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Hooray, I’ve finished my Gap Year Travels shawl.  I cast off in a different colour, which was totally a design feature and not because I ran out of yarn twice (if you believe that, etc etc), ends are sewn in, and it’s currently awaiting blocking – I’m going to leave it pinned on the table overnight, I think.  I do believe I’m quite pleased.  Pictures tomorrow!

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Just two rows to go on the Gap Year Travels shawl now:

Gap Year Travels / Travelling Woman shawl in progress

Travelling Woman "Gap Year Travels" shawl in progress

I’m planning to finish it and leave it blocking before I go to bed. Yay!

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Today has been a day of variety, which has been nice!  I started out by going up to the Christmas fair for Mum’s church – I got there quite late on, so I helped clear up and carry the remaining stuff back up to the church.  I got a few nice cards and nick knacks for gifts, so that was a worthwhile trip.  Then I walked with Mum back to her house for a drink and then a lift home.

On the way up to Mum’s place, I stopped off and did a geocache that was en route.  It took me a bit longer than I’d planned due to me being disorganised with my stuff, but it was still a speedy one.  Not a micro one this time, but a still small one.  So not big enough to put the travelling monkey into, yet.  Poor monkey!  I’ll move him on soon, by hook or by crook!

After visiting at Mum’s for a while, we came back here and had dinner – stir fry followed by cupcakes!  Then Mum went home and I’ve been knitting and watching Strictly Come Dancing.  I’m still working on the Travelling Woman, but hopefully I’ll be done soon.  Maybe tonight?  Maybe tomorrow.

And then I’ve been playing with – I’ve put a widget linking to my account there in the sidebar, and I think it’s possible to play some tracks directly from here?  I’m not sure, I’m still figuring it out.  That’s not what I’m using it for, anyway.  Mostly I’m listening to the songs my friends have playlisted.  Is that even a word?  Probably not, but I know what I mean, and I’m sure you do too.  Anyway, I thought I’d put the widget up here because in the first place I can, and also because I’m trying to get all my web stuff better linked together.  Integrate my web presence.  Oh how pretentious. ;-)

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Today is my lovely friend [personal profile] Noxie‘s birthday, so much love and happy returns to her!  We originally met through both being fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and are still friends twelve years on!  Isn’t the internet grand?

As for me, I’ve spent the day plying and knitting again – some progress made, nothing finished as yet!  Hopefully I’ll have more to report tomorrow.

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I need an editor to stop me from making horrible puns, don’t I?  But it’s true, today I have been applying myself to plying two bobbins of handspun together.  I haven’t done the whole lot yet, and there won’t be pictures because this is for the Limegreenjelly Christmas swap.  Which means I don’t want my partner to see what I’ve been working on for her, mwahahah… eek, hope she likes it!

Other than that, I’ve also been (still) working on the “Gap Year Travels” Travelling Woman shawl… and I can’t remember if I mentioned this, but I’ve called my particular version of it Gap Year Travels because the colourway of the yarn I’m knitting it in is called Byron Bay.  Which is somewhere I visited while travelling in Australia on my gap year.  Anyway, I’ve nearly finished the shawl – ten rows or so to go, and I don’t think I’m going to have enough of the yarn left.  Fortunately, I do have some solid blue that goes with it well enough that I can use it to finish off.  I hope!  If that doesn’t work, well, I put in that lifeline, so it’ll be easy to rip back without dropping any stitches.  If a bit of a nuisance.  But then I’ll definitely have enough yarn to finish off the edging chart.

In other news, marmite rice cakes are delicious.  That is all.

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When I’ve not been out (Tuesdays is the day I volunteer at the library) or on the computer today, I’ve been industriously knitting away on my Travelling Woman shawl.  I’m determined to finish it soon!  I am a little worried that I won’t have quite enough yarn, but I put a lifeline in so that I can rip back to the middle of the previous patten repeat (if you know the pattern, this is the logical place) if need be.  No pictures yet, but there will be once I’ve finished. Go go go!

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Originally, I made the title of this post “Cardicisions”, which looked like I was trying to choose a vehicle, and then “Cardecisions”, which looked like I don’t know what.  So in the end I decided to discard all unclever word mushing and be a little more clear.  There!  Aren’t you glad?

The point of all this is, I’m trying to decide on a cardigan to knit – I just lost my favourite one (shop bought, never fear, but still!), and even though it was a very plain v-neck raglan in fine yarn, I’ve decided to knit a replacement rather than buy one.  Needless, I hope, to say, I won’t be knitting a direct replica!  I have:

  1. A kilo of black 100% wool DK. I’m not sure what the yardage is, but I would hope it’ll work out to “plenty”.
  2. Rowan #40. There are also lots of free patterns on Rav, but I’d like to actually make something from a mag I’ve paid out money for!
  3. a size 18-20 upper bod (so don’t want anything that’ll make me look even chunkier!).

Unless anyone knows any free DK-weight patterns that are knit in one piece1 and have some kind of interest to the fabric2, I’ve narrowed my choices to either Lichen3, Sadie4, or Autumn Leaves without the applique leaves, because, wtf?!  Orrr, there’s Celtic, but my Mum thinks it needs the tweedy type yarn and the cables would be lost in plain black.  Opinions?  I also completely adore Juno, but I’m not sure if it’d suit my body shape, and hadn’t been planning on making a fitted cardi this time. Maybe one day!

Anyway, because I’m indecisive as ever, it’s poll time! (Or leave a comment, etc etc).  I’m actually going to crosspost this entry to LJ and DW (I know!  Crossposting twice in as many days!  What is the world coming to?) so if you’re reading this there, you’ll have to come over to my blog to vote in the poll.  Should you want to, of course.  Participation entirely voluntary, refunds cannot be guaranteed.

Which cardigan shall I knit?

[Vote in the poll on the blog, ta!]

All opinions much appreciated.  I’ve got other knitting to finish, so I won’t be casting on straight away (probably).  So I might even see if I can get this into the sidebar so it’s showing up for a few days.

ETA 7/11 – Eeeek! The lovely [personal profile] noxie has let me know that non Ravelry members can’t see those links.  Sorry about that – I thought the pattern info pages were open to all.  So I’ve added photos of the various cardigans.

1 Because if I’m going to knit something from elsewhere then I want it to be for a really good reason.  Like no seaming!  Mmm, seamless construction…
Like I said, not a plain replica. I don’t want to pass out from boredom while knitting. Some kind of cables or texture.
All over cables might end up rather bulky, of course. I suppose I could always knit a (dun-dun-duuuuuh) swatch?
Maybe a bit lacy for the winter though? On the other hand, bound to be a faster knit…

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This weekend, I'm taking part in the Blogathon, over on my blog. I'm raising money for MDF the Bipolar Organisation and yes, this is a begging post for sponsorship! So, um, please please please please please? Seriously, if you can sponsor me for just a couple of pounds or dollars it would be fantastic - even the smallest amount helps. I've written a bit more about the charity and the whole blogathon process here in my blog.

One of the things I'm planning on blogging about during the 'thon is bipolar disorder, and to try and combat my tendency to ramble on forever, I wanted to decide on some topics to cover in smaller per-post bites. And, I'd also like to ask if anyone has any questions they'd like to ask about bipolar - my experience of it, info in general, impressions gained from the media or fanfic - whatever you want to know. Feel free to ask anything, even if it might be personal. If I'm not comfortable answering then I'll let you know, but I want to try and answer as much as I can. So, here's a handy poll... it'd really help me out if you guys could fill it in (or if you prefer you could fill out the mirrored one on the blog:

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 0

Which bipolar related topics shall I blog about during the Blogathon?

View Answers

My experience with diagnosis.
0 (0.0%)

With hindsight: when did I first show signs of bipolar?
0 (0.0%)

My experience with medication.
0 (0.0%)

When do you tell people you're bipolar?
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Depression: How low can you go?
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Mania / Hypomania: Everything faster than everything else.
0 (0.0%)

Self management and monitoring moods.
0 (0.0%)

So, Stacey and her mum on Eastenders... is that a realistic portrayal?
0 (0.0%)

Agoraphobia and anxiety: my non-optional extras.
0 (0.0%)

Friends and Family: it's not just all about me.
0 (0.0%)

And / or ask me a question:

Thank yoooou! :-)

PS - Plzzzzzzzz sponsor me, kthxbai!

She lives!

Mar. 4th, 2009 02:59 pm
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I keep meaning to post, but then I forget. Um. But I am still mostly here, and reading my flist a fair bit of the time.  I'm just sometimes doing other things, like knitting and spinning (moar below) and reading.  Since I've mainly been reading, here's that book meme from a million years ago in interbets-tiem:

The BBC allegedly believes most people will have only read 6 of the 100 books here:
How do your reading habits stack up? Bold those books you've read in their entirety, italicize the ones you started but didn't finish
(I shall also add a little "m" to the ones I've read multiple times)

Booooooooooooks )

Of course, none of those are books that I've been reading recently - those have mainly been of the sci-fi / fantasy bent.  Nothing very new there, then.

Otherwise, as I said, I've been spinning and knitting (and playing with websites, of course).  The knitting has mostly been socks, mittens (fingerless and ... not), gloves, and finally finishing off Mum's birthday shawl.  From last year.  Ahem.  I now also have the strangest urge to actually sew up those two jumpers I knit about a bazillion years ago.  It's not the actual sewing that's been putting me off: it's clearing the space to pin out the bits.  My tip flat, let me show you it.
The spinning is something new.  Ish.  I've been spindle-spinning for a few months, but only a little bit every now and again, and as a result I'm verrrrry slow at it.  This means that my small fibre stash has been nevertheless "too much" for me to be likely to get through.  Not any more, though: Jo has lent me her spare spinning wheel (an Ashford Kiwi), and for the last week I've been zooming away.  I'd learned the basics last October at the Knitting Safari day in Brighton, and then I went to the Kent Guild of Spinners Dyers and Weavers meet with Jo this last Saturday.  I haven't broken out the 'good' fibre yet, but as soon as I'm done with my current lot of 'practice' (= I'm not sure what it is... it's blue!) stuff, I will. :-)
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It's carnival week again, and I'm excited. Whee! I know it's daft, but it does make me feel like I'm little again and it's the summer holidays. *g* Not only that, but the Olympics starts technically-today (I'm going to bed any minute, really), which for me mainly means the Ravelympics. Which is like its own Olympic Games, only for knitting! No, really. I'm going to be having lots of fun with it anyway, and it might make me actually sit and watch some of the actual Games on telly if I have something to occupy myself with knitting-wise at the same time.

Since multiple affiliations are allowed, I've signed up to be in Team TARDIS (duh), Team Dog, Chicken and Aardvark (AKA the Brighton & Hove (and surrounding E Sx) Safari Knitters), and Team Posh Knitters. The 'Events' I'm doing are WIP Wrestling (because my WIPs need wrestling into submission very very badly!) plus the Handspun Heptathlon for Team DCA (yes, I've started spindle spinning, but no, I don't have to do seven sub-events, it's just a catchy title) and the Amigurumi-n-Toys Toss for Team TARDIS during which I'm going to actually try to crochet an Adipose. Well, it's sposed to be a bit of a challenge, you see, so I thought trying two small projects in crafts that I'm a novice at would give me that and also give me a break from wrestling the WIPs so that doesn't get to feel like a chore. There's method in my madness! This time ;-)

Getting back to the carnival, there's been various events going on all week and I've been down to a couple. I got well and truly drenched last Sunday, going down to the gig in the Old Town - [ profile] elen_ancalima was visiting, so I was showing her the typical British summer seaside weekend ;-) Which of course includes sudden torrential rain! Anyway, I'm hoping to go down to a knitting exhibition thingy tomorrow afternoon, and of course to the main Carnival parade itself on Saturday.

Anyway, I think I'll wrap this up now and get to bed. Zzzz. With a bit of luck, it should crosspost to LJ*. However, I have now decided to change how this site works, so alterations to the look (as well as 'my end' of things) will be coming.... er.... some time this year? I have planning to do first! Night all.

* HAI LJ! Looks like that worked, then. Hoorah :-) So FYI that last para about the changes to "this" site actually apply to


Mar. 8th, 2008 12:53 pm
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I shan't go into details because it'll put you off your [whatever], but today is not so fabulous so far.  Remedies for unhappy tummies, anybody?  *looks pathetic*

Er, let's see, distractions... I spose I could go back to bed and work on my Pentathlon sock.  Or something.  I ballsed up the short row heel (what, it's the first one I've done with wraps to pick up... the garter stitch version was much easier!) so I should probably rip back and re-do it.

Gah, I've got to start feeling better soon, right?  Come on, self.  Stop it now.



You know, I think I'm getting there.  Good :-)
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  1. I seem to have a thing for lists recently.  I think it's all the web coding I've been doing.

  2. I have a few people to wish a very Happy Birthday to - some are a little late, sorry!  So, [ profile] elen_ancalima and [ profile] megolas, I hope you had lovely ones, and [ profile] sbisson, I hope yours is similarly fab.

  3. Web server still down.  Or rather, new server not up and running yet.  Gaaargh.  Naturally, I now really want to do all sorts of things that I need that server to be up for.  Like post to my knitting blog, and read my blogroll.  Why didn't I back that up into a feedreader?  D'oh!

  4. I made my friend C some fingerless mitts for early-xmas.  Apparently he liked them lots, because today I received a really nice webcam in return!!!  Bweeeeeee! :-D  I'm now all set up for video chatting on Skype - don't know yet if I can v-chat through Trillian, which is what I use for AIM/ICQ/MSN/Yahoo chattage.  But if anyone wants to see my ugly mug and have a voice-natter (the camera has a built in mic), now you can.

  5. Must get on with the xmas knitting.  I'm getting there, but I'm not done yet!  Wish me luck...

  6. And talking of xmas, thanks to those of you who've sent me cards.  *hugs*  I... haven't sent any out this year.  Thing is, I'm now on a really tight budget, and I can't actually afford the cards and stamps.  Sad but true!  Therefore, it's e-cards this year.  Just as soon as I've made the graphics. *slacker*

  7. The knuckle joint of my left index finger hurrrrrts.  Probably from the incessant knitting, unless I squashed it when I nearly dropped the printer.  But I think it hurt before that.  I reckon I need a splint.  Or the wah-mbulance. *nod*

And now, have a meme:
I know very little about some of the people on my friends list. Some people I know very well. I read your journals, or we have something else in common and we chat occasionally. Some of you I hardly know at all. Some of you I don't know at all because I didn't friend you back (yet?). Perhaps you haven't been around for long, perhaps you lurk, for whatever reason. But you friended me and I thank you for your interest in my words.

But here's a thought: why not take this opportunity to tell me a little something about yourself. Any old thing at all. Just so the next time I see your name I can say: 'Ah, there's so and so...'

I'd love it if every single person who friended me would do this. Yes, even you people who I know really well. Then post this in your own journal and see what gems of knowledge appear.

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Thank you to everyone who's sent me birthday wishes :-D It's been a good one - I went for lunch and shopping with my Mum, who bought me a watch for my present. I had originally asked for a set of Boye Needlemaster interchangeable circular (knitting) needles, but d'oh, they were out of stock at the only shop I know of that does them. Then a couple of weeks ago, my watch died. Serendipitous timing! So it's a shiny new one of those for me, and hopefully the needle set will be back in stock for Christmas! I should email them to find out.

I also got an awesome book from my brother: The Rules of Modern Policing (1973 Edition) by DCI Gene Hunt. Bweeeeeeeeeeeee!! I already have a booklet / extract of this that I got at the LoM con, and now I have the real thing. Hee! It's done just like an old, battered book that looks like it's been knocking around from the 70's - all aged looking paper, and many many brilliant scribbles and doodles from the various characters. The book 'belonged' to Chris, but of course Ray managed to scrawl a few things in there too. I love it! (And hey, I just noticed that there's a LoM 2008 calendar! It shall be miiiiiiine!)

The only other thing that I've had so far (I'm told there are other things coming, but the postal strike has delayed some, and something my bro is getting isn't available til the end of the month, apparently - a new release dvd, maybe? I'm not going to wonder more than that, because I like surprises) is a mystery gift! I actually suspect it's from my SP11 pal, unless I sleep-ordered it because it was something that I did particularly want. Heh :-) Anyway, in the post today was the latest issue of Yarn Forward. Which was so bizarre, because literally last night I'd decided I was going to subscribe. Good thing I didn't! Or at least, I think I didn't.... *g* No, obviously this was sent a few days ago, and I think it must have come via my swap pal, Janey - I'm going to email her to ask, because there were no clues with the magazine, which came straight from the publisher :-) It's a mystery!


Jul. 29th, 2007 01:32 am
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I have new hair.  Or specifically, newly coloured hair.  In a gorgeous aubergine shade that makes my pale pink and electric purple extensions look fantastic.  Whee!

Also, I hear that teh internets broke the other day because someone pulled the plug out.  Or their rabbit ate through the wire, or something.  I must confess that I totally didn't notice, because I was on Ravelry, which wasn't affected by the outage.  Do I lose at LJ now?

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyhow, back to the Blogathoning.  I'm about to post a Doctor Who ficlet on [ profile] fandom_helps, and I've also just made a looooong post on my blog talking about bipolar disorder and why I'm blogging for MDF.  Just in case you're interested ;-)
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It's a week til the Blogathon, and so I feel that I can now unashamedly BEG for sponsors now.  Go on, please please please please pretty please with sugar (or hot and nummy fandom character/pairing of your choice) on top?

It doesn't have to be much, but every little counts.  If everyone on my flist sponsored me $5 (a mere £2.50), that would work out to quite a hefty amount!

In case you missed the last post in which in rambled about this, the blogathon is a 24-hour sponsored blogging event, in which participants make a post at least every 30 minutes over the 24 hour period.  It's taking place from 6am PST (2pm GMT) Saturday 28th July - 6am PST Sunday 29th.  Everyone chooses their own charity, and then tries to get as many sponsorship pledges as possible.

If you choose to sponsor me, all you do now is sign up at the Blogathon site and enter the amount that you're willing to sponsor me for (a 'pledge').  You don't pay anything until after the event, when you'll get an email to let you know whether I completed it, and telling you were to donate your pledged amount.  Just like a normal sponsored event, only online.  And instead of me collecting the money from you, you pay it directly to the charity via their online donation page.

I'm blogging for MDF: The Bipolar Organisation.  This is their mission statement from their site )

I chose them because as you know, I have bipolar disorder myself and I really support this organisation and their goals.  In short, they're pretty awesome, and they deserve all the donations they can get! :-)

As for what I'll be doing for the 'thon, well, I even have a theme!  I'm not actually going to be doing it on this LJ, but on my blog (although if you want to keep track of my blogathoning via LJ, there's a feed for that blog at [ profile] loopylou_co_uk), and I'm going to be knitting the 24 hours away.  And guess what?  If you sponsor me £5 / $10 or more, I'll knit something for you to say thanks.  Possibly not during the actual 'thon - it depends on what I feel like doing at the time, and I'm not going to just knit you something totally random... you will get some say in the matter ;-)  I'll post on the blog in the next few days about the kind of things I'm thinking of.

So yes.  Please sponsor me?  It's for a worthy cause!
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Looking at all this in one go, I may have gone a tiny bit loopy... but recently I've been signing up to stuff.  And making commitments, and all that kind of thing.  Which I am going to follow through on, yes I am!  Because, hoorah, I'm feeling sufficiently better.
  1. Blogathon '07, which is taking place on 28th-29th July.  I'm going to be taking part in it over on my other blog, mainly because I'm going to be doing a knitting-y theme for the most part.  More details are over here, including what you'll get if you're kind enough to sponsor me.  The charity I'm blogging for is MDF (Manic Depression Fellowship) The Bipolar Organisation - it's something that's obviously near to my heart (or, um, brayne) and I'd like to support them with more than the piddly membership fee that I pay annually.  So, sponsor me kplzthx?  I'll love you lots, and stuff.

  2. In addition to my own blogging, I've signed up to be part of the [ profile] fandom_helps group blog.  So if you fancy doing some fandom-related blogathoning and/or you don't think you can manage the entire 24-hours yourself, come join us!  The more the merrier!!

  3. I've signed up for the [ profile] brit_knits Stash Swap, and SP11 - yay yarn (and other knitting related stuuuuuff) swapping!  Although, I haven't had my stash swap details from [ profile] miss_bell yet, and I think I should have... unless she's just running a bit behind.  Don't want to pester her, but I think I'll drop her a mail if I haven't heard anything in the next few days.  I really do want to clear a few things out of my stash that I'm never going to use - nice yarn, but stuff that I bought in a fit of "ooo, on sale!" with no real idea of what I was going to do with it.  D'oh!

  4. I've rejoined the gym, and paid for a year in advance.  This works out cheaper overall, and means that... I have a year's membership!  So now I can go to all the classes I want (with Ally, or on my own) and I also plan to start swimming again, and go back to working out in the gym proper.  Because I'm feeling a lot better in my head, so I want to feel better in my bod as well.

  5. In the same vein, I joined Slimming World last week.  I've sort of tried to do the healthy eating thing, but I've been utterly rubbish at it without any outside motivation and structure.  I asked the doctor for help, but they just gave me the sort of advice that I already knew, and just wasn't acting on.  So, I shall now be going to this weekly group, and I have a target and everything.  Plus, I really like their food optimising thingy.  I've been doing well on it so far, and I think I can stick to it: already, I don't fancy the sort of food I was scoffing randomly beforehand.  No more crisps and chocolate and Pepsi all the time.  Except, I can have that stuff if I really want, only I have to record and count it... and that's seeming to make the difference for me.  Well, we shall see tomorrow if I've lost any weight.  Fingers crossed!  I think I'm either going to have a weight / fitness stuff filter, or I'm going to use another LJ I have for all those things.  Not quite decided yet.  *ponders*  Is anyone actually interested in following along?

  6. And finally, since my head is doing better, my doctor has told me I can start doing wrrk again!  Part time, and taking it carefully so I don't over-do things and knock myself back again (*sigh*).  So I called Fiona, and it looks like she might have something for me.  Yay!  This means I have to arrange stuff with the Incapacity Benefits people (there's this thing called Permitted Work you sign up to) and with Housing Benefit and so on.  Which is a pain in the arse of a procedure, but necessary.  Still, work = good! :-)

Aaaaaaaaaaaand that's about it.  For now.
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Just in case anybody's interested, I've started using my old blog again.  Mainly it's going to serve as my knitting blog; there might also be some stuff about being bipolar and how knitting has been useful there - less immediate and personal bipolar-related entries than this journal gets, if you see what I mean.  More along the lines of poncey essays ;-)  But probably not much of that.  As well as all the knitty stuff, I'm hoping to get some book reviews (knitting related and fiction reading) and music reviews done.  Perhaps some podcast ones.  We shall see.

I'll probably continue to mention knitting - certainly anything fandom related - from time to time here, but if you want details and, ooo, pictures, the blog is the place to be.  And just in case you can't be arsed to make that extra click (why should you?), there's an LJ feed so you can keep an eye on it from your flist here: [ profile] loopylou_co_uk.  Isn't that handy?
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  • Don't wear those particular shoes in wet weather.  The right one leaks at the toe.  Ewwwwwwwww.  *squelch* :-(

  • The lady I had an interview for a course with today is married to my fave science teacher from school!  Hi Mr P!

  • The phone and the doorbell will both ring five minutes before you have to leave the house for an appointment, and neither will be things you can put off.

  • Cap sleeves (knit from the bottom up) have an enormous cast-on edge.  HUGE!  Which makes perfect sense when you actually think about it.

  • The cat will only get squarely in the camera shot when you're trying to take a photo of something else entirely.

  • When you make changes to the rss feed template of your Movable Type blog, then rebuild that template, it results in all the posts liek evah turning up again on the LJ Feed for said blog and therefore cluttering friendslists.  Many apologies to the three people that were affected!  I shall try not to do it again, but I might, because I'm not sure I'm quite happy with it yet *hides*.
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D'oh - I forgot to post yesterday.  Well, to post anything other than something that's directed to one person, so was filtered liek woah to avoid cluttering everyone else's flists.  I have failed Post Every Day Week!  Woe is me!!  Or, you know, I can remind myself that technically I did post something, and carry on regardless.

I've actually been really boring for the last couple of days, so it's no wonder I haven't had much to post about.  I've knitted a lot, and watched some telly.  Dalziel and Pascoe is back, whee!  My other favourite northern police detective boyfriends. :-)  And it had Richard E Grant: yum!  But it's a two parter that's not concluded until next Sunday, damnit.

Today, I should have been visited by [ profile] ladymoonray (and [ profile] tamaranth, but she's not well - *sends out get well soon vibes*), but I didn't hear my phone beep, and stupidly it didn't occur to me to check my email, so I completely failed to finalise the arrangements with her.  D'oh!!  We're going to try again for next weekend.  Socialising, yay!  Anyway, perhaps it was for the best today, since the weather was 'orrid, and we had been going to do outside-y things.  I went to Mum's for dinner instead, and ended up doing more knitting and half-watching New Tricks.  See, yet another plus and minus situation: get fed, but then have to watch Mum!Telly ;-)  Oh, I don't know.  It amuses me somewhat, but I can't quite be bothered to watch it of my own volition.

I'm really quite enjoying knitting this project that I'm working on at the moment.  I think I mentioned it before - it's a birthday present for a friend so I don't want to go into too much detail, but I'm using Jaeger Cadiz which is a Viscose/Silk blend and really nice to knit with.  It does have difficulties, especially if the yarn untwists a little bit (which it tends to do), because then you can miss strands of fibre when you knit a stitch and so on.  I've found bamboo needles are definitely the better option for the yarn, too: I tried metal ones, but the stitches were too slippy and kept falling off if I tilted the needle too far.  But once you're aware of all that it's not so much of a problem, and it does feel lovely.  I think it's going to come out quite well - I hope so, anyway!
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Today I've mainly been knitting busily, working on a birthday pressie for someone WINOLJ... but since I don't know for sure that they won't stumble across this, I'm not going to put any details in a public post.  Just in case, and all.

I've also been doing some of the last of my unpacking (videos, dvds, cds, books) and sorting.  Hopefully my brother will be able to come over at the weekend to help me do the final furniture arranging in the living room now that (did I mention?) my downstairs neighbour has taken my old single bed that I had been using as a sort of sofa-divan thingy.  I wonder if I'll be able to fit one more bookshelf in once that's all done?  We shall see.  I could probably do with one: toooo muuuuuch stuuuuuuuuuff!


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