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Well.... damnit.  I called the dentist this morning, and guess what?  Apparently, I'm no longer a "current patient" of theirs, and would therefore have to come in to fill out a new set of forms and leave a deposit.  They can fit me in for that at the end of January.  Great!  When I asked them how come I hadn't had a notification that I should make an appointment to keep me "current" (like I get from the optician, for example), they told me it's the patient's responsibility to keep track of that.  *sigh*  Unfortunately for me, my brane can't really cope with that kind of thing these days: it's a cause for celebration if I make it to my doctors or psychiatrist appointments.  I've been trying to get up to the hospital for a simple blood test for the last four months or so and haven't made it yet.  And my mother is actually going to come and get me and shepherd me to my upcoming optician and med exam appointments to make sure I don't have an "omg cannot leave house" moment.  Keeping track of time (especially considering that I'm tending to lose months here and there when I get low) to know that I even should be making an appointment is highly unlikely to happen.  *siiiiigh*  I suck.

Anyway, I'm told that all I can do is either wait til January (or try a different dentist and see if they'd take me on, I spose), or call the emergency service.  Which, had I known all this, I could have done on bloody Friday when this happened.  Gah.  But anyway, I'm only sposed to do it if I'm "in pain".  Um.  Well, my tongue is certainly painful, and I can't eat or speak without plenty of difficulty and discomfort.  Do you think that counts?  The tooth itself doesn't hurt though.  I spose the only thing I can do is call when they open at 6:30pm and find out.  And sincerely hope that they aren't in some out of the way place that I can't get to.  Because of course most of the buses stop after 6:30, too.  This should be fun.

ETA: At suggestion of The Mother, I called my old (her current) dentist, who hadn't been accepting 'new' patients when I moved back to town.  But now they are, and lo!  Despite there being some weird computer thing that needs a senior receptionist to sort out in the morning due to my having been on the old system, they can probably take me back on to their books and fit me in for an emergency appt tomorrow.  I think I'd rather do that than try the out of hours clinic, which covers the whole of this area and so might not even be based in this town tonight!  If I was still allowed to drive it'd be one thing, but no: too mad!  Oh well.
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Finally saw the new Bond film today with teh brother, and enjoyed it very muchly!  Daniel Craig still hot, Judy Dench still awesome - no surprises there.  However, as I was settling in to enjoy said film, I had a popcorn related incident.... and broke my freaking back tooth.  Gah!!  There was a sneaky kernel hiding inside a popped bit, and it got me.  It doesn't hurt or anything, but there's quite a large chunk gone and what is left is now stabbing my tongue :-/  And of course it's Friday evening so I can't even call a dentist now until Monday.  Even though nothing like this has ever happened before, I know it's not exactly worth going to an emergency clinic.  Nevertheless, I'm like the person who's never been sick a day in their lives suddenly getting a cold.  OMG DRAMA!!!  What if I have to have a filling or whatever it is they do?  My trips to the dentist only ever consist of a check-up and being told all is well.  On the bright side, at least I'm covered for any treatment, so it's not going to cost me an arm and a leg.

As far as other stuff goes, I've just realised I haven't watched last week's ep of Merlin yet.  Must do that this evening!  I've been enjoying Strictly, as I do every year.  Oh, and I've recently started watching Dexter - I just finished the first season.  Very cool.  Other than that, I've been website-ing, mostly playing with php code and Wordpress for a couple of sites.  One of them is the site for C. House, the drop-in ("well-being") centre that I go to.  As well as that, I'm about to be roped in to help my bro produce a website for a project he's doing - I think they just need someone to do the coding.  And then, I might be interviewed for / taking part in the final-project film of one of the girls in his year, which is about strategies for living with mental illness.  It's all go!


Mar. 8th, 2008 12:53 pm
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I shan't go into details because it'll put you off your [whatever], but today is not so fabulous so far.  Remedies for unhappy tummies, anybody?  *looks pathetic*

Er, let's see, distractions... I spose I could go back to bed and work on my Pentathlon sock.  Or something.  I ballsed up the short row heel (what, it's the first one I've done with wraps to pick up... the garter stitch version was much easier!) so I should probably rip back and re-do it.

Gah, I've got to start feeling better soon, right?  Come on, self.  Stop it now.



You know, I think I'm getting there.  Good :-)

Dear LJ...

Jun. 29th, 2007 11:11 am
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Where are my comment notification emails?  Where are they???  *grabs and shakes to see if they might topple out onto the floor*

..... nope.



In other news:  mmmmm, cashews.  Mmmmmm :-)
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Is there anything I can do about this?  I'm sure there's sposed to be something, but I can't remember what.  Hellllllp!

Wish me luck: I'm going back in(to the kitchen).  Dun dun dunnnnnn!
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Well feck!  My TV just went dead.  "Phhhhuttt!" it said, and just.... stopped.  The screen went blank and the little red light disappeared.  Which, hmmm...  could that be the fuse in the plug?  Or is the whole thing just knackered?  It's been on the way out for a while - the picture has been bizarrely too wide for the screen (so what I've been watching is cut off at each side).  And it was flickering horribly before that.  Gah.

I can't afford a new telly.  And I can't sponge borrow some cash off the mother: she's gone on holiday.  Where can I borrow one until I can afford to replace the dead one, I wonder?  I've got to watch Dalziel and Pascoe tomorrow!  It's vital to my life!!!!!!!  [/melodrama]


May. 3rd, 2007 11:54 pm
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Power cuts = argh.

The end.

(I had more to say, but now I've forgotten it.  D'oh.)
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Hoorah, new and slightly updated copy of Windows successfully installed.  I think.  The main difficulty I had was that I couldn't get the c:\ drive to format, which was weird.  It just refused to do it, no matter which way I went about it.  (Any ideas, anyone?)  So I ended up installing over the top of my old version, which has caused some slight confusion.  On the plus side, it meant I didn't have to restore anything much.  There was lots of tedious reinstalling of programs, but I'm pretty much done now.  Phew!

Other than that, my day went something like this:

Weather: *nice, maybe even sunny*
Me: *leaves the house to walk to physio appt*
Weather: Ahahah, sucker! *rains*
Me: *arrives at physio*
Weather: *sunny again*
Me: *leaves physio to walk home*
Weather: *lets me walk for about a minute, then starts hailing. then raining.  a lot.*
Me: *indoors*
Weather: *not raining*
Me: *leaves house to walk down to the bus stop*
Weather: *waits about 10 seconds, then RAINS*
Me: *gets on bus*
Weather: *no more rain*

Clearly it's a conspiracy.  On the positive side, the physio appointment was good, and hopefully my back will be fixed fairly soon.  Which will be nice.  And it didn't rain on me when I was at my digital photography course and we were out and about taking pictures.  Which was lots of fun - all sorts of pretentious arty shots were taken... and some silly ones as well. *g*  Now all I have to do is track down which of my unpacked boxes the box for my camera is in, because inside that in turn (like Russian dolls, only way more confusing) is the USB cable.  Which I'm going to need for next week!

Creative writing was good last week, as well.  I'm getting into my new routine pretty well now, which is great.  And to my own surprise, I made it to both Yogalates with Ally on Wednesday evening, and to Pilates on Saturday.  I'd actually decided on Friday not to bother going on Sat morning, and to just have a lie in instead... and then I woke up at 8am.  Of course, the mog promptly realised I was awake, came up to my end of the bed and started pulling my hair and yowling in my ear.  *sigh*  So once I was up to give him breakfast, I figured I might as well get dressed, and before I knew it I was on the bus.  I'm glad I went - it was really good, and I also discovered that it was the last class.  They're going to be doing Yoga at that time instead in the future.  Must give Ally a ring to tell her!  And since it was a nice sunny day, I decided I couldn't be bothered to come straight home and sit on the computer all day reinstalling things, so I got off the bus early and surprised my Mum by popping in for a visit for a couple of hours.  I got fed, too, which was nice, and not at all part of my cunning plan ;-)  So yes, all in all it's going well, and I think factoring in 'days off' has been a definite good idea.  I spent all day yesterday lounging around reading actual paper books without feeling that I "ought" to be doing something else.  Hoorah!
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The Xandermog amuses me, with his little self-decided routine.  Actually, I should follow his example, and I do mean to.  Because he's very determined about the exact times he thinks certain things should take place - having his meds, having his food, when he goes outside and comes back in (and I get told off when I'm late), bed time, getting up time....  Right now, for example, is Xander-and-me-hanging-out time.  And since I have't obliged him by coming and sitting on the sofa to watch telly, he's come to the mountain )
Bless!  I feel kind of bad, though - maybe I should move his bed over here, or something.

But anyway, what I originally meant to start out by saying (before I got distracted by the furry cute thing) was a big THANK YOU and lots of love & stuff to my lovely flist who sent me greetings on Valentinr.  And for you big dorks who accidentally sent me two because you couldn't remember if you'd done it or not... don't worry, I did the exact same thing to a couple of people myself, I think.  What are we like? *g*

*several hours break during which I am mainly on the phone.  ow my ear.*

And back to the LJ entry!  This week has been partially productive.  I got the coding and graphics for Ally's online shop done, and yesterday she came over and we worked on some of the tedious backend bits, configuring the e-commerce app.  Obviously that's not all we did: we also went to Pilates first (about which there is more to tell), and when we got back we had lunch, which she'd brought with her.  We were going to have pancakes, too, but we forgot.  D'oh!  But anyway, pilates: the class itself was great, though I'm really feeling it in my back today.  I'm definitely going have to call that sports massage therapist, if not go back to the doctor if this keeps up.  The instructor is also going to check up some alternate things I can do instead of the parts that hurt.

However, the problem was, blah blah )

Other than that, I've.... been joyous about LoM? *g*  I'm sure I've been doing other things, but now it's late again and I'm sleeeeeepy.  Um?  How're you?
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# Hoorah!  I'm back.  And my brother, with no prompting from me has named my newly upgraded computer "Rodney".  This is beyond perfect, as the extra-fast 'brains' of the machine are currently clad in my old rather bulky and unflattering beige case (which will be replaced with something more sleek and appropriately coloured soonish).  Meanwhile, my new monitor is slim, attractive, and black-and-grey.  Naturally, I instantly christened it John.  Fandom rulz etc.  No change there then.  Anyway, I now have a system that's 4 times faster than my old one.  So much quieter, too - don't know if it was the old fan or hdd or both, but there's a huge difference.  I like it muchly.

# However, the reason the upgrading took so long was that there was a period of oh-crap-it's-all-gone-horribly-wrong because after M had put the new system together, he reformatted the C drive, reinstalled Windows.... and it all crashed hideously, had some kind of cascade failure and took my secondary drive (the one with all my stuff on it) with it.  And because I'd been a bit manic and my old system was so knackered, I hadn't bothered backing everything up properly.  Some stuff I had, but not all of it - not any media, basically.  The big stuff that would have taken ages to burn since it was taking about an hour to burn one CD.  Whoops.  So anyway, it was off to the computer shop after all for a recovery job, and the end result is that I have a new secondary drive, and that I'm using the smaller spare drive I had hanging about as my C drive.  The computer shop managed to get about half of my media back - naturally they were able to restore everything that I did have backed up to CD anyway.  But I should be get my other stuff back again, so it's all good.

# The Xandermog seems to have hurt his back leg again: it keeps giving way under him, causing him to randomly fall over even more than usual.  I think I know why / how he did it: he's been really daft and playful, and seems to have got the idea in his head that he's a monkey.  Some cats can carry off that kind of leaping and climbing.  Not him.  *sigh*

# I'm having a bit of a wonky time and my meds probably need adjusting or something.  So I might not be around much, or I might be around a lot, or I might be manic and annoying, etc etc.  Anyway, have been trying to have it sorted out before it gets worse, but if I disappear for a while then I'm in the process of doing that.  Or something. :-)

In other news:
I am worth $2,169,676 on
How much are you worth?
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This is me procrastinating on the present-wrapping for no real reason.  Um.  No, still no idea why I'm not doing it, except that teh internets clearly exerts an irresistible pull over me, or something.  I'll just stay here, then.  *zombies*

Actually, I really should get on, because I'm thinking about imposing myself on Mum for dinner and TV this evening.  Because due to there not being a proper TV aerial installed in this flat, the reception is completely shite.  The terrestrial channels are snowy to the point of obscurity, and the freeview constantly pixellates and cuts out altogether. *pouty*  All of which doesn't bode well for watching Torchwood tonight, never mind anything else.  Also, means I'm not really going to be able to tape stuff over Christmas either.  Feh.  At least I'll be able to d/l some things.

But just because I can, I'm going to give myself one more time waster.  Yes, it's that what's in your bag meme )

Alright, that's enough.  Present wrapping time!!  Off I go.
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I got all moved into the new flat on Monday with not too much hassle, and with the aid of some duct tape, redirected my phone line in here. And look, broadband still working so far - yay! Not that I've had much online time, because the movers... well, let's say they didn't exactly place things appropriately. *headdesk* We did, at least manage to get them to set up my bed so that I can sleep in it! Everything else was quite literally left in enormous piles all over the place.

Then of course, car accident --> back still pretty ow --> can't move heavy stuff myself = had to wait for my brother to be free to come and drag furniture around for me. Which he did, and he did way more than I was expecting him to, as well. I just meant to ask him to shift the sofa and telly-dvd-freeview setup, and make a moderately clear space so that I could get this thing up and running as well, but he's actually moved all the furniture to the walls as well. Doing Kuk Sool apparantly builds some serious muscles! Anyway, now I only have boxes in the middle of the living room and it looks loads clearer and bigger again. Plus, I have the computer desk in the probably-right place (unless I decide to move stuff round later) as well as the sofa / telly and the dining table. And for now, it's livable around until (a) my back is better and I can move things myself, and (b) it's after Christmas and people (Mum) are available to help me with the proper unpacking and sorting. Also, I've decided to get rid of my old single bed that I've been using as a sort-of sofa. I'd mainly been hanging on to it for sentimental reasons, but it takes up too much room, and considering how often I have someone to stay... Also, Mum is making noises about how a decent sofabed would be better, and she's right.

But anyway! I'm here! I'm in the process of getting sorted! New upstairs neighbours are also moved in and seem very nice... and aren't noisy or annoying - yes, I can hear them moving about, and the odd bit of background noise, but it's actually kind of nice. I think I've been alone in this huge great building too long, because it's oddly comforting hearing footsteps or faint music / TV noise above me.

Now I should go and wrap Christmas presents. Because time is marching on, omg. Wheeee!
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I know, I know.  All I ever do in this journal is whine and moan, and make a load of drama out of not a whole lot really.  And I've been thinking about that recently: even though I tend to think of myself as being on LJ for fannish purposes, and even though I (initially at least) got to know almost everyone on my flist via one fandom or another... I hardly ever post fannish stuff myself.  Just omg-my-life-is-soooo-hard (sitting around at home on my computer all day not working, woe is me, hah!) stuff.  So!  I'm going to try and balance it out a bit more.  Inflict my fannish thoughts on here as well as everything else.  Oh yeah, and talk about the more positive day-to-day stuff as well ;-)

Thing is, though, this journal acts as a bit of a safety valve for me.  I get all the melodrama off my chest by writing it in here, and then I can go on and deal with life much more easily.  It's all very therapeutic! *g*  Also, I sometimes have my tongue in my cheek about the level of WOE... I hope that comes across.  Because I know I can be too deadpan in 'real life' - it's a bad habit. Mwahah.  But my Mum certainly thought the other day that I was serious about the temporary loss of my broadband that's coming up being the end of the world as far as I was concerned.  Uh, no, I think I'll live.  I'm not pleased, but I'm not going to be cast into the depths of deepest despair.  Anyway, I have a cunning plan (cunning like a fox!).

But for now, I shall have a vent (with a bit of redeeming mockery), if nobody minds.  And if you do, well, I'm going to do it behind a cut tag, so you can just skip on by! )

And to balance things out I shall make a Post of Yay tomorrow (too late now - *yawn*).  I promise. :-)

Weird day

Dec. 6th, 2006 04:33 pm
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It's been kind of an odd day so far.  First of all I checked my flist and saw the news about both Laz's dad and minitrogTrog.  Which, you know.  I can't think of anything to say about that doesn't sound stupid and/or trite.

Then there's car accident stuff )

As well as all that, there's tedious moving stuff )
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Today (technically yesterday by now), I had a lovely day - I drove up to chez [ profile] ladymoonray, [ profile] swisstone, [ profile] tamaranth, et al, and took the train with them up to Charing Cross, then walked back across the bridge where we met lots of lovely people - most of whom where new to me in RL if not by LJ-in-passing - and had a scrummy South American Christmas lunch.  Fun, and bit different!  I left at about 5:30 along with [ profile] ladymoonray and [ profile] swisstone, cos I was getting kind of tired, and had to drive back from their place as well after taking the train back that far.  So far so good.  Hoorah!  Anyway, the fresh air perked me up, and I decided not to dawdle too much on the way home, though I didn't want to rush it either.

So off I went, and this is where it all goes a bit wrong )

And now I've got that off my chest I feel... still kind of weird and wobbly, actually.  Huh.  Suck.  Maybe I should try sleeping, after all.
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So much for bed and sleep.  I went to put the rubbish out and get the cat in - and yes, I was kind of late, but he hadn't gone out until later than usual either, so.  But there was no cat waiting at the door, and no cat appearing from round the corner.  Not even the wrong cat, which has happened before.  No cat, zero, zilch, nil, nada.  Damnit.  So there was the usual routine of spending a while whistling and calling, and then I went for reinforcements - a box of cat biscuits and a torch.

I found him.  Sort of.  *sigh*  He's gone and got himself stuck in Ian's garden (the basement flat of this house) again, and the daft beast can't get out.  He can jump down from the walls, but he can't get back up again.  By this time, it was past 1am, and kind of late to go knocking on Ian's door to ask if I can trapise through his house - and bedroom, since that's where the back door is! - to fetch the monster back.  So I spent some considerable time trying to persuade him to go down to the far end of the garden and jump up to the wall there, where it's lower.  And he so very nearly got the idea, too!  He went halfway down and tried jumping, but fell back, then after thinking about it for a little while, he did go to the end of the garden.... then for whatever xander-y reason, came running back, miaowing at me all the way before he even tried jumping up.  Oh, I should explain that he got down there (I'm pretty sure) by walking round the scaffolding that runs round the ground floor level of the house, getting onto the wall between Ian's garden and Doug's next door, and then making his way down into the garden.  To track him down, I'd had to walk round to the back of the house on the damn scaffolding, in the dark, too.

So, after spending some time trying to distance cat-herd (can't think why that didn't work out), I suggested to him that he try shouting a bit louder to see if he could get Ian's attention.  He did actually try to jump up onto the windowsill - and his apparant grasp on the English language is actually getting a little surprising now.  But no, no luck.  So I came back up here, fetched Xander's carry box and a plug extension cord that was happily gettable-at in the Room Of Crap (where all my boxes and bags of packed stuff are)... then went back round the back of the house on the scaffolding, tied the extension cord to the mogbox handle, and lowered it down.  So, now he at least has somewhere sort-of familiar that he can sleep overnight, I hope.  And now I'm going to go crash for a few hours, I hope, drag myself back out of bed at first light, and that beast had better still be there, and be OK.  Because he's had a couple of fits lately, and him missing his meds even for the one dose isn't going to help.

Just hope Ian will be up early (he usually is) and in the mood to answer his door (he often isn't).  Cos I can't find his phone number.


ETA 7:30am - just looked out the kitchen window before going down to see if I could get hold of Ian... and there was the beastly beast standing on the front path. So I pelted downstairs... and of course by the time I got there, some bloke had come out to get in his car and the mog had vanished again. But this time, he did come when I called him, and he's now indoors, very soggy, hungry, but hopefully none the worse for his night out. Horrid daft monster. *squishes him* So, he can get himself out of Ian's garden after all! BEAST! (I've also hoisted the cat box back up from Ian's garden. Although it was almost tempting to leave it there, just to puzzle the builders *g*. Except, I don't really want a decent extension lead getting rained on too much, so.)


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