go, and I don’t think I’m going to have enough of the yarn left.  Fortunately, I do have some solid blue that goes with it well enough that I can use it to finish off.  I hope!  If that doesn’t work, well, I put in that lifeline, so it’ll be easy to rip back without dropping any stitches.  If a bit of a nuisance.  But then I’ll definitely have enough yarn to finish off the edging chart.

In other news, marmite rice cakes are delicious.  That is all.

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This weekend, I'm taking part in the Blogathon, over on my blog. I'm raising money for MDF the Bipolar Organisation and yes, this is a begging post for sponsorship! So, um, please please please please please? Seriously, if you can sponsor me for just a couple of pounds or dollars it would be fantastic - even the smallest amount helps. I've written a bit more about the charity and the whole blogathon process here in my blog.

One of the things I'm planning on blogging about during the 'thon is bipolar disorder, and to try and combat my tendency to ramble on forever, I wanted to decide on some topics to cover in smaller per-post bites. And, I'd also like to ask if anyone has any questions they'd like to ask about bipolar - my experience of it, info in general, impressions gained from the media or fanfic - whatever you want to know. Feel free to ask anything, even if it might be personal. If I'm not comfortable answering then I'll let you know, but I want to try and answer as much as I can. So, here's a handy poll... it'd really help me out if you guys could fill it in (or if you prefer you could fill out the mirrored one on the blog:

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 0

Which bipolar related topics shall I blog about during the Blogathon?

View Answers

My experience with diagnosis.
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With hindsight: when did I first show signs of bipolar?
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My experience with medication.
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When do you tell people you're bipolar?
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Depression: How low can you go?
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Mania / Hypomania: Everything faster than everything else.
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Self management and monitoring moods.
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So, Stacey and her mum on Eastenders... is that a realistic portrayal?
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Agoraphobia and anxiety: my non-optional extras.
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Friends and Family: it's not just all about me.
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And / or ask me a question:

Thank yoooou! :-)

PS - Plzzzzzzzz sponsor me, kthxbai!
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Today is 4th July, which means it’s the start of the Tour de France for this year, and therefore also the Tour de Fleece(I understand the date also has some link with Americans blowing up aliens with fireworks, but I’m not really sure about that.) And what that means is spinning along every day that the Tour de France is on.  I’ve joined up to the Ravelry Group for it – this is my first time, which puts me on the Rookie team and I’m also in Team Jelly Legs, which Jo set up.  That’s appropriate in more ways than one, as spinning every day will no doubt give me jelly legs, and I’m going to be using fibre from her etsy shop, Limegreenjelly.

This is the fibre I’ve started with:
Limegreenjelly Bluefaced Leicester in Turquoise-Navy-Red

It’s Blue Faced Leicester, and it feels absolutely lovely to spin with.  I shall post progress photos when I have them.  And do what I said I would yesterday and give some updates on what I’ve been up to in general!

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She lives!

Mar. 4th, 2009 02:59 pm
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I keep meaning to post, but then I forget. Um. But I am still mostly here, and reading my flist a fair bit of the time.  I'm just sometimes doing other things, like knitting and spinning (moar below) and reading.  Since I've mainly been reading, here's that book meme from a million years ago in interbets-tiem:

The BBC allegedly believes most people will have only read 6 of the 100 books here:
How do your reading habits stack up? Bold those books you've read in their entirety, italicize the ones you started but didn't finish
(I shall also add a little "m" to the ones I've read multiple times)

Booooooooooooks )

Of course, none of those are books that I've been reading recently - those have mainly been of the sci-fi / fantasy bent.  Nothing very new there, then.

Otherwise, as I said, I've been spinning and knitting (and playing with websites, of course).  The knitting has mostly been socks, mittens (fingerless and ... not), gloves, and finally finishing off Mum's birthday shawl.  From last year.  Ahem.  I now also have the strangest urge to actually sew up those two jumpers I knit about a bazillion years ago.  It's not the actual sewing that's been putting me off: it's clearing the space to pin out the bits.  My tip flat, let me show you it.
The spinning is something new.  Ish.  I've been spindle-spinning for a few months, but only a little bit every now and again, and as a result I'm verrrrry slow at it.  This means that my small fibre stash has been nevertheless "too much" for me to be likely to get through.  Not any more, though: Jo has lent me her spare spinning wheel (an Ashford Kiwi), and for the last week I've been zooming away.  I'd learned the basics last October at the Knitting Safari day in Brighton, and then I went to the Kent Guild of Spinners Dyers and Weavers meet with Jo this last Saturday.  I haven't broken out the 'good' fibre yet, but as soon as I'm done with my current lot of 'practice' (= I'm not sure what it is... it's blue!) stuff, I will. :-)


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