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I forgot to mention, I'm currently challenging myself to my own belated version of NaBloPoMo*... but not here!  In fact, I'm posting daily at my blog on my personal site.  Maybe I should cross-post to this journal as well, I dunno.  Thoughts, anyone?  There's an LJ feed set up if you want to keep track that way: [ profile] loopylou_co_uk

Also, tooths and branes update )

* In case you haven't come across this, it's the blogging version of NaNoWriMo, where you're sposed to post every day in November.  Obviously I didn't take part in that, but I decided the other day that I did want to try blogging every day for a month, and since it was 7th December, and that would take me through to 6th Jan (the Twelfth Day of Christmas), I have unvented my own personal challenge, the Festive BloPoMo.  Which so far has indeed got a fair bit of rambling about getting ready for Christmas.  Ta-daaa!
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It's carnival week again, and I'm excited. Whee! I know it's daft, but it does make me feel like I'm little again and it's the summer holidays. *g* Not only that, but the Olympics starts technically-today (I'm going to bed any minute, really), which for me mainly means the Ravelympics. Which is like its own Olympic Games, only for knitting! No, really. I'm going to be having lots of fun with it anyway, and it might make me actually sit and watch some of the actual Games on telly if I have something to occupy myself with knitting-wise at the same time.

Since multiple affiliations are allowed, I've signed up to be in Team TARDIS (duh), Team Dog, Chicken and Aardvark (AKA the Brighton & Hove (and surrounding E Sx) Safari Knitters), and Team Posh Knitters. The 'Events' I'm doing are WIP Wrestling (because my WIPs need wrestling into submission very very badly!) plus the Handspun Heptathlon for Team DCA (yes, I've started spindle spinning, but no, I don't have to do seven sub-events, it's just a catchy title) and the Amigurumi-n-Toys Toss for Team TARDIS during which I'm going to actually try to crochet an Adipose. Well, it's sposed to be a bit of a challenge, you see, so I thought trying two small projects in crafts that I'm a novice at would give me that and also give me a break from wrestling the WIPs so that doesn't get to feel like a chore. There's method in my madness! This time ;-)

Getting back to the carnival, there's been various events going on all week and I've been down to a couple. I got well and truly drenched last Sunday, going down to the gig in the Old Town - [ profile] elen_ancalima was visiting, so I was showing her the typical British summer seaside weekend ;-) Which of course includes sudden torrential rain! Anyway, I'm hoping to go down to a knitting exhibition thingy tomorrow afternoon, and of course to the main Carnival parade itself on Saturday.

Anyway, I think I'll wrap this up now and get to bed. Zzzz. With a bit of luck, it should crosspost to LJ*. However, I have now decided to change how this site works, so alterations to the look (as well as 'my end' of things) will be coming.... er.... some time this year? I have planning to do first! Night all.

* HAI LJ! Looks like that worked, then. Hoorah :-) So FYI that last para about the changes to "this" site actually apply to

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Merry Christmas / Solstice / Festive Celebration of your choice!

In not so brief:

And woah, I'm tired.  I'm not going to be done in the sense of having finished every present that I planned to before tomorrow... but sod it, I'm done.  No more!  Well, not much more.  I have wrapping to do, so I'll be off to crawl on the floor and get that done in a mo.  I've actually been remarkably productive today, though.  I've done... stuff.  Like chased up my webhost and finally got my server back... only without the files being restored to it yet.  I think this is because I didn't specifically ask them to do that, though, and they were swamped so they didn't.  I have now asked!  Fingers crossed it all turns up safely.

Got lots of other stuff done too.  Mainly Christmas-related, but some general life-stuff.  None of it all that interesting or memorable, hence my vagueness right now!  I went to Christingle with Mum, and managed not to be trampled by small children or be set on fire.  Result!  I even got a jelly baby.  Chatted briefly to A,  the girl in the pew behind, who I've known since we were both.... the age her kids are now.  Gaaaaaaaah!  Actually, I knew her sister better, who is a year older than me (I really must email her!).  A is a year or two younger than I am.  And right across from us was another girl I knew from school and brownies / guides who was also a year below me, with her two kidlets.  At least those are a toddler and a baby - A's boys are 5 and 7!!  It's so weird.  But anyway, after the service I was going to catch the bus straight home, but then Mum tempted me with casserole.  I decided that beat throwing together pasta and sauce myself, so whoo, I've been fed.

Now, I spose I'd really better get on with the pressie wrapping.  I'm off to Mum's in the morning.  Family, food, presents and Christmas telly.  Yay!  Everybody have a good one :-)
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  1. I seem to have a thing for lists recently.  I think it's all the web coding I've been doing.

  2. I have a few people to wish a very Happy Birthday to - some are a little late, sorry!  So, [ profile] elen_ancalima and [ profile] megolas, I hope you had lovely ones, and [ profile] sbisson, I hope yours is similarly fab.

  3. Web server still down.  Or rather, new server not up and running yet.  Gaaargh.  Naturally, I now really want to do all sorts of things that I need that server to be up for.  Like post to my knitting blog, and read my blogroll.  Why didn't I back that up into a feedreader?  D'oh!

  4. I made my friend C some fingerless mitts for early-xmas.  Apparently he liked them lots, because today I received a really nice webcam in return!!!  Bweeeeeee! :-D  I'm now all set up for video chatting on Skype - don't know yet if I can v-chat through Trillian, which is what I use for AIM/ICQ/MSN/Yahoo chattage.  But if anyone wants to see my ugly mug and have a voice-natter (the camera has a built in mic), now you can.

  5. Must get on with the xmas knitting.  I'm getting there, but I'm not done yet!  Wish me luck...

  6. And talking of xmas, thanks to those of you who've sent me cards.  *hugs*  I... haven't sent any out this year.  Thing is, I'm now on a really tight budget, and I can't actually afford the cards and stamps.  Sad but true!  Therefore, it's e-cards this year.  Just as soon as I've made the graphics. *slacker*

  7. The knuckle joint of my left index finger hurrrrrts.  Probably from the incessant knitting, unless I squashed it when I nearly dropped the printer.  But I think it hurt before that.  I reckon I need a splint.  Or the wah-mbulance. *nod*

And now, have a meme:
I know very little about some of the people on my friends list. Some people I know very well. I read your journals, or we have something else in common and we chat occasionally. Some of you I hardly know at all. Some of you I don't know at all because I didn't friend you back (yet?). Perhaps you haven't been around for long, perhaps you lurk, for whatever reason. But you friended me and I thank you for your interest in my words.

But here's a thought: why not take this opportunity to tell me a little something about yourself. Any old thing at all. Just so the next time I see your name I can say: 'Ah, there's so and so...'

I'd love it if every single person who friended me would do this. Yes, even you people who I know really well. Then post this in your own journal and see what gems of knowledge appear.

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  1. Aaaaaaah, xmas in a week, and I'm NOT REDDY.  Have decided to forgo sleep until I get everything done.  Mmm-hmm, I'm sure that'll work out.

  2. The web server on which most of my domains, Ally's shop and portfolio, [ profile] celiaka's portfolio, and some other stuff lived has crashed and burned.  Apparently all the data is fine and can be restored onto a shiny new server.... they just haven't finished doing it yet.  This also means no email from most of my accounts.  Pls to hurry up with that, kthx.

  3. There may have been a 3, but Xandermog eated it.
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It's a week til the Blogathon, and so I feel that I can now unashamedly BEG for sponsors now.  Go on, please please please please pretty please with sugar (or hot and nummy fandom character/pairing of your choice) on top?

It doesn't have to be much, but every little counts.  If everyone on my flist sponsored me $5 (a mere £2.50), that would work out to quite a hefty amount!

In case you missed the last post in which in rambled about this, the blogathon is a 24-hour sponsored blogging event, in which participants make a post at least every 30 minutes over the 24 hour period.  It's taking place from 6am PST (2pm GMT) Saturday 28th July - 6am PST Sunday 29th.  Everyone chooses their own charity, and then tries to get as many sponsorship pledges as possible.

If you choose to sponsor me, all you do now is sign up at the Blogathon site and enter the amount that you're willing to sponsor me for (a 'pledge').  You don't pay anything until after the event, when you'll get an email to let you know whether I completed it, and telling you were to donate your pledged amount.  Just like a normal sponsored event, only online.  And instead of me collecting the money from you, you pay it directly to the charity via their online donation page.

I'm blogging for MDF: The Bipolar Organisation.  This is their mission statement from their site )

I chose them because as you know, I have bipolar disorder myself and I really support this organisation and their goals.  In short, they're pretty awesome, and they deserve all the donations they can get! :-)

As for what I'll be doing for the 'thon, well, I even have a theme!  I'm not actually going to be doing it on this LJ, but on my blog (although if you want to keep track of my blogathoning via LJ, there's a feed for that blog at [ profile] loopylou_co_uk), and I'm going to be knitting the 24 hours away.  And guess what?  If you sponsor me £5 / $10 or more, I'll knit something for you to say thanks.  Possibly not during the actual 'thon - it depends on what I feel like doing at the time, and I'm not going to just knit you something totally random... you will get some say in the matter ;-)  I'll post on the blog in the next few days about the kind of things I'm thinking of.

So yes.  Please sponsor me?  It's for a worthy cause!
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I'm sorry, I just have to dump my current omg-too-much-to-do-ness out of my brain and onto LJ.  It's my own fault: I procrastinated as per usual, and now I've had to work hard and feel thoroughly dedd(d).  Mainly I've been working on Ally's online shop because I asked her to come over tomorrow to go over the final bits and bobs for that.  And it is pretty much done, I think: hoorah!  But I also have a Very Basic How-To on updating a website to write tonight.  Not for Ally, for someone else.  And all sorts of housework-y things, because (wheeeee!) liek_omg_Sann is arriving on Thursday for a week long stay. :-D

Luckily, there is now actual space in my living room because my Mum and brother were finally able to come over and help me get the furniture into the right places last week.  So it's mainly a matter of unpacking the last boxes into / onto said furniture, finishing the dusting and hoovering (bleugh, allergies), and getting the air bed out.

But, I do still have coding to tackle, and I should get back to it now.  I feel better for having a little break - other than this, I've been glued to the computer since 9am except for a break for lunch and another one to go to the post office (sending out mooched books), charge my electric and gas keys, and get my train ticket to meet Sann at the airport on Thurs.  I'm glad I did that because it was a nice walk and the weather was lovely.  But oh, I so wanted to take a book with me and keep walking those few metres further down the hill to the beach.  A book and / or some knitting.  I've been dying to read or knit today especially since I have scrummy yarn calling to me and a pile of new-to-me books from Bookmooch.  But I can't.  Not yet. *whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine*  I'm even taping Holby Blue so (a) S and I can watch it together and (b) I'll have more time for the working.  Oh well.  Back to it!  It isn't like I don't enjoy the website-ing, after all.  It's just the deadlines.  I suck at those.

In other news, I'm not as strange as I thought )
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Hmm... so, the other day I finally got around to signing up for a Flickr account.  Not so I can have an online photo album, because I already have one of those at my personal site, but pretty much so that I can post pics directly from my camera phone to this LJ.  Therefore, once I'd done all the setting up and so on, I sent a test picture.  And, nope.  No sign of it yet either on Flickr (I assume it should also show in my album there?) or as a post here.

Question is, is it a Flickr thing, or is it something with my O2 emailing do-whatsit?  Because the last time I tried emailing a pic from my phone to my own usual email address, it took days to arrive.  Never had done before, but maybe.... they hate me because I have an old-ish phone?  Or something?  Or don't pay them much?

I spose I could try mailing a pic directly to Flickr.  I'm sure I had the right email address, though maybe I should double check it again just in case.  Anybody got any other ideas about what it could be, or what I might need to do?
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Equilibrium, the Bipolar Foundation are running a survey to find out certain information from people with Bipolar Disorder / Manic Depression about their experience with the illness and treatment, and so on.  They want to get at least 4000 participants to fill it out worldwide.  The idea is to get feedback to improve diagnosis, treatment, and awareness / public perception.  Sounds like a good idea to me.

Anyway, I've done it and it's not so hard - five straightforward pages, and if there's anything you don't want to answer, you don't have to.  So if you're bipolar and you can spare the time to help out, go fill it in:

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Just in case anybody's interested, I've started using my old blog again.  Mainly it's going to serve as my knitting blog; there might also be some stuff about being bipolar and how knitting has been useful there - less immediate and personal bipolar-related entries than this journal gets, if you see what I mean.  More along the lines of poncey essays ;-)  But probably not much of that.  As well as all the knitty stuff, I'm hoping to get some book reviews (knitting related and fiction reading) and music reviews done.  Perhaps some podcast ones.  We shall see.

I'll probably continue to mention knitting - certainly anything fandom related - from time to time here, but if you want details and, ooo, pictures, the blog is the place to be.  And just in case you can't be arsed to make that extra click (why should you?), there's an LJ feed so you can keep an eye on it from your flist here: [ profile] loopylou_co_uk.  Isn't that handy?
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  • Don't wear those particular shoes in wet weather.  The right one leaks at the toe.  Ewwwwwwwww.  *squelch* :-(

  • The lady I had an interview for a course with today is married to my fave science teacher from school!  Hi Mr P!

  • The phone and the doorbell will both ring five minutes before you have to leave the house for an appointment, and neither will be things you can put off.

  • Cap sleeves (knit from the bottom up) have an enormous cast-on edge.  HUGE!  Which makes perfect sense when you actually think about it.

  • The cat will only get squarely in the camera shot when you're trying to take a photo of something else entirely.

  • When you make changes to the rss feed template of your Movable Type blog, then rebuild that template, it results in all the posts liek evah turning up again on the LJ Feed for said blog and therefore cluttering friendslists.  Many apologies to the three people that were affected!  I shall try not to do it again, but I might, because I'm not sure I'm quite happy with it yet *hides*.
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Wow, I've suddenly come over dead tired.  Like, one step from faceplanting into the keyboard tired.  Probably because I've actually been exercising my brain for a lot of the day - very unlike me!  In fact, exercise of any kind is pretty unlike me, and I've had an oddly busy week, so maybe that's it.

So let's see... I had my eye test on Monday, and got a few things done at the shops.  I've been doing various bits around the flat all week.  Tuesday... I'm sure I did something, but all I can remember right now is that I finished the front of the little jumper I'm knitting - now I have some dreaded sewing together to do before I can finish up the neckband and try to assemble it into something like a proper garment.  Hah!  Wednesday, I had an appointment with the Jobseekers "outreach" people at C. House (which is all of 30 seconds walk from my flat, so no excuses there!  Unlike the whole five minute walk to H. House, oh noes) because I've been on Incapacity benefit for bloody ages, and something about a policy change, and anyway it's voluntary for me to go and see them which it wouldn't be if I'd gone onto Incap Ben more recently.  Whatever.  The point is, they were basically checking up to see how I was doing, but not putting any pressure on.  And in fact the lady I saw has offered to make enquiries for me about local choirs, and also suggested I could do one of the free courses they offer.  Now, most of them I'm kind of more qualified to teach (future volunteer work, maybe?), but there are a couple - creative writing and digital photography - that look interesting.

Anyway, the rest of Wednesday I was stuck indoors (because I would have been so outdoorsy otherwise *snerk*) while the window fitters came and replaced some of the not-quite-right windows.  At last, I have obscured glass in the huge bathroom window.  Yay!  Then in the evening, I went to "yogalates" (bit of yoga, bit of pilates, apparently) with Ally and Clara.  Which was really good (and yes, alright, I do sometimes do exercise - don't tell anyone!), only it turned out that my gym membership, being a concessionary one, doesn't cover classes in the evenings.  D'oh!  So it cost me £4.60 - I think I shall go to the Saturday morning Pilates class instead, then, which is free on my card.

Thursday morning was taken up with the window fitters finishing the windows.  Then Mum was here Thursday afternoon and we were doing flat-sorting things.  And then today, Ally came over.  Which was lots of fun.  We made cream of mushroom soup (soooooooooooo yummy, and even healthy into the bargain since it's a low fat recipe), and worked out a load of stuff for her website.  The upshot of it is, she's going to have a separate site altogether for her online jewellery shop, because she can sell worldwide from that, and keep her existing site as more of a portfolio display site.  Gorgeous as her mirrors and glass panels are, they're not exactly easy to pop in the post, so that side of the business is necessarily more local and can be based around her physical shop with the website as a backup marketing tool.

... I think my 'work' head came back.  Huh.  I almost sounded like I know what I'm talking about just then, and that's just weird.

But I'm still dead tired.  Which isn't all that surprising, because what with being distracted by the cat and my Mum phoning (oh, did I mention?  My broadband is back!  Wooohooooo!), it's taken me about two hours to write this, and now it's definitely bed time.  Zzzzzzzzz!

New Fic LJ

Mar. 24th, 2006 06:41 am
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You're probably going to wonder what the point of this is, since I haven't written anything (that anyone much has seen) for so long.  Buuuut, I have a new LJ for my fanfic: [ profile] soulstarsinger.  This is to replace the old one because I wanted to change the journal name, but wasn't going to pay to transfer it over since it's a free account in the first place.

I've also revamped my fic site, so it now uses eFiction.  Um, because I wanted to.  I'm sure it's not remotely more practical in the long run or anything.  But it's fun to play with. :-)  Anyway, it has a new design as well.  Shiny.  Well, sort of.

So there you have it: new lj, new site design, and new fic to come.  In fact, I should probably post the one fic that I have finished in the last year or so.  Yeah, I'll do that.


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