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I should have taken a back-up after I posted yesterday.  I should have known.  But silly me, I didn’t.  So the entry I did post is gone, eaten I assume by the server move that’s happening with my web host at the moment.  It didn’t help that I was having computer troubles the same day.

Argh! icon from my LJMy livejournal feed did manage to grab the entry before it vanished again, so I can tell you that it was posted at 23:57, the post id is one which doesn’t exist in my current database, and the excerpt text (whyyyyy did I never change to full text feeds?!) says:

“Oh dear, my computer hasn’t been firing on all cylinders today.  I’m pretty sure the problem was with my virus checker since it all started after a change to that.  I’ve run a ‘repair’ thingy on it, and hopefully everything …”

… and then I continued on to say that all should work now, fingers crossed etc, the end.  That LJ feed will only stay there for 10 days, I think, so it’s not a permanent record.  Bah!

I hope the mods are OK with counting this for yesterday’s NaBloPoMo entry, considering I did post, but it vanished.  I shall drop them a line to check, I think.

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Well, it turned out that my telly was extremely dead - I changed the plug fuse, and it made no difference.  And anyhow, I realised that there had been buzzing from the speakers even if nothing else was happening, so power was getting through.  Yup, it's had it.

Luckily, my brother still had his old 14" portable telly, and he said I can borrow it til I can afford to buy myself a new larger one.  Since he's now feeling somewhat better (he looks pretty scabby and pox-ridden, but he's not contagious any more) and wanted to get out of the house, he and his gf brought it round today.  So wheeee, I got to watch Doctor Who without having to trek round anywhere. *g*  And I can watch the re-run of John Barrowman on the Jonathan Ross Show.  Awesome.  Actually, I might tape that, since I now even have my video player hooked up and tuned in.  Wow, the marvels of modern technology, hey?

DW 3x07 - 42 )
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Well feck!  My TV just went dead.  "Phhhhuttt!" it said, and just.... stopped.  The screen went blank and the little red light disappeared.  Which, hmmm...  could that be the fuse in the plug?  Or is the whole thing just knackered?  It's been on the way out for a while - the picture has been bizarrely too wide for the screen (so what I've been watching is cut off at each side).  And it was flickering horribly before that.  Gah.

I can't afford a new telly.  And I can't sponge borrow some cash off the mother: she's gone on holiday.  Where can I borrow one until I can afford to replace the dead one, I wonder?  I've got to watch Dalziel and Pascoe tomorrow!  It's vital to my life!!!!!!!  [/melodrama]
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Hoorah, new and slightly updated copy of Windows successfully installed.  I think.  The main difficulty I had was that I couldn't get the c:\ drive to format, which was weird.  It just refused to do it, no matter which way I went about it.  (Any ideas, anyone?)  So I ended up installing over the top of my old version, which has caused some slight confusion.  On the plus side, it meant I didn't have to restore anything much.  There was lots of tedious reinstalling of programs, but I'm pretty much done now.  Phew!

Other than that, my day went something like this:

Weather: *nice, maybe even sunny*
Me: *leaves the house to walk to physio appt*
Weather: Ahahah, sucker! *rains*
Me: *arrives at physio*
Weather: *sunny again*
Me: *leaves physio to walk home*
Weather: *lets me walk for about a minute, then starts hailing. then raining.  a lot.*
Me: *indoors*
Weather: *not raining*
Me: *leaves house to walk down to the bus stop*
Weather: *waits about 10 seconds, then RAINS*
Me: *gets on bus*
Weather: *no more rain*

Clearly it's a conspiracy.  On the positive side, the physio appointment was good, and hopefully my back will be fixed fairly soon.  Which will be nice.  And it didn't rain on me when I was at my digital photography course and we were out and about taking pictures.  Which was lots of fun - all sorts of pretentious arty shots were taken... and some silly ones as well. *g*  Now all I have to do is track down which of my unpacked boxes the box for my camera is in, because inside that in turn (like Russian dolls, only way more confusing) is the USB cable.  Which I'm going to need for next week!

Creative writing was good last week, as well.  I'm getting into my new routine pretty well now, which is great.  And to my own surprise, I made it to both Yogalates with Ally on Wednesday evening, and to Pilates on Saturday.  I'd actually decided on Friday not to bother going on Sat morning, and to just have a lie in instead... and then I woke up at 8am.  Of course, the mog promptly realised I was awake, came up to my end of the bed and started pulling my hair and yowling in my ear.  *sigh*  So once I was up to give him breakfast, I figured I might as well get dressed, and before I knew it I was on the bus.  I'm glad I went - it was really good, and I also discovered that it was the last class.  They're going to be doing Yoga at that time instead in the future.  Must give Ally a ring to tell her!  And since it was a nice sunny day, I decided I couldn't be bothered to come straight home and sit on the computer all day reinstalling things, so I got off the bus early and surprised my Mum by popping in for a visit for a couple of hours.  I got fed, too, which was nice, and not at all part of my cunning plan ;-)  So yes, all in all it's going well, and I think factoring in 'days off' has been a definite good idea.  I spent all day yesterday lounging around reading actual paper books without feeling that I "ought" to be doing something else.  Hoorah!
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Well thank feck for that: I seem to be sleeping again.  Only about four hours on Wed/Thurs and Thurs/Fri nights, and it's been a bit all over the place since then, but I feel like I've slept rather than just having dozed.  Plus, I woke up about half an hour before my alarm was due to go off on Thursday, so I got to my Creative Writing course with no problems.  And wheeee, it was excellent!  I'm all enthused.  So much so that I've been poking around the Sussex uni website and looking at the related degree course(s).  I do want to get mine finished one day, after all, and this course can count towards degree study.  So there's something to possibly aim for.  I also started a digital photography class yesterday - this one is purely for fun.  And fun it was, so that works out well.  If I can manage to get into a routine with sleeping properly at night, getting up and going to either one of those two courses or to the gym (or pilates class) in the morning most days, I'll be very happy.  The idea being that that gets me going and motivated, and I'll get other stuff done in the afternoon.

However, I do still need to ring the clinic blah bipolar blah )

Anyway, I might be offline for a few days now - hopefully not, but I always say that, and then I always am. *g*  More upgrades to be done.  This time it should be simple enough - I'm just reformatting the C:\ drive and reinstalling Windows.  Actually, I'm installing a newer version, because I forgot to get the upgrade along with all the hardware upgrades, and now it refuses to update and I'm getting the blue screen of DETHHHH at least twice a day.  Argh!  Oh, and copying CDs is like pulling teeth, so sorry you guys who I said I'd send some stuff.  Luckily burning from my harddrive is not so much of a problem, so I can at least back up everything.  And it bloody well will be everything this time.  Just in case.  Because 'should be simple' and real life don't always meet ;-)

And finally, since I'm sort of back doing studying things, and I'm just too impatient to wait (How incredibly appropriate it is too.  Bwahah!):
The University of Blogging

Presents to

An Honorary
Bachelor of

Majoring in
Self Portraiture


Blogging Degree
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My brother has just told me that he's got the parts for upgrading my computer and will therefore be coming over to get it tomorrow.  OMG, upgrade, you have no idea how much I'm looking forward to you!  Three... no, almost four times the processing power I have now.  Twice the RAM.  Generally newer, shinier, speedier components.  The harddrives and so on remain the same, of course, since all that is relatively new.  There's one other brand new thing in my upgrade: the monitor.  Ohhhh, that's going to be good: my current one squishes the picture into about 80% of the screen width (sometimes it pings back to full width, but mostly not), and anyway the new one is a TFT flatscreen.  Mmmmmmm.  17" again - I'd actually almost decided I wanted a 19" after all, but it's probably better for my bank balance (alright, the remains of my inheritance from Dad) that M went for this one - which after all is the one I chose the last he'd heard of it.

However, since he hadn't told me he'd ordered them already (we had said that he'd do the order last weekend, but he didn't mention it so I thought he'd forgotten), I'm completely unprepared!  So now I have to go and back up... well, not everything because most of my documents and stuff are on D, and we're only going to reformat C.  Program settings, mainly.  But I have to make a list of vital stuff, and .... so on.  Also, I think I will back up a good chunk of my My Docs folder, just in case.  Huh, I'd better find my Windows CD, hadn't I?  Hope it's in the box I think it's in....

Anyhow, I'll be computerless and offline for at least a day, possibly more if there are complications.  I hope there won't be, but you never know!  But I'm tired, so I'm going to bed now, and I'll sort out all this tomorrow: M isn't coming over til after uni, and he's there til 4pm.  Just in case though, TTFN and see you on the other side!
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My broadband connection is down (some problem at my ISP's end that they're "working very hard on"), so I'm online via dial-up.  Wah!  Which means that I'm only zooming through, and now that I've grabbed my email, I'll be dropping back offline again.  Am hoping my proper connection will be back soon!  Grr.

I should probably use this offline time to finish editing my Life on Mars fic so that's it's finally post-able.  But then other people will see it!  Oh noes!  Lalalala, avoidance!  (Yes, I'll pull myself together and get it done in a minute.  I'm just having a idiotic five years minutes.  Don't mind me.)

And because I've really done sod all today, have a meme:

Swiped from [ profile] kabukivice

Which of my icons:

1. is your favorite and why?
2. is your least favorite and why?
3. would you like some context for?
4. have you never noticed I even had before?
5. do you most associate with me?

... and I guess that's all from Post Every Day Week.  It was worryingly easy to post random crap every day!  I might even keep it up without having the meme as an excuse.  Well, maybe.  But I think I probably will start posting more frequently again.  It's been fun! :-)  Especially seeing regular posts from the others on my flist who were doing it too.
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*sigh* My computer has gone a bit dead. Right now, I'm using Mum's laptop, in case Martin can't get my 'puter back up and running in time for me to get my final assignment for my OU course done. Basically, the C:\ drive has turned up it's little toes. It went pop (or more accurately "boop" and abruptly blank-screened, and then refused to boot past detecting the drives) on Saturday night. M is currently installing my spare HDD as the new primary, and retrieving (hopefully) the settings, mail, music and downloads that was on the dead one. Luckily, most of my stuuuuff is on the D:\ drive, which is fine. But if I can't get my mail and so on back... argh! Partly serves me right for not backing anything up for ages. Heh.

Meanwhile, I burned my thumb. Ow. *pouty*
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My Palm (Charlie, the M515) after having behaved perfectly for the more than 18 months since me buying him second-hand from eBay, might be going a bit kaput. The screen isn't responding a lot of the time. I've tried soft and hard rebooting, but that doesn't do the trick. And no, it's not that the screen protector or stylus needs replacing either. I'm pretty sure it is the screen itself, since he works perfectly well when plugged into the keyboard. Bah.

But, on the offchance, I thought I'd see if any of you happen to know anything about this sort of stuff. Is the poor thing on his last legs, or might there be anything I can do? Other than the horrendous expense of whatever want to do to fix it. Would I be better off getting a new one? Any suggestions at all? Heeeelp?
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Dude. Huh. Just walked past (notquite)Draco Malfoy doing strange and mysterious things with six-foot high giant rolls of bubblewrap. He was wearing a white lab coat. How very surreal....

Also, I'm on a strange high generated by having validated a great big complicated site to XHMTL 1.0 Strict. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!




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