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Website:Enchilada Sunrise
Caffeinated, medicated, tragically fandom-obsessed (currently Life on Mars, Doctor Who / Torchwood, Holby City and Merlin, with a side-serving of Star Trek, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Harry Potter, Buffy, Angel and Lord of the Rings), time taken up with waaaaay too many websites.

I don't post all that often (and despite the fandom obsession, what I do post isn't usually fannish), I'm a bit crap at replying to comments, and I'm struggling rather at the moment with the happyhappyjoy that is bipolar disorder and its accompanying treatment. Hopefully that'll be mostly sorted soon and I can get back to playing with websites and getting paid for it. Hoorah!

As well as the above, when I can I read, I write, I sing, and more recently, I knit (more about that in my blog, see below). And pander to the whims of my cat. As you do. I'm also rather fond of my technology. Mmmmm.

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The lovely [personal profile] noxie

Friending 'policy'
I don't really need this over here on DW, what with the split circle thingy. FYI, almost all my posts are public. Those which aren't are likely to include mental health related "stuff", ranting and complaining (I do try not to inflict my bitching on the whole world) and sometimes personal / contact info.

Because I'm pretty busy / distracted in 'real life' at the moment, I'm trying to keep my reading list down to manageable levels (unlike my LJ one!). So if you subscribe me, I might not add you back any time soon unless I already know you, or until we get talking frequently. It won't be personal - I just need to learn to manage my time!

If I've subscribed to you, it's because I'm interested in reading your journal: I'm not expecting to be added back, unless you're likewise interested in reading me. :-)

I write both original stuff, and fan fiction, although not much of either lately. It's posted on it's own LJ, [ profile] soulstarsinger, and the fanfic also lives at Diavolo Nero.

My website portal is The Airlock. There are a few, but I don't update them so often any more.

My personal site, Enchilada Sunrise, is also the home of my original blog. These days I use it for talking about my knitting (there's some knitting related stuff in this journal, but only odd mentions) and posting pics of projects, and also sometimes for book and music reviews. If you want to keep an eye on it, it has a syndicated feed at LJ: [ profile] loopylou_co_uk. I might create one over here, or I might just crosspost... haven't decided yet!

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alias, alliteration, androgeny, angel, angel the series, autumn, b52s, bach, bad puns, baroque music, bipolar affective disorder, bipolar disorder, bisexuality, books, buffy the vampire slayer, burn gorman, burn notice, caffeine, captain jack, cats, choral music, choral singing, cinema, clarinet, css, david bowie, david hewlett, david mitchell, david tennant, david weber, diana wynne jones, doctor who, doctor/jack, doctor/master, doctor/rose, doctor/rose/jack, dollhouse, drusilla, elizabeth moon, elves, fandom knitting, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, femslash, folk, gene hunt, gilbert & sullivan, ginger mogmonster, harry potter, history, hogwarts scarves, holby city, hp/ss, html, hugh dennis, iron man, j k rowling, jane austen, jason isaacs, jazz, john barrowman, john sheppard, john simm, johnny depp, julian may, juliet landau, knitting, kt tunstall, labyrinth, leather, legolas, legolas/aragorn, life on mars, lord of the rings, lotr rps, lucius malfoy, mckay/sheppard, mcshep, meat loaf, merlin, metal, mock the week, monty python, moulin rouge, movies, music, my hobband, nicole kidman, nina simone, nip/tuck, noxie, opera, oratorio, philip glenister, piano, pirates, pirates of the carribean, posh yarn, pretty boys, rain, reading, remus lupin, robert downey jr, rock music, rodney mckay, rps, sam tyler, sam/gene, sarcasm, science fiction, severus snape, sga, sheep, shiny things, singing, sirius black, skin, skunk anansie, slash, snape, snape/harry, snarry, sneep, sock knitting, spiderman, spike, spike/dru, spinning, spooks, star trek, stargate atlantis, stargate-sg1, stargate: atlantis, ten/saxon, the doctor, time travel, torchwood, triangle series, txt/, vampires, viggo mortensen, viggorli, web design, web standards, webdesign, wheel of time, writing, xandermog, xhtml, yarrrrn

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