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I got all moved into the new flat on Monday with not too much hassle, and with the aid of some duct tape, redirected my phone line in here. And look, broadband still working so far - yay! Not that I've had much online time, because the movers... well, let's say they didn't exactly place things appropriately. *headdesk* We did, at least manage to get them to set up my bed so that I can sleep in it! Everything else was quite literally left in enormous piles all over the place.

Then of course, car accident --> back still pretty ow --> can't move heavy stuff myself = had to wait for my brother to be free to come and drag furniture around for me. Which he did, and he did way more than I was expecting him to, as well. I just meant to ask him to shift the sofa and telly-dvd-freeview setup, and make a moderately clear space so that I could get this thing up and running as well, but he's actually moved all the furniture to the walls as well. Doing Kuk Sool apparantly builds some serious muscles! Anyway, now I only have boxes in the middle of the living room and it looks loads clearer and bigger again. Plus, I have the computer desk in the probably-right place (unless I decide to move stuff round later) as well as the sofa / telly and the dining table. And for now, it's livable around until (a) my back is better and I can move things myself, and (b) it's after Christmas and people (Mum) are available to help me with the proper unpacking and sorting. Also, I've decided to get rid of my old single bed that I've been using as a sort-of sofa. I'd mainly been hanging on to it for sentimental reasons, but it takes up too much room, and considering how often I have someone to stay... Also, Mum is making noises about how a decent sofabed would be better, and she's right.

But anyway! I'm here! I'm in the process of getting sorted! New upstairs neighbours are also moved in and seem very nice... and aren't noisy or annoying - yes, I can hear them moving about, and the odd bit of background noise, but it's actually kind of nice. I think I've been alone in this huge great building too long, because it's oddly comforting hearing footsteps or faint music / TV noise above me.

Now I should go and wrap Christmas presents. Because time is marching on, omg. Wheeee!
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Offline again, hopefully only for a day or two, while I move.  Again.  So glad this is the last time I have to do this until I choose to move out of this house altogether.  And I won't be doing that for some time!  This will do (pig).

See you on the other side.
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(Because I am nothing if not creative and non-literal in my subject lines.  And matching post icons. Yup.)

So, if yesterday was getting it all off my chest, I've decided that today shall be about the nice shiny things.

  • OK!  There might still be some work to be done, but I'm getting to move into a newly refurbished flat that has new kitchen and bathroom suites, new double glazing, new boiler and central heating, new door entry system, new fire / smoke alarms, is newly carpeted and painted, and is generally all pretty damn new.  Other than being in a converted Victorian house, of course! *g*

  • Plus, the communal areas (that's the hall & front door, to you and me) are also being refurbished.  Hoorah!

  • I spoke to my lovelynice phone company, and yes, no problem, they're going to keep my phone line running to my old flat until 9th Jan so that I can run the extension lead to the new one (as I am doing now, in fact, in this temp flat), thus giving me an uninterrupted phone service.  Well, maybe there will be an hour or two, but you get the point.  I shan't be phone-less!  Broadband isn't quite that simple - I'm not going to go into that because it doesn't fall under the category of 'yay' - but I will have it for a few more days before the changeover period kicks in.  But I'll still have dial-up (this reminds me of my brother staring at the back of my 'puter the other day, looking like nothing so much as an archaeologist who's just unearthed something old, slightly unexpected, but interesting, and saying "you still have a dial-up modem in there??"  Yes, M, and it's for emergencies just like this!) so yay to that!

  • Char got us tickets for Wicked! next Thursday for my Christmas pressie.  Wheeeee!!

  • And speaking of Christmas pressies:  From the gorgeous desktop wallpaper [ profile] legoline made me, to the Real Actual Stuff [ profile] urbanfae sent (my Mum has it to wrap - wheee, surprises!), I'm chuffed beyond words about everything I've received. *beams*  And now the even more fun part (no, I'm not being sarcastic) - the getting of pressies for everyone else.  I have a couple of things for you guys, and I've got most of the rest of my things for the local friends and family.  What I don't have yet, I have planned.  *bounce*

  • My hair colour.  I still have plans for it, but a nurse at the hospital on Wednesday actually came in to the room to tell me she loved it, and ask where / how it was done (DIY "LIVE colour", love!) and then on Friday, while I was down town browsing in a Shop of Awesome Tat, a little old lady accidentally stroked my hair because she was going along stroking all the things on the clothing rails that she thought looked pretty.  And, um, mistook me for something that was for sale? O.o  To be fair, I had my back to her, and my hair was loose and therefore covering most of my back.  However, she then went "Oh! Oh, sorry, I didn't realise you were... but isn't it pretty?" And stroked my hair some more.  LOL!

  • SGA.  I just have so much love right now, and I'm very very happy in my fannish bubble.  (Can't touch this (breakitdown)).  And other assorted fandoms, of course - Torchwood, Who and LoM, I'm looking at you.  You're cracked in the head (like me), and I love you.

  • The Thing wot I'm doing with liek_omg_Sann.  Oh, we're having fun.  (We are having fun, right? *g*)

  • Knitting!  I'm making a little jumper at the moment, and I'm on course to get it all done in time for Christmas, along with a couple of other things.  I really do love physically creating things - I mean, I love designing websites, and writing, and singing and playing instruments and all that other "creative" stuff.  But I'm ending up with a physical object here that I can give to someone and have them know that I put time and effort and thought into it.  Or, you know, I can make something for myself and have that kind of satisfaction.  Also, I can do it while I'm watching TV (or other media).  Double bonus!!

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I know, I know.  All I ever do in this journal is whine and moan, and make a load of drama out of not a whole lot really.  And I've been thinking about that recently: even though I tend to think of myself as being on LJ for fannish purposes, and even though I (initially at least) got to know almost everyone on my flist via one fandom or another... I hardly ever post fannish stuff myself.  Just omg-my-life-is-soooo-hard (sitting around at home on my computer all day not working, woe is me, hah!) stuff.  So!  I'm going to try and balance it out a bit more.  Inflict my fannish thoughts on here as well as everything else.  Oh yeah, and talk about the more positive day-to-day stuff as well ;-)

Thing is, though, this journal acts as a bit of a safety valve for me.  I get all the melodrama off my chest by writing it in here, and then I can go on and deal with life much more easily.  It's all very therapeutic! *g*  Also, I sometimes have my tongue in my cheek about the level of WOE... I hope that comes across.  Because I know I can be too deadpan in 'real life' - it's a bad habit. Mwahah.  But my Mum certainly thought the other day that I was serious about the temporary loss of my broadband that's coming up being the end of the world as far as I was concerned.  Uh, no, I think I'll live.  I'm not pleased, but I'm not going to be cast into the depths of deepest despair.  Anyway, I have a cunning plan (cunning like a fox!).

But for now, I shall have a vent (with a bit of redeeming mockery), if nobody minds.  And if you do, well, I'm going to do it behind a cut tag, so you can just skip on by! )

And to balance things out I shall make a Post of Yay tomorrow (too late now - *yawn*).  I promise. :-)

Weird day

Dec. 6th, 2006 04:33 pm
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It's been kind of an odd day so far.  First of all I checked my flist and saw the news about both Laz's dad and minitrogTrog.  Which, you know.  I can't think of anything to say about that doesn't sound stupid and/or trite.

Then there's car accident stuff )

As well as all that, there's tedious moving stuff )
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Well, today the Letting Agents came round with a family who wanted to view this flat with a view to renting it once I'm moved into my new one... and moving stuff, tra la )
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Right then.... so far as I know, I'm still on track to move upstairs in the morning.  Phew!  Right now, I'm in the middle of last minute packing - and damnit, I knew this would happen, I think I'm about to run out of the right sized boxes.  I have tons of fruit boxes, but I need at least a couple of wine-box or larger sized ones.  Gah!  Serves me right for leaving these last bits so very late, I spose.  Oh well, I'll work it out somehow.

Anyway, it's entirely possible that I won't have access to teh interbets from the temporary flat.  Or, you know, a landline phone.  If they do get the landline from here extended up there (see my optimism!), I don't yet know how well / if my broadband connection will deign to work.  Though hopefully I should at least be able to get dial up.  That does help with the downloading of things, of course, but I can always go and commandeer my Mum's computer & broadband connection for that.  Point is, I might vanish for the next two (? four? six? who knows?) weeks.  Not that this is anything new for me, recently, but hey, this time I'm giving notification.  That's new and different. ;-)

Having said all that, I could well be back online, broadband and all, this time tomorrow if not sooner.  Which would be nice.

In other news, birthday: yay.  I have shinynew stuff (digital camera, mp3 player, funky lamp, etc), and am looking forward to stuffing my face on Friday.  Oh, if you do want to come along, you'd better text me (I've edited the other post to include my mobile no.) to let me know. Um... what else?  Eh, I'm just procrastinating now.  Back to the last minute packing!
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But still having computer problems that are keeping me offline for far too long.  Oh yes, and still in my original flat - there was yet another delay*, so my moving date is now next Thursday, the 19th.  If they change it again, there may be screaming and stamping of feet.  However, it's kind of a good thing that I wasn't sposed to be moving this week in the end, because I've been down with a horrible virus that still hasn't gone away entirely.  Whooo, dizzy.

I'm all ready for the moving thing - [ profile] ladymoonray, [ profile] swisstone, and [ profile] indigo_mirror (who never uses her LJ, tcha) were all brilliant and helped me do the bulk of the packing... so I've been living with boxes all around me ever since, as at the time, I was supposed to be doing the move a few days later.  But no.  *eyeroll*  Anyway, I just have the essential last minute stuff left to be done, and since I have lots of ebooks and fanfic on my Palm, I'm not out of my mind with omg-nothing-to-read-ness.

However, despite the being ill, and the not-having-moved, this week was actually not so bad.  I was accidently a bit out of touch, as my mobile ran out of juice, and I hadn't heard it crying for food and subsequently switching itself off.  Oops.  Only then my Mum rang me yesterday with bad news.  My aunt Peggy - Dad's sister, the one who was the next to him in age, not one of the twins - has died.  It wasn't a complete shock, since she's been in hospital for a couple of weeks, but it's sad nevertheless.  Now there's going to be the funeral for me and Martin to go to - Mum will be away, since she's off to visit her friend in France for two weeks from Sunday.  So, um, yeah. :-/

Anyway, while I'm actually online, I'm going to try out this new LJTalk thing.  Um, maybe... if I can get the client to install, that is. *prods*

* )
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I'm gradually getting the flat in order now.  I have almost all my books on the bookshelves, and the bedroom furniture all definitely in place now (I changed my mind about where a couple of things were going).  [profile] xandermog seems to be settling in quite happily, and although he hasn't tried to go outside yet, he's definitely got plenty of excess energy: he's been playing, really playing, pouncing on his toys, swatting them, just like a normal cat!!  Unfortunately, he's mainly been doing that at night, and waking me up frequently, so I can give him a fuss.  *siiigh*  Bless.

I was visited by the lovely [ profile] ladymoonray yesterday, as well, and we had a wander along the seafront and on the pier, visited Ally's exhibition, and then went for scrummy dinner at Mon Forte, which is a little Italian restaurant on the seafront, which I worked at... eeek, nine years ago!  It was really lovely to see LadyM again, and though I'll miss my friends in Hull, I'm definitely glad I've moved back down here.  I feel at home :-)
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Woohoooo, I'm finally in my flat!  All moved in (ok, ok, except for a few bits and pieces that are still lurking at my parents' house), boiler now working (the gas was off, d'oh), mog installed (and happily hogging the sofa), furniture in place, half-ish of the boxes unpacked, and first meal cooked and eaten.  And obviously, computer connected (although I'm having a prob with my new flat rate service and am having to dial up on the per-minute number, which is annoying).  Shortly, I shall go to bed and have my first night's sleep here.  Once I've cleared all that stuff off of the bed.  Feh.

So, I shall stop boring you all about my moving.  Well, I will once I've related the extended saga of the move itself, but that can wait until I get the flat rate net access sorted!  Normal being-boring-about-everything-else service soon to be resumed!
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Still using my parents' computer. But all going well, I should get to 'move in' to the flat tonight. Hoorah!! My bed is built, and most of the bedroom furniture is where it should be. The living room is half-done.

But! The parents will be coming over again this afternoon, and we'll hopefully get the rest of the furniture in place then. I do have to do some coursework, since my last assignment (which doesn't allow extensions, arghOMG!) is due in about a week. But I'm optimistic that I'll be able to get things mostly-done, and maybe even get the 'puter back together tomorrow or Monday. Fingers crossed...

Also, I HAVE A JOB INTERVIEW ON MONDAY MORNING!!!!!!1!!!!111!!!ELEVENTYSQUILLION!!! Ahem. Wish me luck! :-)
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Er. Not entirely moved yet: I'm at my parents' house right now. All my stuff is finally in the flat, though, so that's something. Maybe it wasn't quite The Move From Hell, but it was somewhere close to it... *g* But I survived!

Off to sort stuff out, now. Not sure when I'll be properly online again. Couple of days if I'm lucky, but maybe not til the weekend. We shall see.... :-)
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Just arrived in Hastings. It's 3.45am. Been up and busy since 7am. Dead now.
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So, we've had to hire a van after all at the last minute that I'll drive down today with the rest of my stuff. Still, we got it sorted. Heh.
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It's moving day. And of course it couldn't go smoothly. The moving men had assumed I was a student and so had no furniture. Er. Whoops? *sigh*
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OMG, packing is almost done.... and yet, not.  There are lots of "little" bits left to do, which will probably take far longer to do than you'd think!  And I'm off down to Hastings in the morning with Dad, to take Xander and to sign the papers for the new flat on Friday.  Which doesn't leave much time.  I now have to disconnect the 'puter this evening, and we're taking it along tomorrow (or bits of it, at any rate), so this will be my last update til after the move.  Don't know when I'll be back online again - Sunday will be the absolute earliest.  But I daresay I'll send in a phone post or two :-)

Progress list:

  • Finished packing up the contents of the living room and my bedroom.

  • Carried a pile of CDs down the stairs, missed my footing, and fell.  Rather painfully.  Am now a tad black-and-blue.

  • Went into town and withdrew the money to pay the new landlord on Friday, and did a few other bits too.

  • Finally had the bulky stuff collected by the council men.  Hoorah!

  • Got a harness and lead for the mog, for the journey.  Have just put the harness on him.  He spent a few minutes believing this made him unable to walk, and is now squirming all over the floor trying to get out of it.  He should get used to it soon.  Bless.

  • Dismantled my wardrobe so it'll get down the stairs on Saturday.

  • Successfully refrained from parent-icide.  Go me.

I think I've actually done some other things, but I can't remember now.  Um.  Anyway, I have to get going, cos there are still things to do.  Wish me luck, and see you on the other side! :-)

*hugs flist*
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It was all so peaceful & productive til Dad got here. *sigh* Men are disruptive. ;-)
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Dead.  Deaddeaddeaddead.  I've had enough now, please.  No more packing or sorting or anything!  No moooooooooooore!  Except, of course, we're not done yet.  Damnit.  So I'm trying to cheer myself up by listing what else I've done.  Again ;-)

  • Rang the council and shelled out fifteen quid for them to collect some stuff within 48 hours.  Hauled the bed-settee out into the front garden, with some difficulty.  Also dragged the old single mattress out, and my (broken) computer chair.

  • Kept an eye out between 7:30am and 2pm today, which was when the 'bulky stuff' was sposed to be picked up.  Rang them up at 3pm.  Was told they'd definitely be coming.  Got a phone call at 4:45.  They are apparantly now coming tomorrow morning. :-/

  • Got in touch with my Electricty and Gas company, Student Loans co., Council Tax, Housing Benefit, Cardguard (who notify my bank etc for me), my Mobile Phone co., and a co. I do market research surveys for, and gave them my new address details.

  • Also contacted my Insurance co, arranged the contents insurance on my new flat, and found out that I am covered for the move - phew! :-)

  • Packed up all the books, videos and dvds in the living room.  Sorted out the rest of the miscellaneous paperwork.  Packed & packed & packed!

  • Found tapes that belong to B (the ex), so tried to call him, but the number seems to be cut off.  Huh.

And that's about that.  For now. :-)
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Today, we have:
  • Done some more packing in the spare room (just all my sheet music & music books left now).

  • Had a visit from Russ, Char and little Lex.... who is the brightest, most adorable not-quite-3-year-old.  They then took my bike back for a friend of Char's who's buying it from me.  Hoorah!

  • Visited Hannah and Craig for an hour or so, and took them my strimmer which they've bought from me.  Hoorah again!

  • Sorted out all my clothes: thrown out some old stuff, bagged up some less-old stuff to go to the charity shop, and packed the remainder.  Er, except for what I'll need for the rest of the week, obviously.

Which doesn't sound like all that much, but R, C & L were here for a while over lunch, and having sorted my clothes means that my bedroom is more than half done now too - the wardrobe and all the drawers are now emptied.

Tomorrow, we start on the downstairs rooms, which we want to get done before Dad arrives on Tuesday eve.  It's beginning to look do-able.  I think. ;-)
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Hah, yes, I've decided to subject my lucky friends list to updates on my move. So far, I/we have:
  • Had a call from my new letting agent, confirming that the checks and references came back OK, and the flat is now officially mine. Woohoo! :-D

  • Started notifying the places on my fairly long list about my change of address.

  • Done that redirect-my-post thingy at the Post Office.

  • Arranged for a phone line be connected in the new flat.

  • Had a complete change of plan for the move itself: instead of Martin and his friend Brendan helping me to do it with a hired self-drive Luton van, I now have Moving Men coming. Which should make things easier! Also, instead of me driving Mum and Xandermog down to Hastings on Thursday so I can sign for the new flat on Friday before driving back up again for the main move, Dad is now coming up here (Hull) on Tues, I'm going back (to Hastings) with him (and Xander) on Thurs, and I've booked a train ticket to travel back (to Hull) on Friday afternoon. Then I'll finally drive down to Hastings with Mum once the Movers are underway. Phew! Still complicated, but it saves me driving for three days straight!

  • As per above, booked the Moving Men to come at 9am Saturday (the 11th).

  • Cleared out a lot of crap, donated the less-crappy stuff to the nearest charity shop.

  • Pretty much cleared the spare room (ie, packed almost everything in it) and started on my bedroom. Well, on the books in there, anyway.

  • Felt like death due to dust allergies. Looooooovely. Note to self: take all my allergy meds before starting on packing stuff up tomorrow!

Will we get everything packed in time? Who knows?  Tune In Next Time For Updates!!, On *cracklebpppptspkttthhhh*

Also, Freudian meme )


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