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I know, I know.  It’s been ages.  Again.  I won’t try to update on everything that I’ve been up to, so here are five things: three good, one sad, and one dusty.

The Good.

1.  I have a new blog!  What on earth for, when I hardly ever post in this one*, you may ask?  Well, this one has kind of got too unwieldy for me, so I’m taking out the ‘Review’ categories that I never use, and narrowing the focus of this blog to be… well, what I actually do post about, which is knitting and bipolar, for the most part.  So no real changes, except to how I think about it.  Never mind, it helps in my weird brain.  So the new blog,, is my review blog.  So far it’s all book reviews, but it’s for whatever I feel like reviewing.  TV, movies, music, podcasts, gigs, events, stuuuuuff.  I’ll probably go back to posting general life stuff and fandom rambling at Dreamwidth / Livejournal, as well.  There may be some crossover there, though.

2.  I’m going to be an auntie!  My brother and sister-in-law are expecting a little girl this summer.  Yes, I am knitting.  Mwahahaha!

3.  The doctor (psychiatrist) reckons I’m well enough to start back to work gradually!  So I’m going to be looking into the Permitted Work scheme, and speaking to the Bridge-builders worker at Together, as she has info about all of that.  So far, the vague plan is to get back to freelance web design part time, and see how that goes.  Fingers crossed!

The Sad.

My lovely fuzzy Xandermog has moved on to hog the big sofa in the sky.  He was really ill last year, and he never completely got back to full health, although he was happy and active and pesty up until he got ill again last month.  It was all very quick, and he went peacefully – lovely Adam the Vet did the necessary while I was stroking Xander.  It’s very strange and quiet to be mogless, even though he wasn’t a noisy cat most of the time.  But I’d had him for over 11 years, so I spose I was used to his presence.  I shall probably find a new furry dictator to arrange my life fairly soon.


The Dusty.

I’ve been spring-cleaning.  Or really, I spose it’s getting on towards summer cleaning by now!  It’s an ongoing project.  My allergies aren’t impressed, but I’m sure they’ll be happier with the final result.  I’ve sorted out a whole load of things that I was hanging on to for no good reason – hairbands and scrunchies when I’ve had my hair short for over a year with no intention of growing it again, and so on.  Old make-up, random bits of paper and fabric… so much clutter!  I seem to have all manner of things that I’ve stashed away “just in case” they might come in handy some mythical day.  But no!  I need to get rid so that I can do the re-organisation of my living room that I’ve been planning for months.  I will get it done!

*ETA - "this one" meaning Enchilada Sunrise, not DW.  Oh the confusion of crossposting!!

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Fly By

Nov. 8th, 2010 11:55 pm
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I have no time to make a the post I’d planned tonight (knitting & spinning related)… although it serves me right for leaving it so late.  I’d planned to have a nice bath, then post and be off to bed.  But no, fate intervened.  Or my Downstairs Neighbour did, by hitting the fire alarm for the second night in a row and setting it off (then hiding in his flat until the rest of us banged repeatedly on his door).  Luckily I was just out of the bath and decent again!  However, now I’ve had to get out of my PJs and dressed again because in all the drama, our neighbour from the garden flat is locked out – he was asleep when the alarm went off, and left his keys in the inside of his front door.  Downstairs Neighbour didn’t hit the alarm on purpose, btw – he’d probably had a few and made a mistake.  But there’s a £40 call out charge to get the thing fixed.  Luckily we had a glass panel so could do it ourselves this time, but… argh!  I really hope he doesn’t do it again.  But now I must get back downstairs and see what progress has been made Garden Flat Neighbour getting back into his place…

[Half an hour passes]

… Yay, go us!  Thanks to a group effort, Garden Flat Neighbour is now back indoors.  As are we all, warm and dry out of the pouring rain.  It took my ladder, Upstairs Neighbour’s Son#1 (to wriggle through GFNs bathroom window), and GFNs torchlight and assistance in getting Son#1 over the garden wall.  And now I’m going to dry my hair, and get myself to bed.

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Sep. 19th, 2008 11:59 pm
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I be sure I done this before, but it be Talk Like a Pirate Day, ye know! And I be awake again cuz the landlubbing wench wot lives upstairs in the decks above had to ring my bell to get into the building ship. I be guessing her scurvy cove (not really, but still, grr) of a husband has been knocking back too much o' the old grog and wasn't waking up hisself.

My Pirate name )
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I'm sorry, I just have to dump my current omg-too-much-to-do-ness out of my brain and onto LJ.  It's my own fault: I procrastinated as per usual, and now I've had to work hard and feel thoroughly dedd(d).  Mainly I've been working on Ally's online shop because I asked her to come over tomorrow to go over the final bits and bobs for that.  And it is pretty much done, I think: hoorah!  But I also have a Very Basic How-To on updating a website to write tonight.  Not for Ally, for someone else.  And all sorts of housework-y things, because (wheeeee!) liek_omg_Sann is arriving on Thursday for a week long stay. :-D

Luckily, there is now actual space in my living room because my Mum and brother were finally able to come over and help me get the furniture into the right places last week.  So it's mainly a matter of unpacking the last boxes into / onto said furniture, finishing the dusting and hoovering (bleugh, allergies), and getting the air bed out.

But, I do still have coding to tackle, and I should get back to it now.  I feel better for having a little break - other than this, I've been glued to the computer since 9am except for a break for lunch and another one to go to the post office (sending out mooched books), charge my electric and gas keys, and get my train ticket to meet Sann at the airport on Thurs.  I'm glad I did that because it was a nice walk and the weather was lovely.  But oh, I so wanted to take a book with me and keep walking those few metres further down the hill to the beach.  A book and / or some knitting.  I've been dying to read or knit today especially since I have scrummy yarn calling to me and a pile of new-to-me books from Bookmooch.  But I can't.  Not yet. *whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine*  I'm even taping Holby Blue so (a) S and I can watch it together and (b) I'll have more time for the working.  Oh well.  Back to it!  It isn't like I don't enjoy the website-ing, after all.  It's just the deadlines.  I suck at those.

In other news, I'm not as strange as I thought )
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Today I've mainly been knitting busily, working on a birthday pressie for someone WINOLJ... but since I don't know for sure that they won't stumble across this, I'm not going to put any details in a public post.  Just in case, and all.

I've also been doing some of the last of my unpacking (videos, dvds, cds, books) and sorting.  Hopefully my brother will be able to come over at the weekend to help me do the final furniture arranging in the living room now that (did I mention?) my downstairs neighbour has taken my old single bed that I had been using as a sort of sofa-divan thingy.  I wonder if I'll be able to fit one more bookshelf in once that's all done?  We shall see.  I could probably do with one: toooo muuuuuch stuuuuuuuuuff!
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Wow, I've suddenly come over dead tired.  Like, one step from faceplanting into the keyboard tired.  Probably because I've actually been exercising my brain for a lot of the day - very unlike me!  In fact, exercise of any kind is pretty unlike me, and I've had an oddly busy week, so maybe that's it.

So let's see... I had my eye test on Monday, and got a few things done at the shops.  I've been doing various bits around the flat all week.  Tuesday... I'm sure I did something, but all I can remember right now is that I finished the front of the little jumper I'm knitting - now I have some dreaded sewing together to do before I can finish up the neckband and try to assemble it into something like a proper garment.  Hah!  Wednesday, I had an appointment with the Jobseekers "outreach" people at C. House (which is all of 30 seconds walk from my flat, so no excuses there!  Unlike the whole five minute walk to H. House, oh noes) because I've been on Incapacity benefit for bloody ages, and something about a policy change, and anyway it's voluntary for me to go and see them which it wouldn't be if I'd gone onto Incap Ben more recently.  Whatever.  The point is, they were basically checking up to see how I was doing, but not putting any pressure on.  And in fact the lady I saw has offered to make enquiries for me about local choirs, and also suggested I could do one of the free courses they offer.  Now, most of them I'm kind of more qualified to teach (future volunteer work, maybe?), but there are a couple - creative writing and digital photography - that look interesting.

Anyway, the rest of Wednesday I was stuck indoors (because I would have been so outdoorsy otherwise *snerk*) while the window fitters came and replaced some of the not-quite-right windows.  At last, I have obscured glass in the huge bathroom window.  Yay!  Then in the evening, I went to "yogalates" (bit of yoga, bit of pilates, apparently) with Ally and Clara.  Which was really good (and yes, alright, I do sometimes do exercise - don't tell anyone!), only it turned out that my gym membership, being a concessionary one, doesn't cover classes in the evenings.  D'oh!  So it cost me £4.60 - I think I shall go to the Saturday morning Pilates class instead, then, which is free on my card.

Thursday morning was taken up with the window fitters finishing the windows.  Then Mum was here Thursday afternoon and we were doing flat-sorting things.  And then today, Ally came over.  Which was lots of fun.  We made cream of mushroom soup (soooooooooooo yummy, and even healthy into the bargain since it's a low fat recipe), and worked out a load of stuff for her website.  The upshot of it is, she's going to have a separate site altogether for her online jewellery shop, because she can sell worldwide from that, and keep her existing site as more of a portfolio display site.  Gorgeous as her mirrors and glass panels are, they're not exactly easy to pop in the post, so that side of the business is necessarily more local and can be based around her physical shop with the website as a backup marketing tool.

... I think my 'work' head came back.  Huh.  I almost sounded like I know what I'm talking about just then, and that's just weird.

But I'm still dead tired.  Which isn't all that surprising, because what with being distracted by the cat and my Mum phoning (oh, did I mention?  My broadband is back!  Wooohooooo!), it's taken me about two hours to write this, and now it's definitely bed time.  Zzzzzzzzz!
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[ profile] tamaranth and [ profile] swisstone are stars!  The state of my flat had been really stressing me out - more so than I'd even realised, it seems - what with half the furniture being in the wrong places, and boxes that I couldn't move (car accident, dodgy back, etc etc) all over the place.  You had to turn sideways and shuffle to get to the bed and down to the window to open / close the curtains in the bedroom, and while I knew there was a living room carpet under there somewhere... *g*  Anyway!  As I said, T & T are fabulous, because they offered to come down and help me out, and on Saturday they did just that.

The bedroom is now completely rearranged and looks great, and all the boxes of stuff (books, mainly) that are to go in there, are in there ready to be unpacked - that part I'm now doing at my leisure.  Likewise with the living room - not much furniture moving took place there, except for moving the bookcases that were stored in there out and into the bedroom, and shifting around of boxes, but everything looks so much more spacious.  Hoorah!  Plus, I've slept so well, and during the actual night as well.  It's like a miracle, or something!

I do need to do some sorting out in both the kitchen and bathroom now - we found lots of things that belonged in both while moving the clutter that the moving morons men had left randomly piled in the bedroom.  Including some potatoes.  Yummy! O.o  I also want to do a big clothing sort-out, because I have too much stuff that just doesn't fit me, and isn't likely to in the foreseeable future.  If I do manage to lose the weight that I want to, and get fit, I shall treat myself to new stuff!!  So, my plan goes as follows:
  • Unpack books, dvds, videos, etc.  Recycle boxes.  Hang mirror in bedroom.

  • Unpack and sort out clothes, hopefully making some spare drawer space.  Clean the top of the wardrobe and put stuff (Xmas tree, air bed, empty suitcases, etc) back on top of it.

  • Sort out the things in the bathroom - eventually get the wall cabinet painted and up.

  • Sort out all the stuff in the kitchen and get it into various cupboards and drawers.  Remember that the top cupboards and the drawers still need cleaning inside before stuff goes in them!

  • Move the dresser into the kitchen.  See if Ian downstairs still wants my old single bed, so get rid of that.  (Get storage baskets or boxes to hold the bedding / towels that currently live in single bed drawers.)  Move the computer desk so that it's (a) near the phone point, and (b) facing the sea view.  Probably also move the rest of the living room furniture about a bit as well.  Eventually get sofabed to replace single bed as seating / visitor-sleeping-place.

  • [ profile] tamaranth to have bedroom desk unit thingy: replace with a nice big bookshelf.

  • Get pictures and posters up on the walls.  No more living with an unending expanse of magnolia!  Nope, I want something a bit more... oh, I don't know.  A bit more me, I suppose.

Other good things:
  • Although I am currently stuck on dial-up while my broadband is being transferred to my new phone line, it's not for much longer now.  Only four more days to go, in fact: roll on Jan 19th!!

  • I had my eyes tested today, and although my right eye has got a little bit worse, my left eye has corrected itself somewhat.  Yay!  This means that my current glasses are overcorrecting, mind you, and also that my eyes are now quite different prescriptions from each other when they were fairly similar before.  But anyway.  There are also very funky new glasses in my near future, and they are kind of going to match my...

  • ... new hair!  I've made an appointment to get the hair chopped and coloured and have even more interestingly coloured bits added into it.  Whee!  This is all part of my overall plan to make me feel brighter, and encourage myself to go out more.  The idea being, if effort has been expended on my hair, I will want to go out and show it off.  Hopefully to places like the gym, as well as socially.  Hee!
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Just dropping by to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I'm having a quiet one - I vegged in front of the telly, knitting and watching the Hootenanny.  Yes, I know, aren't I boring?  I think I did this last year too, actually.  Clara and Chaz don't seem to be doing their New Year get-together now they have little Michael - maybe next year I'll do one.  But this is nice and relaxing too :-)

Since I haven't posted since then, Christmas was good.  I didn't get any decorations up here, but I have displayed my cards - thank you [ profile] tamaranth (and for the awesome CD! Hee!!), [ profile] train_in_vain, [ profile] urbanfae (and for the PRESSIES! *love*), [ profile] sanda56 and [ profile] elen_ancalimaPresents, blah blah )

So, here's hoping that 2007 is a good one! (Must think up some resolutions!  But for now, I'm off to bed.)

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I got all moved into the new flat on Monday with not too much hassle, and with the aid of some duct tape, redirected my phone line in here. And look, broadband still working so far - yay! Not that I've had much online time, because the movers... well, let's say they didn't exactly place things appropriately. *headdesk* We did, at least manage to get them to set up my bed so that I can sleep in it! Everything else was quite literally left in enormous piles all over the place.

Then of course, car accident --> back still pretty ow --> can't move heavy stuff myself = had to wait for my brother to be free to come and drag furniture around for me. Which he did, and he did way more than I was expecting him to, as well. I just meant to ask him to shift the sofa and telly-dvd-freeview setup, and make a moderately clear space so that I could get this thing up and running as well, but he's actually moved all the furniture to the walls as well. Doing Kuk Sool apparantly builds some serious muscles! Anyway, now I only have boxes in the middle of the living room and it looks loads clearer and bigger again. Plus, I have the computer desk in the probably-right place (unless I decide to move stuff round later) as well as the sofa / telly and the dining table. And for now, it's livable around until (a) my back is better and I can move things myself, and (b) it's after Christmas and people (Mum) are available to help me with the proper unpacking and sorting. Also, I've decided to get rid of my old single bed that I've been using as a sort-of sofa. I'd mainly been hanging on to it for sentimental reasons, but it takes up too much room, and considering how often I have someone to stay... Also, Mum is making noises about how a decent sofabed would be better, and she's right.

But anyway! I'm here! I'm in the process of getting sorted! New upstairs neighbours are also moved in and seem very nice... and aren't noisy or annoying - yes, I can hear them moving about, and the odd bit of background noise, but it's actually kind of nice. I think I've been alone in this huge great building too long, because it's oddly comforting hearing footsteps or faint music / TV noise above me.

Now I should go and wrap Christmas presents. Because time is marching on, omg. Wheeee!
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Offline again, hopefully only for a day or two, while I move.  Again.  So glad this is the last time I have to do this until I choose to move out of this house altogether.  And I won't be doing that for some time!  This will do (pig).

See you on the other side.
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(Because I am nothing if not creative and non-literal in my subject lines.  And matching post icons. Yup.)

So, if yesterday was getting it all off my chest, I've decided that today shall be about the nice shiny things.

  • OK!  There might still be some work to be done, but I'm getting to move into a newly refurbished flat that has new kitchen and bathroom suites, new double glazing, new boiler and central heating, new door entry system, new fire / smoke alarms, is newly carpeted and painted, and is generally all pretty damn new.  Other than being in a converted Victorian house, of course! *g*

  • Plus, the communal areas (that's the hall & front door, to you and me) are also being refurbished.  Hoorah!

  • I spoke to my lovelynice phone company, and yes, no problem, they're going to keep my phone line running to my old flat until 9th Jan so that I can run the extension lead to the new one (as I am doing now, in fact, in this temp flat), thus giving me an uninterrupted phone service.  Well, maybe there will be an hour or two, but you get the point.  I shan't be phone-less!  Broadband isn't quite that simple - I'm not going to go into that because it doesn't fall under the category of 'yay' - but I will have it for a few more days before the changeover period kicks in.  But I'll still have dial-up (this reminds me of my brother staring at the back of my 'puter the other day, looking like nothing so much as an archaeologist who's just unearthed something old, slightly unexpected, but interesting, and saying "you still have a dial-up modem in there??"  Yes, M, and it's for emergencies just like this!) so yay to that!

  • Char got us tickets for Wicked! next Thursday for my Christmas pressie.  Wheeeee!!

  • And speaking of Christmas pressies:  From the gorgeous desktop wallpaper [ profile] legoline made me, to the Real Actual Stuff [ profile] urbanfae sent (my Mum has it to wrap - wheee, surprises!), I'm chuffed beyond words about everything I've received. *beams*  And now the even more fun part (no, I'm not being sarcastic) - the getting of pressies for everyone else.  I have a couple of things for you guys, and I've got most of the rest of my things for the local friends and family.  What I don't have yet, I have planned.  *bounce*

  • My hair colour.  I still have plans for it, but a nurse at the hospital on Wednesday actually came in to the room to tell me she loved it, and ask where / how it was done (DIY "LIVE colour", love!) and then on Friday, while I was down town browsing in a Shop of Awesome Tat, a little old lady accidentally stroked my hair because she was going along stroking all the things on the clothing rails that she thought looked pretty.  And, um, mistook me for something that was for sale? O.o  To be fair, I had my back to her, and my hair was loose and therefore covering most of my back.  However, she then went "Oh! Oh, sorry, I didn't realise you were... but isn't it pretty?" And stroked my hair some more.  LOL!

  • SGA.  I just have so much love right now, and I'm very very happy in my fannish bubble.  (Can't touch this (breakitdown)).  And other assorted fandoms, of course - Torchwood, Who and LoM, I'm looking at you.  You're cracked in the head (like me), and I love you.

  • The Thing wot I'm doing with liek_omg_Sann.  Oh, we're having fun.  (We are having fun, right? *g*)

  • Knitting!  I'm making a little jumper at the moment, and I'm on course to get it all done in time for Christmas, along with a couple of other things.  I really do love physically creating things - I mean, I love designing websites, and writing, and singing and playing instruments and all that other "creative" stuff.  But I'm ending up with a physical object here that I can give to someone and have them know that I put time and effort and thought into it.  Or, you know, I can make something for myself and have that kind of satisfaction.  Also, I can do it while I'm watching TV (or other media).  Double bonus!!

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I know, I know.  All I ever do in this journal is whine and moan, and make a load of drama out of not a whole lot really.  And I've been thinking about that recently: even though I tend to think of myself as being on LJ for fannish purposes, and even though I (initially at least) got to know almost everyone on my flist via one fandom or another... I hardly ever post fannish stuff myself.  Just omg-my-life-is-soooo-hard (sitting around at home on my computer all day not working, woe is me, hah!) stuff.  So!  I'm going to try and balance it out a bit more.  Inflict my fannish thoughts on here as well as everything else.  Oh yeah, and talk about the more positive day-to-day stuff as well ;-)

Thing is, though, this journal acts as a bit of a safety valve for me.  I get all the melodrama off my chest by writing it in here, and then I can go on and deal with life much more easily.  It's all very therapeutic! *g*  Also, I sometimes have my tongue in my cheek about the level of WOE... I hope that comes across.  Because I know I can be too deadpan in 'real life' - it's a bad habit. Mwahah.  But my Mum certainly thought the other day that I was serious about the temporary loss of my broadband that's coming up being the end of the world as far as I was concerned.  Uh, no, I think I'll live.  I'm not pleased, but I'm not going to be cast into the depths of deepest despair.  Anyway, I have a cunning plan (cunning like a fox!).

But for now, I shall have a vent (with a bit of redeeming mockery), if nobody minds.  And if you do, well, I'm going to do it behind a cut tag, so you can just skip on by! )

And to balance things out I shall make a Post of Yay tomorrow (too late now - *yawn*).  I promise. :-)

Weird day

Dec. 6th, 2006 04:33 pm
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It's been kind of an odd day so far.  First of all I checked my flist and saw the news about both Laz's dad and minitrogTrog.  Which, you know.  I can't think of anything to say about that doesn't sound stupid and/or trite.

Then there's car accident stuff )

As well as all that, there's tedious moving stuff )
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Well, today the Letting Agents came round with a family who wanted to view this flat with a view to renting it once I'm moved into my new one... and moving stuff, tra la )
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Right then.... so far as I know, I'm still on track to move upstairs in the morning.  Phew!  Right now, I'm in the middle of last minute packing - and damnit, I knew this would happen, I think I'm about to run out of the right sized boxes.  I have tons of fruit boxes, but I need at least a couple of wine-box or larger sized ones.  Gah!  Serves me right for leaving these last bits so very late, I spose.  Oh well, I'll work it out somehow.

Anyway, it's entirely possible that I won't have access to teh interbets from the temporary flat.  Or, you know, a landline phone.  If they do get the landline from here extended up there (see my optimism!), I don't yet know how well / if my broadband connection will deign to work.  Though hopefully I should at least be able to get dial up.  That does help with the downloading of things, of course, but I can always go and commandeer my Mum's computer & broadband connection for that.  Point is, I might vanish for the next two (? four? six? who knows?) weeks.  Not that this is anything new for me, recently, but hey, this time I'm giving notification.  That's new and different. ;-)

Having said all that, I could well be back online, broadband and all, this time tomorrow if not sooner.  Which would be nice.

In other news, birthday: yay.  I have shinynew stuff (digital camera, mp3 player, funky lamp, etc), and am looking forward to stuffing my face on Friday.  Oh, if you do want to come along, you'd better text me (I've edited the other post to include my mobile no.) to let me know. Um... what else?  Eh, I'm just procrastinating now.  Back to the last minute packing!
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But still having computer problems that are keeping me offline for far too long.  Oh yes, and still in my original flat - there was yet another delay*, so my moving date is now next Thursday, the 19th.  If they change it again, there may be screaming and stamping of feet.  However, it's kind of a good thing that I wasn't sposed to be moving this week in the end, because I've been down with a horrible virus that still hasn't gone away entirely.  Whooo, dizzy.

I'm all ready for the moving thing - [ profile] ladymoonray, [ profile] swisstone, and [ profile] indigo_mirror (who never uses her LJ, tcha) were all brilliant and helped me do the bulk of the packing... so I've been living with boxes all around me ever since, as at the time, I was supposed to be doing the move a few days later.  But no.  *eyeroll*  Anyway, I just have the essential last minute stuff left to be done, and since I have lots of ebooks and fanfic on my Palm, I'm not out of my mind with omg-nothing-to-read-ness.

However, despite the being ill, and the not-having-moved, this week was actually not so bad.  I was accidently a bit out of touch, as my mobile ran out of juice, and I hadn't heard it crying for food and subsequently switching itself off.  Oops.  Only then my Mum rang me yesterday with bad news.  My aunt Peggy - Dad's sister, the one who was the next to him in age, not one of the twins - has died.  It wasn't a complete shock, since she's been in hospital for a couple of weeks, but it's sad nevertheless.  Now there's going to be the funeral for me and Martin to go to - Mum will be away, since she's off to visit her friend in France for two weeks from Sunday.  So, um, yeah. :-/

Anyway, while I'm actually online, I'm going to try out this new LJTalk thing.  Um, maybe... if I can get the client to install, that is. *prods*

* )
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It's funny how these unexpected LJ hiatuses sometimes end up soooo very long.  Summer of '06, where did you go to?  Oh, that's right: you disappeared under a mountain of Stargate Atlantis fanfic.  Mwahah.  Not that it's all been fun and fic - I haven't been well, so pretty much all I could do was read.  But things are looking up again now.  I'm mostly alright, the mog's alright (his kaputted leg seems fine again), and I might even start reading my Flist again at some point in the nearish future instead of occasionally skimming a page and then running away in fear ;-)

On the 'bah' side of things, I'm living in a building site (not fun, fecking noisy, dust not agreeing with allergies or asthma) as the house is being renovated, I'm going to have to move to the flat upstairs at a date as yet unspecified so that this one can be done (omg, packing), and it takes me a really long time to do anything because my grasp on the whole 'time' thing has gone kind of weird.  But I'm getting better with that.  I think.  Not nearly well enough to even think about trying to work again just yet, but I'm sure I'll get there.  Finally, I'm not going to be able to afford to keep my car for much longer, which sucks.  But I do have a plan to make the most of it while I can.

On the 'yay' side, SGA is especially shiny and fun (enjoying the new season, will probably babble more about this soon), and in other fannishness I've started re-poking the LoM fic that I abandoned when my head fell apart.  Oh, and I'm doing a big giant catchy-uppy thing for SG-1: I used to watch religiously back in the day, but then I didn't have Sky any more, so I'd seen seasons 1-4 when they were on Sky, then scattered eps from seasons 5 (inc. 48 Hours), 6, and possibly 7.  So anyway, I decided I wanted to watch it allllllllll again from the start, so I am.  Wheee.  I'm about half way through S3 right now, but I'm also thinking about jumping in and watching S9 so that I can watch S10 at the same time as I'm watching SGA S3.... but then I think, hmm, do I want to watch S8 first (after all, I already cheated and watched the season ender for that because hello, Rodney), and ooo, what about the end of S7 because that has relevance for SGA anyway, and, and.... ack!  What was I saying again?

Anyway, yes, 'yay' things.  I went to see Pirates of the Carribean 2 with Ally the other week... only it had sold out, so we ended up making much better use of a lovely summer evening, crunching along the beach and then meandering through the old town, topping off the night by playing the tuppeny arcades and (in my case) winning prizes of Tacky Badness.  Hee!  And then we actually made it to see PotC2 the next day, and it was fabulous.  Mmmmm, drunken, scruffy Norrington.  It made me very happy.  I've also been out and about to a few other places, and last week Char came down for a visit and dyed my hair for me - I now once again (near enough) match my icon.  Hoorah!  I had about 6" roots, and the rest had faded to coppery auberny red.  We also went to Battle Wool Shop, where we bought steel wool to knit chain mail and the like.  Well, no.  But Char got lots, and I got a couple of things, and we spent a long time along with another customer and under the amused and indulgent eye of the shop lady, stroking and drooling over some of the more expensive and tasty yarn they have there.  This has now reminded me of all the half-done projects that are lying around the flat, so I'm clicking sticks with a vengence once more.

Er, and I think that's about it, and since this is now reeeeeally long... I'll stop now.  STOP
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Once again, there are people standing and staring at the front of the house.  This time, however, I think they must be from the council or something.  There are four of them, one has a clipboard, and another had some other paperwork of some sort, and they're gazing up and pointing things out, having just done the same for the two houses up the road.  So presumably it's something to do with the regeneration project thing.

Think I'll go out and be nosy, though.

[a short while later]
Aha!  One of the four was in fact my landlord (who I never recognise, since I mostly deal with the letting agent).  So now I actually know what's going to be going on with the building works.  Blimey.  Looks like they're going to do the upstairs two flats first, then in about three months they'll start on mine and Ian's.  At which point, they'd quite like us to move upstairs (er, to a flat each, not together!) for the duration of having the work done here.  Which isn't a bad idea, I guess - I can take all my valuable stuff with me, and the builders will move the furniture I need.  The main sticking point will be that my broadband kinda sorta comes in here, and is a bit necessary if I'm going to be working - which hopefully, in three months time, might even be full time!  However, Theo (the landlord) reckons that they can run an extension cable for me.  So fingers crossed.  It would be less disruptive, I think, than having to live here for the three weeks while the work is going on.  One other problem, though: I don't think Ian downstairs wants me to agree to do it.  I'm not sure why: even if I do, it doesn't mean he has to!  *sigh*

Anyway, they're all going to be invading in a minute to check out the stuff that needs sorting in here.  Apparently they might even be fixing the floor (which slopes in the same direction as the hill the house stands upon).  I'll have to get used to sleeping on the flat again!
Kind of wish I'd got a bit further on with my spring cleaning effort now.  Oh well!
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Huh.  It just hailed.  That was a bit random, really.

I think I might use this Post Every Day thing to keep a record of what I've actually been doing every day.  Like, woah, a real diary.  Or something.  But there's a reason behind it: I feel like I don't do much.  Some days I have work to do, or studying.  But mostly, I'm sitting on my bum staring at LJ.  Or writing fic, these days, if I'm feeling creative.  Now that I'm feeling better, I'm noticing it, and I'm boring myself.  So, I need to become less sedentary.  Or less unproductively sedentary, anyway.  Therefore, I have a To Do list, and I'm in the process of having a thorough spring clean and clear out of all my clutter.  I figure if I make a note on here of what I've been up to, I'll feel like I've accomplished things, and will therefore be more motivated to do more still.  Blah di blah, etc.

Or, I could be talking bollocks.  Who can tell?


Mar. 27th, 2006 12:15 pm
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People walking up the road keep stopping and staring at the house.  What?  What are they looking at?  Doesn't seem to be me.  Is another chunk of masonry about to drop off?  Whaaaaaaaaaaat??

Maybe I should go out and check for myself.  Wish me luck...


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