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Looking at all this in one go, I may have gone a tiny bit loopy... but recently I've been signing up to stuff.  And making commitments, and all that kind of thing.  Which I am going to follow through on, yes I am!  Because, hoorah, I'm feeling sufficiently better.
  1. Blogathon '07, which is taking place on 28th-29th July.  I'm going to be taking part in it over on my other blog, mainly because I'm going to be doing a knitting-y theme for the most part.  More details are over here, including what you'll get if you're kind enough to sponsor me.  The charity I'm blogging for is MDF (Manic Depression Fellowship) The Bipolar Organisation - it's something that's obviously near to my heart (or, um, brayne) and I'd like to support them with more than the piddly membership fee that I pay annually.  So, sponsor me kplzthx?  I'll love you lots, and stuff.

  2. In addition to my own blogging, I've signed up to be part of the [ profile] fandom_helps group blog.  So if you fancy doing some fandom-related blogathoning and/or you don't think you can manage the entire 24-hours yourself, come join us!  The more the merrier!!

  3. I've signed up for the [ profile] brit_knits Stash Swap, and SP11 - yay yarn (and other knitting related stuuuuuff) swapping!  Although, I haven't had my stash swap details from [ profile] miss_bell yet, and I think I should have... unless she's just running a bit behind.  Don't want to pester her, but I think I'll drop her a mail if I haven't heard anything in the next few days.  I really do want to clear a few things out of my stash that I'm never going to use - nice yarn, but stuff that I bought in a fit of "ooo, on sale!" with no real idea of what I was going to do with it.  D'oh!

  4. I've rejoined the gym, and paid for a year in advance.  This works out cheaper overall, and means that... I have a year's membership!  So now I can go to all the classes I want (with Ally, or on my own) and I also plan to start swimming again, and go back to working out in the gym proper.  Because I'm feeling a lot better in my head, so I want to feel better in my bod as well.

  5. In the same vein, I joined Slimming World last week.  I've sort of tried to do the healthy eating thing, but I've been utterly rubbish at it without any outside motivation and structure.  I asked the doctor for help, but they just gave me the sort of advice that I already knew, and just wasn't acting on.  So, I shall now be going to this weekly group, and I have a target and everything.  Plus, I really like their food optimising thingy.  I've been doing well on it so far, and I think I can stick to it: already, I don't fancy the sort of food I was scoffing randomly beforehand.  No more crisps and chocolate and Pepsi all the time.  Except, I can have that stuff if I really want, only I have to record and count it... and that's seeming to make the difference for me.  Well, we shall see tomorrow if I've lost any weight.  Fingers crossed!  I think I'm either going to have a weight / fitness stuff filter, or I'm going to use another LJ I have for all those things.  Not quite decided yet.  *ponders*  Is anyone actually interested in following along?

  6. And finally, since my head is doing better, my doctor has told me I can start doing wrrk again!  Part time, and taking it carefully so I don't over-do things and knock myself back again (*sigh*).  So I called Fiona, and it looks like she might have something for me.  Yay!  This means I have to arrange stuff with the Incapacity Benefits people (there's this thing called Permitted Work you sign up to) and with Housing Benefit and so on.  Which is a pain in the arse of a procedure, but necessary.  Still, work = good! :-)

Aaaaaaaaaaaand that's about it.  For now.
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I'm sorry, I just have to dump my current omg-too-much-to-do-ness out of my brain and onto LJ.  It's my own fault: I procrastinated as per usual, and now I've had to work hard and feel thoroughly dedd(d).  Mainly I've been working on Ally's online shop because I asked her to come over tomorrow to go over the final bits and bobs for that.  And it is pretty much done, I think: hoorah!  But I also have a Very Basic How-To on updating a website to write tonight.  Not for Ally, for someone else.  And all sorts of housework-y things, because (wheeeee!) liek_omg_Sann is arriving on Thursday for a week long stay. :-D

Luckily, there is now actual space in my living room because my Mum and brother were finally able to come over and help me get the furniture into the right places last week.  So it's mainly a matter of unpacking the last boxes into / onto said furniture, finishing the dusting and hoovering (bleugh, allergies), and getting the air bed out.

But, I do still have coding to tackle, and I should get back to it now.  I feel better for having a little break - other than this, I've been glued to the computer since 9am except for a break for lunch and another one to go to the post office (sending out mooched books), charge my electric and gas keys, and get my train ticket to meet Sann at the airport on Thurs.  I'm glad I did that because it was a nice walk and the weather was lovely.  But oh, I so wanted to take a book with me and keep walking those few metres further down the hill to the beach.  A book and / or some knitting.  I've been dying to read or knit today especially since I have scrummy yarn calling to me and a pile of new-to-me books from Bookmooch.  But I can't.  Not yet. *whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine*  I'm even taping Holby Blue so (a) S and I can watch it together and (b) I'll have more time for the working.  Oh well.  Back to it!  It isn't like I don't enjoy the website-ing, after all.  It's just the deadlines.  I suck at those.

In other news, I'm not as strange as I thought )
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The Xandermog amuses me, with his little self-decided routine.  Actually, I should follow his example, and I do mean to.  Because he's very determined about the exact times he thinks certain things should take place - having his meds, having his food, when he goes outside and comes back in (and I get told off when I'm late), bed time, getting up time....  Right now, for example, is Xander-and-me-hanging-out time.  And since I have't obliged him by coming and sitting on the sofa to watch telly, he's come to the mountain )
Bless!  I feel kind of bad, though - maybe I should move his bed over here, or something.

But anyway, what I originally meant to start out by saying (before I got distracted by the furry cute thing) was a big THANK YOU and lots of love & stuff to my lovely flist who sent me greetings on Valentinr.  And for you big dorks who accidentally sent me two because you couldn't remember if you'd done it or not... don't worry, I did the exact same thing to a couple of people myself, I think.  What are we like? *g*

*several hours break during which I am mainly on the phone.  ow my ear.*

And back to the LJ entry!  This week has been partially productive.  I got the coding and graphics for Ally's online shop done, and yesterday she came over and we worked on some of the tedious backend bits, configuring the e-commerce app.  Obviously that's not all we did: we also went to Pilates first (about which there is more to tell), and when we got back we had lunch, which she'd brought with her.  We were going to have pancakes, too, but we forgot.  D'oh!  But anyway, pilates: the class itself was great, though I'm really feeling it in my back today.  I'm definitely going have to call that sports massage therapist, if not go back to the doctor if this keeps up.  The instructor is also going to check up some alternate things I can do instead of the parts that hurt.

However, the problem was, blah blah )

Other than that, I've.... been joyous about LoM? *g*  I'm sure I've been doing other things, but now it's late again and I'm sleeeeeepy.  Um?  How're you?
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Wow, I've suddenly come over dead tired.  Like, one step from faceplanting into the keyboard tired.  Probably because I've actually been exercising my brain for a lot of the day - very unlike me!  In fact, exercise of any kind is pretty unlike me, and I've had an oddly busy week, so maybe that's it.

So let's see... I had my eye test on Monday, and got a few things done at the shops.  I've been doing various bits around the flat all week.  Tuesday... I'm sure I did something, but all I can remember right now is that I finished the front of the little jumper I'm knitting - now I have some dreaded sewing together to do before I can finish up the neckband and try to assemble it into something like a proper garment.  Hah!  Wednesday, I had an appointment with the Jobseekers "outreach" people at C. House (which is all of 30 seconds walk from my flat, so no excuses there!  Unlike the whole five minute walk to H. House, oh noes) because I've been on Incapacity benefit for bloody ages, and something about a policy change, and anyway it's voluntary for me to go and see them which it wouldn't be if I'd gone onto Incap Ben more recently.  Whatever.  The point is, they were basically checking up to see how I was doing, but not putting any pressure on.  And in fact the lady I saw has offered to make enquiries for me about local choirs, and also suggested I could do one of the free courses they offer.  Now, most of them I'm kind of more qualified to teach (future volunteer work, maybe?), but there are a couple - creative writing and digital photography - that look interesting.

Anyway, the rest of Wednesday I was stuck indoors (because I would have been so outdoorsy otherwise *snerk*) while the window fitters came and replaced some of the not-quite-right windows.  At last, I have obscured glass in the huge bathroom window.  Yay!  Then in the evening, I went to "yogalates" (bit of yoga, bit of pilates, apparently) with Ally and Clara.  Which was really good (and yes, alright, I do sometimes do exercise - don't tell anyone!), only it turned out that my gym membership, being a concessionary one, doesn't cover classes in the evenings.  D'oh!  So it cost me £4.60 - I think I shall go to the Saturday morning Pilates class instead, then, which is free on my card.

Thursday morning was taken up with the window fitters finishing the windows.  Then Mum was here Thursday afternoon and we were doing flat-sorting things.  And then today, Ally came over.  Which was lots of fun.  We made cream of mushroom soup (soooooooooooo yummy, and even healthy into the bargain since it's a low fat recipe), and worked out a load of stuff for her website.  The upshot of it is, she's going to have a separate site altogether for her online jewellery shop, because she can sell worldwide from that, and keep her existing site as more of a portfolio display site.  Gorgeous as her mirrors and glass panels are, they're not exactly easy to pop in the post, so that side of the business is necessarily more local and can be based around her physical shop with the website as a backup marketing tool.

... I think my 'work' head came back.  Huh.  I almost sounded like I know what I'm talking about just then, and that's just weird.

But I'm still dead tired.  Which isn't all that surprising, because what with being distracted by the cat and my Mum phoning (oh, did I mention?  My broadband is back!  Wooohooooo!), it's taken me about two hours to write this, and now it's definitely bed time.  Zzzzzzzzz!
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Today I have....

  • Sorted out a load of recycling and put the bins out.

  • Remembered to send back the fic that I'd betaed (duh, that part generally helps).

  • Spoken to the DEA person and arranged to get a form to register for permitted work.

  • Spoken to Craig and sorted out about future work stuff.

  • Knitted another section of one scarf that I'm doing, decided to scrap the scarf I've been making for my aunt Mary (in the yarn that the 80's threw up on) and chosen which yarn to use instead.

  • Burnt Lost 2.15 & 2.16 to disc for my brother.

  • Plotted out my fic for the LoM Ficathon.  Well, I say "plotted".... 

  • Refrained from taking a sledgehammer to the bloody boiler.  Because I don't have a sledgehammer.  *sigh*

And finally, have a meme:

If my life were a high-concept movie, it would be Every Which Way But Loose (1978) meets The Sound of Music (1965).

Take the What Is Your High-Concept Movie? quiz.

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I should be working.  I should be writing a really easy javascript rollover for this client's site.  It will take me all of 5 mins.  I like writing code.

I'm not doing it.

I'm kind of writing fic instead.  Well, not "kind of".  I am.  Bad Lou.  I ought to leave the fic writing til later.  Fic = no money.  Website = yay money!  Plus, the fic is probably a load of rubbish, and the site is looking fairly OK.  And EARNS ME MONEY.  Come on, self, get motivated.

I spose the trouble is, it's so nice to be able to write again (both fictionally and factually - note me actually posting here again after months of silence) that I don't want to stop.  My words came back, and I want to use them, damnit.  And since tons of ideas turned up alongside the words.... yeah.  Writey McWrite.

In other news (See The Mighty Lou Procrastinate for England!):
  • One of our dustbins returned as mysteriously as it had vanished.  No sign of the other one, though.  And the Letting Agent surprised me slightly by offering to ask the Landlord if he'd buy replacements even though the dustbins "weren't on the inventory".  Well of course they bloody weren't: they're outside!  The inventory was only of things in the flat.  Which was, um, nothing other than the carpets, kitchen cabinets, and built-in oven.  But anyway.  He won't buy a new one, I'm sure, but at least they offered to ask.  Heh.

  • Rang the DVLA (again) to check on the progress of getting-my-driving-licence-back.  After I'd had the authorisation form from my doctor, I rang the clinic on the Monday and spoke to my doctor's secretary.  She told me to include a letter to the doctor when I sent the form back.  So I did, and a couple of days later he called me to see how I was doing (I'd told him in the letter, but someone else could have written that for me, after all) as he was filling out the medical questionnaire then.  So, he now has it from me that I'm not having the sleeping probs any more, and presumably the questionnaire was sent back to the DVLA not long after that.  Which would have been around 24th Feb, let's say.  However, the DVLA haven't "officially received" it yet.  Because according to the chap I spoke to yesterday, it can take them up to three weeks - let me say that again in case you missed it: three weeks - to "process mail and enter it into the system" once it's physically arrived, and until they've done that, it doesn't count as having been received.

    *HEADDESK*  I just have no more words.  I have an acronym, though: FFS.  *sigh*

Alright.  Must stop with the procrastination now.  Work!  Money!!  Yaaaaaaaaay!!!  (Wow, and that almost worked, as well...)
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Well, actually, I've been to Brough (which is about 10 miles from Hull, so near enough that I can justify that subject line) to visit Hannah and Craig, meet Scott, and see how well Craig, Scott and I can work together.  And the answer seems to be: pretty well.  So we did a day's work on Tuesday, and they have more for me to do next week as well.  With more in the future if all goes according to plan.  Hoorah!  Most of what I did on Tuesday was a design for their site, which at the moment is more of a holding page.  So we made it shiny, and validated, and DDA compliant.  Mmmmmmm.  It should be going up sometime soon.

I travelled up by train, and just to make the journey that bit more fun, I had problems with the St Leonards - London leg, both ways.  Bloody trains )  The Hull Trains service was lovely, though - they have even newer trains than before, with little stylised Humber Bridges on the seat covers, and plug sockets by all the seats for your laptop or phone.  Sweet.

But anyway, work = good.  And if I can keep my head from imploding on me, I should be able to build up to doing enough work to support myself.  Which would be nice.


Jan. 19th, 2004 11:00 am
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I know it's daft, but it was kinda nice driving to work, this morning.  Especially since it was yucky and rainy and I was warm and dry!  But that wasn't it really - it was just the fact of driving to a job, in my own car. A new experince, that *g*. So I got here (note: I'm actually writing this while at work on on my Palm, and it'll be posted when I get home), not without a bit of trouble working out where I was 'sposed to go, parked, and found the gatehouse. It's pretty high security/safety at this place!  Had to watch a safety vid, then answer questions on it before I was handed a little certificate, a pass, a hard hat and a fluorescent jacket, and sent off to this office.  V exciting!  Had to turn my phone off, so no sms-to-lj for me today.

On arriving at the office, I discovered what I'm going to be doing today: not a lot!  The office admin lady had to go to another branch, and there's no-one else here, so I'm now covering the phones. Which don't ring too often.  Heh.


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