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  • Don't wear those particular shoes in wet weather.  The right one leaks at the toe.  Ewwwwwwwww.  *squelch* :-(

  • The lady I had an interview for a course with today is married to my fave science teacher from school!  Hi Mr P!

  • The phone and the doorbell will both ring five minutes before you have to leave the house for an appointment, and neither will be things you can put off.

  • Cap sleeves (knit from the bottom up) have an enormous cast-on edge.  HUGE!  Which makes perfect sense when you actually think about it.

  • The cat will only get squarely in the camera shot when you're trying to take a photo of something else entirely.

  • When you make changes to the rss feed template of your Movable Type blog, then rebuild that template, it results in all the posts liek evah turning up again on the LJ Feed for said blog and therefore cluttering friendslists.  Many apologies to the three people that were affected!  I shall try not to do it again, but I might, because I'm not sure I'm quite happy with it yet *hides*.
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The Xandermog amuses me, with his little self-decided routine.  Actually, I should follow his example, and I do mean to.  Because he's very determined about the exact times he thinks certain things should take place - having his meds, having his food, when he goes outside and comes back in (and I get told off when I'm late), bed time, getting up time....  Right now, for example, is Xander-and-me-hanging-out time.  And since I have't obliged him by coming and sitting on the sofa to watch telly, he's come to the mountain )
Bless!  I feel kind of bad, though - maybe I should move his bed over here, or something.

But anyway, what I originally meant to start out by saying (before I got distracted by the furry cute thing) was a big THANK YOU and lots of love & stuff to my lovely flist who sent me greetings on Valentinr.  And for you big dorks who accidentally sent me two because you couldn't remember if you'd done it or not... don't worry, I did the exact same thing to a couple of people myself, I think.  What are we like? *g*

*several hours break during which I am mainly on the phone.  ow my ear.*

And back to the LJ entry!  This week has been partially productive.  I got the coding and graphics for Ally's online shop done, and yesterday she came over and we worked on some of the tedious backend bits, configuring the e-commerce app.  Obviously that's not all we did: we also went to Pilates first (about which there is more to tell), and when we got back we had lunch, which she'd brought with her.  We were going to have pancakes, too, but we forgot.  D'oh!  But anyway, pilates: the class itself was great, though I'm really feeling it in my back today.  I'm definitely going have to call that sports massage therapist, if not go back to the doctor if this keeps up.  The instructor is also going to check up some alternate things I can do instead of the parts that hurt.

However, the problem was, blah blah )

Other than that, I've.... been joyous about LoM? *g*  I'm sure I've been doing other things, but now it's late again and I'm sleeeeeepy.  Um?  How're you?
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# Hoorah!  I'm back.  And my brother, with no prompting from me has named my newly upgraded computer "Rodney".  This is beyond perfect, as the extra-fast 'brains' of the machine are currently clad in my old rather bulky and unflattering beige case (which will be replaced with something more sleek and appropriately coloured soonish).  Meanwhile, my new monitor is slim, attractive, and black-and-grey.  Naturally, I instantly christened it John.  Fandom rulz etc.  No change there then.  Anyway, I now have a system that's 4 times faster than my old one.  So much quieter, too - don't know if it was the old fan or hdd or both, but there's a huge difference.  I like it muchly.

# However, the reason the upgrading took so long was that there was a period of oh-crap-it's-all-gone-horribly-wrong because after M had put the new system together, he reformatted the C drive, reinstalled Windows.... and it all crashed hideously, had some kind of cascade failure and took my secondary drive (the one with all my stuff on it) with it.  And because I'd been a bit manic and my old system was so knackered, I hadn't bothered backing everything up properly.  Some stuff I had, but not all of it - not any media, basically.  The big stuff that would have taken ages to burn since it was taking about an hour to burn one CD.  Whoops.  So anyway, it was off to the computer shop after all for a recovery job, and the end result is that I have a new secondary drive, and that I'm using the smaller spare drive I had hanging about as my C drive.  The computer shop managed to get about half of my media back - naturally they were able to restore everything that I did have backed up to CD anyway.  But I should be get my other stuff back again, so it's all good.

# The Xandermog seems to have hurt his back leg again: it keeps giving way under him, causing him to randomly fall over even more than usual.  I think I know why / how he did it: he's been really daft and playful, and seems to have got the idea in his head that he's a monkey.  Some cats can carry off that kind of leaping and climbing.  Not him.  *sigh*

# I'm having a bit of a wonky time and my meds probably need adjusting or something.  So I might not be around much, or I might be around a lot, or I might be manic and annoying, etc etc.  Anyway, have been trying to have it sorted out before it gets worse, but if I disappear for a while then I'm in the process of doing that.  Or something. :-)

In other news:
I am worth $2,169,676 on
How much are you worth?
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So much for bed and sleep.  I went to put the rubbish out and get the cat in - and yes, I was kind of late, but he hadn't gone out until later than usual either, so.  But there was no cat waiting at the door, and no cat appearing from round the corner.  Not even the wrong cat, which has happened before.  No cat, zero, zilch, nil, nada.  Damnit.  So there was the usual routine of spending a while whistling and calling, and then I went for reinforcements - a box of cat biscuits and a torch.

I found him.  Sort of.  *sigh*  He's gone and got himself stuck in Ian's garden (the basement flat of this house) again, and the daft beast can't get out.  He can jump down from the walls, but he can't get back up again.  By this time, it was past 1am, and kind of late to go knocking on Ian's door to ask if I can trapise through his house - and bedroom, since that's where the back door is! - to fetch the monster back.  So I spent some considerable time trying to persuade him to go down to the far end of the garden and jump up to the wall there, where it's lower.  And he so very nearly got the idea, too!  He went halfway down and tried jumping, but fell back, then after thinking about it for a little while, he did go to the end of the garden.... then for whatever xander-y reason, came running back, miaowing at me all the way before he even tried jumping up.  Oh, I should explain that he got down there (I'm pretty sure) by walking round the scaffolding that runs round the ground floor level of the house, getting onto the wall between Ian's garden and Doug's next door, and then making his way down into the garden.  To track him down, I'd had to walk round to the back of the house on the damn scaffolding, in the dark, too.

So, after spending some time trying to distance cat-herd (can't think why that didn't work out), I suggested to him that he try shouting a bit louder to see if he could get Ian's attention.  He did actually try to jump up onto the windowsill - and his apparant grasp on the English language is actually getting a little surprising now.  But no, no luck.  So I came back up here, fetched Xander's carry box and a plug extension cord that was happily gettable-at in the Room Of Crap (where all my boxes and bags of packed stuff are)... then went back round the back of the house on the scaffolding, tied the extension cord to the mogbox handle, and lowered it down.  So, now he at least has somewhere sort-of familiar that he can sleep overnight, I hope.  And now I'm going to go crash for a few hours, I hope, drag myself back out of bed at first light, and that beast had better still be there, and be OK.  Because he's had a couple of fits lately, and him missing his meds even for the one dose isn't going to help.

Just hope Ian will be up early (he usually is) and in the mood to answer his door (he often isn't).  Cos I can't find his phone number.


ETA 7:30am - just looked out the kitchen window before going down to see if I could get hold of Ian... and there was the beastly beast standing on the front path. So I pelted downstairs... and of course by the time I got there, some bloke had come out to get in his car and the mog had vanished again. But this time, he did come when I called him, and he's now indoors, very soggy, hungry, but hopefully none the worse for his night out. Horrid daft monster. *squishes him* So, he can get himself out of Ian's garden after all! BEAST! (I've also hoisted the cat box back up from Ian's garden. Although it was almost tempting to leave it there, just to puzzle the builders *g*. Except, I don't really want a decent extension lead getting rained on too much, so.)


Apr. 28th, 2006 07:29 pm
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Since Xandermog had his fall the other week, his back left leg hasn't been quite right, and despite lots of consulting with the vet, and him being put on a course of anti-inflammatory painkillers, he was still having a lot of trouble with it.  He's been limping some of the time, and clearly just doesn't have much strength in it.  So today, it was back to the vet again - this time I had to take him in this morning and leave him there, because he needed an x-ray, and for to x-ray a cat, you have to knock them out.  (Can you imagine getting one to stay still and in the position you wanted, otherwise?  I think not.)

I picked him up at 6-ish.  Because of his epilepsy, they had to use a different anaesthetic on him, which means that he's still not quite recovered - he's awake, but his little legs aren't quite doing what his brain tells them.  Particularly, the back legs (which, as I said, weren't exactly all there in the first place).  So now, he's dragging himself around the house, mostly just with his front legs, falling over a lot, and looking even more confused than usual.  Big daft boy!

Anyway, the outcome of the x-ray isn't as bad as it could have been - he hasn't got any broken or fractured bones.  But it's not just ligament strain, either, which was what the vet thought was likely.  Turns out he's actually broken / snapped the ligament in his left back knee.  Ouch.  It should heal on its own, in around another six weeks - if not, he might need an operation, but it'd be really tricky, and the vet is reluctant to go that far.  He'll probably always have some trouble with that knee now.  *sigh*  As if the poor baby thing didn't have difficulties enough already!

When I move, I've definitely got to find somewhere where I have a garden I can safely let him out into, that he won't be able to hurt himself in!!
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I got an Easter egg.  Yay!  Not a Dalek one, a Mini-eggs one - yum!  Thanks Mum :-)

I'm a bit concerned about that pestmonster again.... he seems to be having problems with his back left leg.  If it hasn't improved by Tuesday, I spose it'll be back to the vet.  Trouble is, being a most unnatural beast, he doesn't complain verbally if something hurts him.  Most cats, if they've got a sore leg, will yowl at you if you poke it.  The other day, I stood right on Xander's tail - with the ball of my foot, not just my toe or anything - for maybe 30 seconds before I realised.  He just sat there and looked up and me enquiringly.  *sigh*

I'm sure there was something else I was going to say.  Erm. .............. oh yes!  DOCTOR WHO OMG!!!!!!!!!!!  Hee :-)  Can't be bothered to be much more coherent than that.  There were a couple of things that made me go 'oh dear', but I did love it.  Hooray!

Right then, I'm off to do some fic-related stuff.
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This evening, we have had drama.  Bloody idiot cat.  No, really.  Surely, somewhere in his tiny brain, he must be aware that he can't do the things that his cat-instincts apparently seem to think he can.  Like, for example, jumping from the front steps onto the outside windowsill of the flat.  Because then he misses, and plummets fifteen feet down to the basement.

Xandermog?  Never lands on his feet.  oh dear )
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  • Been to the sorting office to pick up a packet that needed signing for... and discovered it was the photos from [ profile] thewatch - ta! :-D

  • Took said photos over to Mum's and left them there for el bro.  Duly admired (and dodged) newly done paintwork, and ooo-ed over baby lettuce and tomato plants (small stalks with leaves on top. very nice I'm sure).

  • Had a highly amusing time in Sainsbury's.  Shopping while slightly manic?  Much more fun.  Because you can add trolley sound-effects out loud without caring.  Brrrrrrrrm brrrrrrrm brrrrrrrrrrrrrrm!  Bought too much interesting salad (still manic).

  • Burned Lost 2.17 & 18 to disc.

  • Tried to fix the hall lightswitch more securely to the wall.  Failed, because the wall is kinda crumbly and not inclined to provide much grip for the rawlplugs.  Oh well.

  • Called the Yorkshire Building Society and discovered that I've either got to go to Eastbourne, or write to them, to do a transfer from one account to the other.  Ho hum.

  • Called Scottish Power and got the sudden and bizarre electricity bill they'd sent me (I have a pre-payment meter!) sorted out.

  • Called the dentist, and was told to call back in three weeks.  Again.  *headdesk*

  • Printed off the rest of the course material for my OU course.

  • Had toast for breakfast!  (I keep forgetting to record my breakfasts, and it is an integral part of PEDW, after all!)

  • Realised that my cat disciplining skills are completely rubbish:
    Xander: *plays up*
    Me: Argh!  I'm going to BEAT YOU!!!! *takes single step towards him*
    Xander: *flees in abject terror and hides under the bed... for 30 seconds*
    Me: *goes back to what I was doing*
    Xander: *emerges, plays up*
    Me: Argh!!!  (....rinse and repeat)

And now I'm going to.... to.... have a go at editing that damn fic, I expect.  Oh, no!  I know: I'm going to answer emails.  That's a good idea.  I'll do that, then.

Daft mog

Jan. 18th, 2006 04:21 pm
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*sigh* You would think that the Xandermog would learn that rearing up on his back legs so he can get nearer the kitchen worktop, and then falling back down and invariably landing with his foot in his milk bowl, isn't going to get him his food any faster.

But no.



Dec. 25th, 2005 10:55 am
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Return of the mog - yay! The ridiculous animal had got himself stuck in my downstairs neighbour's garden. Apparently he could manage to jump over the fence one way, but not back out again. *sigh* I found him purely by luck - I happened to go and look out of my bedroom window just when he was out in view. He then retreated back under the bush that I assume he'd been camping down in, buit when I opened my bedroom window and called to him, he came running out, miowing frantically. Of course, my neighbour was out at the time, but I called him on his mobile and he very kindly told me where I could find his spare doorkey and gave me permission to go through and retrieve the Xander. So, so relieved!!!

Xander has since made up for the meals he missed. He was one hungry boy. *g* We've also had lots of cuddles demanded. Daft thing.
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Well, crap. My mog's gone missing, again. I want my furboy. :-(

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My hair is once again fairly one-colour-all-over, instead of being a graded work in progress. Hoorah! Hasn't actually turned out quite the colour I was intending, but that's OK. I still like it. And this way, it'll give Dad a chance to get used to it before I dye it more outrageously next time. Mwahah! So now, I inflict pictures on you. Aren't you lucky?

Before )

During )

After )

And because I just had to - I was forced, I say! - do more memes.... I'm a genius! Well, we all knew that. Er. )

And absolutely definitely last now, [ profile] ptyx, I thought this might amuse you just a little:
Your Sexy Brazilian Name Is
Rafaela Araújo
(What's with the arse pic, though? Eh?)

Alrighty, sleep time. Tiiiiiiiiiiiiired! Witness the icon, in fact. He's not sleeping quite like that at the mo - he has his head resting on his paws instead. So cute! And bonus: not on my bed, so I'll be able to get comfy without getting the Indignant Look. Heh.
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A MOG! WHEEEEEEEE! Specifically, my mogboy. Hence the joy ;-) I found him! :-D He's currently snuggled up on the sofa. My fuzzy boy. *beam*

I almost can't believe I've found him - it was completely by chance. Dad had come round and made me eat, and then we went for a walk around looking for Xander. Went all the way down my road, then back up the other side, and then we randomly decided to take a bit of a round trip up to Pevensey Road which runs along the top of my road and back down. Well, we were going along P Rd, and something must've caught my eye - I don't even know what. So I looked over into the garden we were passing and saw a movement. I shone my torch in there, and there was a cat that looked distinctly like my Xander. I spoke to him, and he stopped and looked at me. I got Dad to shine his torch too, but we weren't 100% sure. It seemed like it was too good to be true! So I went round onto the front path of the house, crouched down and called the cat. He came a little way towards me.... and then he miaowed and I realised it really was my Xander! Of course, then he decided to try running past me, but luckily not far. He went up the path and along the pavement to the next house. Then he stopped again, and I was able to get near enough to let him sniff my hand. And then he let me actually pick him up... which is a flippin' miricle, since he'll hardly ever let me touch him when he's outside. But I spose he'd got himself lost, so he'd rather be picked up than stay in a strange place!

So then I carried him all the way home. He didn't struggle at all, just hung on to me. I'm pretty sure he's had a fit at some point, but he seems fine physically. I might ring the vet tomorrow and see if they think I should take him in for a check up. Dad had to hoik my door keys out of my coat pocket and let us in, since I had my arms a bit full! *g* But I put Xander down in the hallway and he went straight to the flat door, and when I opened it, he shot right in and straight to his food bowls! :-) As soon as he'd had a few mouthfuls, he came back over to me and started purring his head off. So I called Mum and let her hear. She's as relieved as I am. Once I'd done that, I gave him his medication and some fresh tinned food, which he happily scoffed. And now, he's fast alseep, quite dead to the world. Bless :-)


EDIT: Pictorial proof of mogness )


Mar. 15th, 2005 11:37 pm
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My Xandermog asked to go out at 9:30pm last night - a bit unusual, since he normally doesn't want to go until after his supper at 10. But he was asking, so I let him out and went back to watching Supervolcano.

He hasn't come back yet. :-((((((((( I've been up and down the road, and round the nearby ones, calling and whistling for him, rattling a box of cat biscuits. I only slept in hour-long stints last night, in my clothes, then went for another check for him. My family have all been round today helping me search. I've called all the animal rescue organisations, and all the vets. No sign.... which is good in a way, as is the fact that the council haven't found any run over cats. So hopefully he's still alive and well and all that. My cousin's sister-in-law works in that department, so she's keeping an eye out for news.

I think - I hope I know where he is, roughly. See, the first time I let him out after I moved here, he panicked and bolted down the road, round the side of the house on the end of this sort-of-block, and into their overgrown back garden where I finally (with some difficulty) caught him. So that's one of the places I've been searching, and at about 5:30pm when it had got all twilighty and I needed my torch to see into the shadier parts of the garden, I saw a cat there. A cat that looked pretty much like my Xander. I can't be sure, though, because of the distance I was away at that point, the poor light, and the fact that as soon as I started moving again and had to look away to find my footing, he vanished again. Argh!

Anyway, I'd better go and give him another call, just in case he's back in earshot (and isn't merely being a little sod and ignoring me). He's missed three meals and three doses of his epilepsy meds now. I'm almost scared to sleep in case he decides he wants to come in and I'm not awake to oblige. But I have to, really. I'm exhausted. Buggerit. I want my furry boy back. :-(


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